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  • How do I get my goods back when I’ve finished storing them?

    Just let us know by phone or email. We’ll bring everything back to one of our local self storage locations and you can collect from there. There is no charge for this service. If you want your goods returned to your address, please contact us for a quote.

  • What happens if I want to put something else into storage, or I need just one item out of a box which then needs to go back into storage?
    • If the additional item(s) will fit in the space you are paying for, then we’ll add it at no charge. You’ll need to drop the item(s) off at one of our self storage locations; we’ll label it and take photos as before, then add it to your other goods.
    • If you want to remove only one or two items from a box, you’ll have to return the box to us during working hours and we’ll photograph and reseal the box in front of you for your security.
  • Are my goods insured?

    It is a Henfield requirement that your goods are insured, whether in a self-storage room or in click+store, and we do offer an insurance policy to cover each option. We will accept a third party insurance policy that specifically covers the click+store service, but you must send this policy to us in advance so that we can check it for you.

  • My goods are already in storage elsewhere. Can you pick them up for me?

    Yes we can, but you’ll have to be present at that location to oversee the removal of your goods and help with their transfer to our vehicle.

  • Do I need to come to the store to drop off my goods?

    No, you only need to help us load your goods onto the truck at your own address. We’ll do the rest!

  • How does the photo inventory system work?
    • Our staff will label and photograph each item or box that will be stored. Please leave any boxes open so the contents can be clearly seen in the photos.
    • Within 2 working days of your pickup, you’ll be able to see photos of your items online. Anytime you need something retrieved, drop us a line with the item number and description; we’ll pick it out for you and deliver it to one of our self-storage locations for you to collect.
  • What is the Fair Use policy?

    Our Fair Use policy is here

  • Can I access my goods out of normal working hours?

    This varies by location. Some self storage locations do provide out-of-hours access for click+store items. Please call us to find the access hours for a given store.

  • Where do I access my goods? Where do you keep them?

    We keep your click+store goods in a special location which is not generally accessible by customers, and we transport your items from this store to one of our self-storage locations near you (in London and Sussex) when requested.

  • How do I get access to my goods?
    • We bring the particular items that you request to whichever of our local storage locations that you specify (we have several spread across London and Sussex). You can then access your goods outside normal working hours.
    • Most of the time, customers need just a certain item (or box) out of storage. We’ll pick out that item for you – we’re nice like that! (Note: we won’t open up cardboard boxes to pick out an item because all boxes are secured with tamper-proof tape. Instead, we’ll bring the whole box.)
    • Please request only the items you need access to. We try very hard not to bring everything back for you each time because it’s very wasteful in time, effort and carbon emissions.
    • Please use the photo inventory to tell us which items you want. Send us an email or give us a call with the item number, a description, and ideally also photo number, so that we can clearly identify the item.
  • How much notice do I have to give to get access?

    We need two clear business days’ notice to retrieve your goods. For example, if you let us know on Monday at 2pm that you need something, your items will be available from the end of the business day on Wednesday (5pm). While you can collect items over the weekend, Saturday and Sunday don’t count as notice days.

  • Is there a limit to the number of times that I can access my goods?

    No, but… we expect that most customers will access their goods on average no more than roughly once a quarter (three months). However, we realise that customers often go through peaks and troughs in this respect, sometimes needing more frequent access and sometimes none at all, so we’re flexible. We have a ‘Fair Use’ policy to reflect this.

    If you need regular, frequent access, or at short notice, then this service is not for you. If we find that you do need more frequent access than we can sensibly provide, we’ll let you know and help you move your goods to one of our storage rooms, where you’ll be able to come and go when and as often as you please.

  • Is there a charge for accessing my goods?

    No, there’s no charge.

  • How is click+store different from Henfield’s standard self storage rooms?

    The main points are…

    • While we provide a free collection for both options, with click+store, we simply take your goods to storage for you. You don’t need to come with us to unload at the store and much of the paperwork is done online. If you take a storage room, you’ll need to come to the store with us and together we’ll unload into your room before doing the (simple) paperwork in our office.
    • click+store: you’ll need to give us 2 clear days’ notice when you want to access your goods. For a self storage room, no notice is required.
    • click+store customers can access goods outside normal opening hours; storage rooms are only accessible during opening hours.
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