Which Parts of London Are Nice To Live In

Regardless of what city you live in, city life isn’t for everyone. London is an excellent choice if you seek culture, a vibrant social scene, and easy access to numerous employment opportunities. But if you prefer a quieter lifestyle, you may want to rethink moving to a major metropolis.


London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities on Earth regarding diversity. Londoners speak almost 300 languages, and one-third were born outside the city. Authentic food from all over the world is available right outside your door.


As a newcomer to London, finding a place to live and an apartment might be challenging. In this guide, we hope to alleviate some of the stress of moving to London by providing you with an overview of some of the city’s most desirable areas.


This lush south-eastern borough is ideal for families and retired couples looking for peace and quiet. So, how is it living in Bexley?


Fourteen miles south of central London, this tranquil municipality has over 100 parks and a walking route along the Thames. The commute to Central London is quick, yet Bexley retains its rural charm, with friendly locals, a laid-back nightlife, and top-rated schools.’


Bexley has some creative activities, including two good theatres, the Edward Alderton Theatre and the Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre.


For budding historians, Bexley offers the Grade I-listed Hill Place, a stunning stately residence built in the 1500s, and the dramatic ruins of Lesnes Abbey.


Safety and affordability make it an excellent place for first-time purchasers and growing families, many of whom will stay for the long haul. One of the finest locations to live in, and it has managed to stay beneath the radar, something the locals want to keep.


Located north of London’s only international station, St Pancras, the district of Camden is one of North London’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. Camden Lock, a fashionable mix of canalside cafes, markets, and art events, is in the centre of the neighbourhood. Live music venues such as Electric Ballroom and the Roundhouse are only two of London’s most popular establishments. Your new favourite park will be Primrose Hill because of its breathtaking vistas of London.


Camden Town is the heart of Camden borough and is located right adjacent to one of the world’s top marketplaces. The Camden Town tube station serves as a gateway to the town’s wide range of communities. One of London’s most desirable neighbourhoods, according to many Londoners.


Live music, street food, art, and alternative culture abound in this exciting neighbourhood. Camden Town and its markets are the ideal places to call home in London if you want to shop. Everything from clothing and jewellery to tattoos and vintage items may be found here.


Graffiti, brightly coloured buildings, and well-dressed street personalities fill the air in this worldwide melting pot of cultures. Many notable musicians started in the live music venues, including cheese bars and liquid nitrogen ice cream cafes. You’ll never run out of things to do in Camden Town if you make it your home.


Because Camden Town is one of London’s most expensive enclaves, expect to pay a lot for a home here. The Northern line’s Bank and Charing Cross stations provide convenient access to central London. Residents of Camden may quickly go to King’s Cross St Pancras, London Bridge, Old Street, Leicester Square, Waterloo, and Euston via the numerous public transportation options available.


Located in London’s South East, Greenwich is separated from the Thames river. Even though Greenwich is just a few minutes from the heart of London, it feels like a world away from the hustle and bustle.


Greenwich is the ideal place to live and one of the fascinating London towns to visit compared to other parts of the city. Many Londoners find the thought of living in Greenwich enticing. One of London’s best parks, ancient markets, riverside neighbourhoods, and the O2 and Greenwich Peninsula attractions make this south-eastern section of the city an excellent alternative for home buyers.


Greenwich has a lot to offer visitors. The fierce speedboats are the best way to go for those looking for an exhilarating ride while taking in London’s best views.


Others look at some of the world’s best museums and numerous historical sites. The Cutty stark cafe, the world’s only tea clipper serving establishment, is a popular destination for those looking to unwind and savour the traditional British afternoon tea experience.


Located about four miles north of downtown London, Hampstead offers a mix of Victorian and Georgian mansions and charming period cottages lining the lanes leading to the High Street. Many enormous Edwardian houses can still be seen here, including mansion flats and newer modern condos.


According to some people, you may have attained the peak of London life by living in Hampstead. In the United Kingdom, NW3 is one of the most sought-after postcodes. In the middle of bustling neighbourhoods like Camden, it provides a tranquil, rural setting just a few miles from the heart of London.


People from various walks of life have made Hampstead their home, drawing inspiration from the neighbourhood’s cobblestone streets and wide-open spaces.


Highgate is a green rural hideaway in North London. Beautiful green spaces surround it, including Highgate Wood, Waterlow Park, and the famed Hampstead Heath.


So it’s no wonder that it’s a hotspot for celebrities. Rod Stewart grew up here. As did Jamie Oliver, Kate Moss, and Jude Law, George Michael lived here.


While being just 20 minutes from the heart of London, Highgate is a world apart from the bustling metropolis. An English country community at heart, The Fair in the Square is held in the town square.


Every June on a Saturday afternoon, Highgate residents gather at Pond Square for a free community event. It features dog shows, fairground attractions, stilt walkers, food and drink booths, and live music performances.


Highgate also has acres of green space if you want it. The famed Hampstead Heath sits between Highgate and Hampstead (locally known as ‘the heath’). There are seven hundred ninety acres of parkland featuring fields, historic trees, ponds, playgrounds, a training track, and a lido. It also has a superb, legally protected vista of London.

Kensington And Chelsea

Some of London’s most notable residents reside in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, a central part of the city. Affluent residents from across the United Kingdom gravitate to the area, resulting in some of the country’s finest educational institutions and medical facilities. So it’s no surprise that this is one of the most sought-after locations in the United States.

There are a lot of lovely classical and contemporary houses in Chelsea. When you think of Chelsea and properties, most people imagine enormous, costly apartments and homes, and Chelsea does have some of the capital’s most expensive streets, such as Cheyne Walk. 


However, if you’re willing to search, you can find smaller, more economical homes, such as studios and housing association houses. In this situation, ‘cheap’ nevertheless means more expensive than comparable properties in other parts of the city because Chelsea is a wealthy neighbourhood.


Regardless of where you choose to reside in Kensington and Chelsea, you’ll be just a short walk away from London’s most popular attractions. Knightsbridge is a great place to go shopping. Albertopolis is a cultural hotspot. Further, Chelsea is the place to live if your primary priority is the quality of the public schools.


Richmond, a wealthy enclave in the city’s southwest, is one of the city’s most exclusive addresses. It is flanked by two of London’s greenest spots: Kew Gardens and Richmond Park, giving the neighbourhood a hamlet within a city. The peacefulness of the location is further enhanced by the stunning views of the River Thames.


Several red and fallow deer roam the great open fields of Richmond Park, the largest of the capital’s Royal Parks, Richmond, a green compromise between more central regions and rural countryside.

Ready to Move In Yet?

London is home to more than 950 million people. More than 300 languages are spoken in London, more than any other major metropolis, making it the most diverse city in the UK. Because of this, London is considered one of the most important cultural centres globally.


Besides being cosmopolitan and hospitable, London is known for its pleasant and courteous residents. Once you are in the city, you should meet and form friendships with other like-minded individuals.


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