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Store Away

Whether you need storage now that you want to access regularly, or you want to put some things away for a few years, we’re the best option for you. It’s been previously reported that our storage units are up to 64% cheaper than other options out there, and when you throw in our free collection service worth up to £250 for customers that book storage for three months or more, you get the removal and storage service that you need.

You don’t have to be an exclusive StoreAway customer to benefit from our removal pickup service. You can benefit as a self-storage customer, too. One of our team will come to your address with a van ready to pick up your goods and take it to your new storage unit. It’s not too good to be true, either, and our customers rate us highly. We are as good as we sound, and you don’t need to rent a van with our removal service. We can help you with lifting, shifting and we’ll go with gifting to complete the rhyme with our awesome discounts. See: really great service!

Use Our Removal and Storage Service in Brighton

Our storage facility in Brighton offers the same high-quality service as our other storehouses around the country. We have a wide variety of storage units that are perfect for both domestic and commercial use.

If you’re looking for a removal and storage service in Brighton that you can trust, look no further than Henfield Storage. Our years of experience can assure you that our years of experience can give you the peace of mind that your belongings are safe.

Just like any other Henfield Storage facility in the UK, this one in Brighton has storage units that can be used for business storage, personal storage, student storage, furniture storage, and more.

store away

Why Henfield Storage?

Before you go for our free collection service, we have to go through the rules with you so that you’re aware of what our free collection removal and storage service will mean for you. The removal service that we offer will be flexible depending on whether you are choosing self-storage or StoreAway.

1. A Team Effort

    • We will send a uniformed staff member to your home or your work to pick up the goods and bring them to our dedicated warehouse.
    • We will help you to load the van, paying close attention to your wishes. Our removal and storage options take into account what you want and we’ll listen.
    • When you take the self-storage option, you need to come with us to the store to unload into your own unit and complete the paperwork.
    • When it comes to StoreAway, once then van has been loaded we take care of the rest – so you can put your feet up!

2. Clear Direction

    • We will need you to list the items in all your boxes so that you have a comprehensive list for insurance purposes.
    • If you have value items over £1,000, we’ll need to know about those, too. We want to make sure that we pay attention to your high value items so that we can take the best care.

3. Access

    • Everything that you want stored should be packed suitably and be easily accessible when we arrive.
    • Where possible, bring your goods to the ground floor so that we can be as efficient as possible.
    • Our collection services run from Monday to Friday – we give our people a break on Bank Holidays, so we will schedule your collection around those days.

4. Storage for Business Users

    • Our units aren’t just for personal or furniture use. You can use them for business furnishings and electronics should you wish to.
    • We know we are cheaper than trade spaces, so call us today for a quote

5. Extra Help

    • We will send you one man and a van.
    • He will give you a hand to load the van – we believe in a team effort.
    • If you are renting a 50-90 sq. ft. unit, we will need you to provide another pair of hands, so rope in friends and family to help. We can provide the additional hands if you need, at a fee.
    • If you are using a unit over 100 sq. ft., we’ll need you to provide more help than that. Give us a call to go over the details.
    • For self-storage, we’ll go to your new unit and work together as a team to unload your goods. This allows you to put a padlock on the room and sort the last of the paperwork.

6. Location, Location

    • Our free collection service is available within 30 miles of each of our branches
    • We have storage facilities in Brighton, Charlton, Greenwich, Richmond, Ealing, and many more!
    • We cover anywhere inside the M25, between London and the South Coast. Give us a call to see whether we can get to you.

7. Free Van Hire (only available at our Horsham branch)

    • If you book for a month or more, we’ll give you free van here for the day (worth £49) during the week.
    • Alternatively, you can take a larger van and we’ll put that £49 toward the cost.

8. High Class Security

    • A top priority of ours is safety and security and we take it very seriously.
    • Motion detectors, motion lighting, full staff quotas and fire points are just some of the security features that we offer.
    • Our staff man the facilities during office hours.
    • Only you hold the key to your storage unit, we don’t hold keys for customers.

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find your nearest store

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As a family-owned and run business for over 40 years, we are confident in our facilities and our service. We rival those local to us and we have the testimonials to prove it. It’s important to us to get feedback from those who use our service, because theirs is the opinion that counts the most.

“amazingly patient and very professional”

‘I was in a very stressful state on arriving to Henfield Storage, one of those ‘moving days’ where everything was going wrong! The staff were so amazingly patient and very professional. I would definitely recommend Henfield Storage and would most definitely use their services again.’

“the most affordable storage we came across”

‘After weeks of searching online and visiting some storage places, Henfield is by far the most affordable storage we came across, excellent customer service and very tidy environment. Would definitely recommend.’

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