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London Food Guide: Must-Eat Restaurants and Street Food Stalls

Have you ever been to London? Or are you planning to go there to experience whatever local custom, history, or hospitality? Amidst wanting to see the British Museum or see the London Eye’s view, you can also take your taste buds on a grand adventure in the country’s capital. So whether you’re looking for a quick grub or a place to settle down and eat with your friends, London’s got a lot to offer. 


London’s food variety will surely satisfy the curiosity of your tastebuds with a superb gastronomic experience. If you’re thinking of either settling down inside a restaurant or grabbing a bite from a street food stall as you walk the city streets, here is a list of restaurants and street food stalls that you must check out!

Street food



(Photo from STAKEhaus)


With their Steak and Chips, you’ll get hot, juicy, and delicious slabs of beef, fresh from the grill and cooked to perfection, that will give you that exquisite taste you’re looking for. This is served with rosemary fries and courgette fries with homemade sauces – perfection defined! Visit them at West Yard, Camden Lock Place.

Eat Chay

Eat Chay

(Photo from Eat Chay on Facebook)


Craving for some quality vegan food? Eat Chay has your back! While the Vietnamese word “Chay” means vegetarian (fitting as all the ingredients of the food they serve are plant-based), they serve other Asian dishes. You can get flavourful Vegan Chicken Bahn Mii, Bibimbap, Classic Bao Kit, etc. They also sell fantastic kimchi! If you thought of eating such great-tasting vegan food, find Eat Chay at Boxpark, Bethnal Green Rd.

Gyoza Guys

Gyoza Guys

(Photo from Malby Street Market Ltd)


Next up, we have the Gyoza Guys, which has been part of the Top 25 Best Streetfood in London (as voted by Timeout UK). These guys serve four types of gyoza:  mixed seafood stuffed with crustaceans, pork belly and chives, roast duck with hoisin and chicken with cabbage.  While gyoza as a dumpling comes in small sizes, each is packed with the perfect amount of goodness.    Can’t decide which to try out first? Order the combo box to taste them all and find which one is your favourite! With how well each gyoza tastes, you’ll understand why their official hashtag is #NOSHARING. Find these traders at the Maltby Street Market every weekend. 



(Photo from Makatcha)


Are you curious about the Indonesian barbecue taste with a London twist – that delicious smoky burnt smell? Let your nose guide you to Makatcha to experience a uniquely revolutionised Indo–Malay way of preparing food. The traditional way of slow-cooking rendang promises not just a tasty but also a tender and delightful experience for your palate. Among the popular items on their menu is the Balinese Chicken Merah with Spicy Tomato Sauce, Barbecue Wings with Tangy Black Manis Sauce and Chargrilled Broccoli with Homemade Peanut Sauce. Enjoy Makatcha servings at the Camden Lock Market, West India Quay and Broadway Market.

Mother Flipper

Mother Flipper

(Photo from Mother Flipper)


Calling all burger lovers! The street food traders of Mother Flipper are sure to make you experience the ‘mother flipping’ goodness of their signature burgers. Just seeing the photos of their food alone is enough to make your mouth water and stomach grumble. All their generously portioned patties are placed on the grill, cooked to perfection, before being sandwiched between sesame seed buns and the goodness of other ingredients like bacon, cheese, and lettuce. So enjoy their Mother Flipper Cheeseburger, Chili Flipper, or other burgers with some fries at the Brockley Market or Victoria Park Market. 





(Photo from KOL on Facebook)


If you’re a fan of or have a sudden craving for Mexican food, then KOL is the place to be! Capturing the essence of having a “Mexican soul with British ingredients,” chef Santiago Lastra and the rest of the team bring the value and traditions of Mexican cuisine to the table through an immense amount of creativity and passion. The restaurant feature a dynamic menu and has an available ‘Chef’s Table Experience’ that is said to have guests understand and experience the development of each dish and the culture behind it. It’s recommended for you to try the well-loved main dish, Pulpo (a while grilled octopus). They also have vegetarian and vegan options. Find KOL at 9 Seymour Street in Marylebone, London W1H 7BA. 

Session Arts Club

Sessions Arts Club

(Photo from Session Arts Club)


Feast your eyes on the beautiful interior and food presentation in Session Arts Club. The restaurant is located in the old judges’ dining room at Sessions House, making it a historic listed building (which also means they could only accommodate guests over 19 years old). So dine in a place where history blends with elegance and good food; give their Brown shrimp croquette and Eel rocket, crème fraîche & roe a try and taste the Almond cake, lemon curd & cream for dessert. Visit the Session Arts Club at the Old Sessions House Old Sessions House, 24 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0NA.



(Photo from Hibox)


Explore the goodness of vegan Palestinian and Lebanese food in Hibox. With fresh ingredients and well-priced dishes with generous portions, it’s no wonder how guests have dubbed their dishes the “best vegetarian lunch option.” Their falafel is arguably the best in London, and their salad boxes are fresh. To add to that, the staff are super friendly. Find the source of this healthy deliciousness at 48 Goodge Street, London W1T 4LX. 

Launceston Place

Launceston Place

(Photo from Launceston Place)


Have a delightful meal with inventive and aesthetic dishes in the award-winning Launceston Place. Their modern European menu that boasts of creativity and uniqueness earned them 3 AA Rosettes in 2019, while their wine list has earned the AA ‘Notable Wine List’ among others. The place is perfect for conversations over lunch or dinner, making it an attractive place to eat for locals but is also worth going to for tourists. Their tasting menu features complementary dishes like their Egg & Soldiers, Presa, Sorbet, and a perfect wine pairing. They do all these while ensuring that they do their part in minimising negative impacts on the planet, including efforts to reduce food waste and energy and water consumption. Dine at the Launceston Place at 1a Launceston Place, London W8 5RL.

Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story

(Photo from Restaurant Story)


Chef Tom Sellers crafts British food through different seasonal dishes, weaving a narrative into food. Restaurant Story is a two Michelin star restaurant – the first one gained after only five months of opening in 2013, while the second was received in 2021. The interior is unexpected and lovely simultaneously, while the dishes are imaginative and visually pleasing. Their 10-course menu comprises classic Restaurant Story dishes and other seasonal dishes, like ‘Candle,’ a parker house roll, beef extract & pickled celery, and the ‘Paddington Bear,’ a foie gras, cardamom & marmalade. Each part of the menu is made so precise that it’s difficult to pick a favourite. Spoil your taste buds at Restaurant Story, located at 199 Tooley Street, London SE1 2JX. 


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