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10 of the strangest things that have ever been found in storage units

What would you do if you found a severed leg in your storage unit? Or a burglar that had been trying to rob you but got locked inside? We’ve rounded up the 10 strangest things that have ever been found in storage units.

  1. A live hand grenade. Forget the NASA rocket, this was a live hand grenade that the bomb squad had to detonate in Michigan!
  2. Body parts. A former medical examiner, Dr. Berkland had the “hobby” of storing body parts such as brains, lungs, hearts and tissue samples.
  3. 23 cats. Yup, you read that right. The woman who had put them there was fined over £700,000 and charged with animal cruelty.
  4. Knight Rider. That’s right, K.I.T.T was found in a storage unit in the United Kingdom, just waiting for Michael to return.
  5. The Lotus submarine car from an 1977 James Bond film. The man who purchased the storage unit didn’t even know the film but eventually found out and sold it to Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla Motors) in 2013 for $966,560.
  6. A comic book belonging to Nicholas Cage worth 1 million dollars. It was the a 1938 first edition Action Comics book featuring Superman on the cover, which he originally bought for $150,000.
  7. Never-released Michael Jackson tunes. Over 250 original songs were found in a storage unit by his father, Joe Jackson. No recording companies had a legal claim on any of the songs, which were reportedly worth millions of dollars.
  8. Aretha Franklin’s clothes. The Queen of Soul reportedly kept her clothing and hats safe in a Michigan storage unit after a fire in her home, until she stopped paying for the unit.
  9. A burglar. Mr Ronald Dennis is the only burglar to have ever been found locked inside a storage unit.
  10. A cannabis farm. One storage company in the United Kingdom found an entire cannabis farm growing in one of its units. Needless to say it quickly got shut down!

So, whatever items you think are strange…it’s guaranteed that there have been stranger items found. Usually these items have been found once a storage unit has been sold too. Just imagine what has been hidden in storage units that haven’t been sold!

Nora Cherriman

By Nora Cherriman

Nora has over 13 years’ experience working in the storage industry. She is a loving mother and doting grandmother to 5 gorgeous grandchildren. When away from work Nora enjoys travelling, with a special affection for visits to Ireland. Nora has recently taken up blogging and enjoys greatly the opportunity to share her knowledge of storage with her readers. She is keen to keep herself fit and impresses all with her dedication to going to the gym whatever the weather.

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