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How to Keep Mice Out of a Storage Unit

A storage unit should be a place that your belongings can sit safely and away from any damage. You rely on a storage unit to hold all that excess that your current living space cannot hold, or hold the furniture that you need to store while you move from a smaller office to a bigger one. The last thing that you expect is to find that your belongings have been damaged by the presence of rats or mice.

As temperatures plummet outside the building, rodents and other animals make their way into homes and buildings for shelter and protection. Unfortunately, what you’re looking for is an effective place to store your goods – not a mouse hotel that you are sharing space with. If you know how to mitigate the risks of mice in the home, then you already know how to mitigate the risks of mice in your storage unit.

No one wants to leave some of their stuff in storage for a few months only to go back and find holes bitten through the upholstery, mouse droppings all over the place as well as the inside of the furniture and even scratches and scrapes on the woodwork. You want to know that your storage unit is safe from all outside critters and climate issues, and the only way to do that is to ensure that your belongings are completely protected – even when you’re not around to be there wielding a mouse trap.

Mice are not the sort of pests you want around your belongings. They may be sweet to look at, but their incisors and claws are destructive and they can pose a health risk to you. The last thing that you want to find is a family of mice setting up camp inside your favourite fluffy bath towels. With all of that in mind, you’ll find some of the best ways that you can be proactive in keeping your storage unit a mouse-free zone.

1. Pack Very Carefully

Firstly, you need to consider how you are packing your things. Your belongings may have been in a haphazard storage area either elsewhere or in the home before you move them to a more secure space. You have to be as diligent as possible when you pack your things, so that you’re not:

  • Moving mice that are already secretly living in your stuff with you to a new storage space.
  • Creating an environment perfect for even the smallest mouse family to live in.

This means being very careful about how you pack as well as WHAT you pack. For large pieces of furniture or large items of goods, you need to wrap them in tough plastic so that a mouse cannot eat through it to get inside. For smaller items, invest in Tupperware boxes with a tight seal.

2. Don’t Store Food

It goes without saying that a storage unit is not the place for food, so leave that at home. Most storage units will have a ‘no food’ rule as part of their regulations, and pest control is one of the biggest reasons for that. Any containers that used to store food that have to go into your storage unit should be bleached and sanitised to remove all traces of the scent of food before you put them into the unit. Even the smallest scent could attract mice, and if you’ve seen The Green Mile, you’ll know how clever those little critters can be at getting under the tiniest door gap.

3. Avoid Cardboard

While it’s nice to invest in eco-friendly packing solutions, you cannot afford to deal with the gnawing that mice can do to get to your stuff. Cardboard is the perfect solution for a mouse, as they can eat their way through it and use the leftovers to line their nests. Think about the boxes you use and upgrade these to plastic ones. Mice cannot eat through plastic casing, and you can protect your things with it far better than with cardboard. Plus, if ever there was flooding in your storage unit, your things maintain their protection and original shape with plastic boxes.

4. Bait It Up

A big part of keeping your storage unit mouse-free is to think of your long-term strategy. Adding bait such as traps and rodent deterrents can make a big difference to your unit. If you want to be that little bit extra, consider the fact that mice may pose a risk to your health, but poison also does the same thing so there are some ways that you can deter mice without poison:

  • Soaking cotton balls in peppermint oil and placing these near the gaps and doors of your unit can help them to stay away. You could also tuck these peppermint soaked balls into your actual belongings, so that any mice who do miraculously get past the door can still be repulsed by your things.
  • Soak rags in vinegar, and squeezing them out, stuff these in any area that a mouse may get into the unit. Cracks in the walls, under the door, and in the corners of the room are all popular areas.
  • Using sticky gels in the traps instead of ones that can snap a mouse neck is the best way to humanely trap any mice that do get into your storage unit. You’ll be able to keep your belongings safe without killing any animals, which is a good way to maintain your stuff without it being contaminated.

Mice are an inevitability for most storage warehouses; large spaces with lots of places to hide often are. However, if you follow the above advice, you won’t have to worry about mice getting into your pillows and upholstery and you can prevent them from coming in at all.


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