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Who should consider click+store?

click+store is ideal if

  • you don’t need very frequent access – roughly once a quarter is fine, and
  • you’re happy to give a couple of days’ notice before accessing your goods

How it works

First of all, we come to your address and collect your goods (for free). We itemise and take photos of everything, and together we load the van.

Then you can put your feet up! You don’t need to come to store to help us unload your goods – we do that for you. We do almost all the paperwork online and in advance, so there is nothing else for you to do. The goods are stored in one of our high-security warehouses (with motion sensors, vibration sensors, CCTV, remote 24-hour monitoring, connections to police, fire alarms, and so on), and you can log in online to see the inventory and the pictures of all your goods.

If you want access to some of your goods, just contact us a couple of business days in advance and let us know which items you need. We’ll pick them out and make them available to you in one of our local stores (evening opening comes for free). There’s no charge for access, even if you need it a few times in quick succession, though we do have a Fair Use Policy.

When you want all your goods back, you have the option of having everything delivered to your door (though this is chargeable). Couldn’t be easier!

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