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25th March 2020

Self-Storage for the Chichester Area

If you live or work in or near Chichester, our Horsham facility remains very close for you to meet any of your storage needs. Offering you very comfortable units that go from 10 sq ft lockers to 160 sq ft rooms, buying one of our services is going to be just what you need. Believe us when we say that once you start using our self-storage units, you will not want to share them with anybody.

Using Self storage units when moving house

Convenient Location

Located right in the middle of the town, our Horsham facility makes this service more accessible and affordable to everyone in West Sussex and Surrey, Chichester included. Just a short distance from Horsham railway station, this facility is very comfortable for anyone that wants to keep their stuff secure.

Self-storage solutions you can rely on

Our main priority at Henfield Storage is the client and it has been this way for over 40 years. Providing excellent services, we are happy to say that every self-storage need is met because of our vast and unparalleled experience in this field. In addition, our trained team approaches every client as a different one with diverse and specific requirements.

cheaper storage in Chichester

free collection

free collection

free collection when you store for a minimum of 3 months

extra discounts

extra discounts

when you prepay for 3–12 months

price match guarantee

price match guarantee

we’ll match any local comparable quote.

business or personal storage

Important documents, delicate tableware, expensive furniture, collection items, or just some boxes of stuff you are not actually using can be placed inside our self-storage units. There, they will be very safe and secure. You have to believe that. Also, our Horsham facility is the only one that also offers car and van rental solutions near Chichester.

secure storage

When people ask us about the security characteristics of our storage buildings, we cannot be happier because we strongly believe we have some of the most secure facilities near Chichester. Our Horsham facility is constantly being protected by a monitoring system connected to a CCTV network. Besides, fire and intruder alarms, bright security lighting, fences all over the location, and 24/7 security guards take our security to another level.

extremely competitive

The best thing about our Horsham self-storage facility? Its affordable and comfortable prices. An excellent service goes hand in hand with excellent payment plans, giving you the possibility to pay our services month after month or pay them in advance. Just as you please. But keep in mind that if you pay upfront for a set number of months, we will even give you a 15% discount on your total.

Our experience is reflected in our self-storage units located at Horsham. Call Henfield Storage today to know more about our offers.

Other facilities in London

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Other facilities in the area

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chichester self storage location
  • Henfield Storage
    Henfield Storage (StoreAway) – Free Collection
    Call 020 3613 2599
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  • Lok'nStore
    17 Terminus Rd, Chichester PO19 8TX, United Kingdom

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