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When Should You Use A Furniture Storage Unit?

Henfield Storage has a minimum storage term of one month, which means our storage units are available for short- or long-term furniture storage needs. Here are some of the reasons we found our customers needed furniture storage:

  • Moving House – While most relocations imply a house-to-house transfer of your furniture and other belongings, there can sometimes be a gap between leases that will require you to find a place to store your furniture.
  • Home Renovation/Remodeling/Redecoration – Giving your home a fresh look will require DIY work, including painting, drilling, and more. Such activities, if not done properly, may cause damage to your furniture, which is why storing them in one of many furniture storage facilities might be a good idea.
  • Decluttering – Getting rid of clutter around your home is healthy and beneficial for many good reasons. However, sometimes, there are just items (e.g., furniture) that you cannot get rid of. That is why, as an alternative, many use a storage solution like self storage to hold onto these items. Not only will your home be free of clutter, but you’ll also have peace of mind knowing your belongings are safely stored.
  • Downsizing – Downsizing your home means having many excess furniture and appliances. Typically, this would mean getting rid of these items immediately, but with a storage unit at your disposal, you may store items until you’ve decided what to do with them.
  • Safekeeping – A storage unit is also ideal for keeping special pieces of furniture safe when you plan to temporarily move abroad or lease out your home. Whatever the case, a self storage unit is your best option for safely storing furniture and any other items you might have.

Rent A Self Storage Unit For Your Furniture Storage Needs

Henfield Storage has storage units with a wide variety of sizes and uses, all of which are useful when you are looking for excellent furniture storage options for affordable prices. However, despite being significantly cheaper than our competitors, you will find that Henfield Storage always makes it a point to give you the best value for your money. After all, from safety and security to cleanliness and reliable support staff, we never skimp out and give you the best services possible.

Moreover, to ensure you get an excellent self storage experience, we offer free collection services where our staff will help you transport and move your items into storage when you prepay for at least three months and discounts when you prepay for 6 or 12 months. To ensure that you save as much as possible on furniture storage costs, we also do price matching, which means we will match the price of any local comparable self storage quote.

Versatile Storage Units For Business and Personal Storage

We make it a point to make our self storage units versatile here at Henfield Storage. That means whether you need it for furniture storage, personal storage, or even business storage, our units are available and ready for your use.

Furniture Storage in Brighton

Henfield Storage has several stores across the UK, including Brighton. Like any other Henfield Storage facility, you can keep your furniture items clean and safe here.

All our facilities, including the one in Brighton, have all the amenities that can make self storage convenient, safe, and reliable.

Amenities Offered In Furniture Storage

The best part about renting a self storage unit, no matter what you wish to use it for, is the convenience it affords you. This is mostly because of the amenities that such facilities offer. Here are some amenities you can have when availing of furniture storage units.

storage lock

  • 24/7 CCTV
  • Random Guard Patrols
  • Electric Fence
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Free Collection
  • Limited Access To Your Unit – Only you and your authorized representatives are allowed to access your storage unit. No one else is allowed to have a copy of your keys, not even our staff.

All Henfield facilities are also accessible seven days a week, thus ensuring you can drop by and check on your belongings when needed. Just make sure to come in within our opening hours to make sure you get to access your unit.

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