Henfield Storage is a self storage company. Henfield Storage is the trading name for the following Limited companies: Henfield Hire Ltd; Henfield Storage (Chiswick) Ltd; Henfield Storage (Southwark) Ltd; Henfield Storage (Staples Corner) Ltd; Henfield Click+Store Ltd; and BZJ Investments Ltd. This Privacy & Cookies Policy applies to all of these companies.

We have been providing business and domestic storage at fantastic prices in London and the South East of England for over 15 years. We are part of a larger family-owned group that has been operating for over 40 years.

We take your privacy very seriously. When you use Henfield you trust us with your information.

This Privacy Policy is meant to make it easy and transparent to understand why and how we collect and hold personal data from you. It also explains what we do to protect this and how you can adjust your preferences or have your data deleted. It is important that you take time to read it carefully.

We welcome your feedback and questions and if there is anything you do not understand or if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us.

How to contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about this privacy policy or the information we hold about you.

If you wish to contact us, please send an email to or write to us at Nightingale Road Industrial Estate, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 2NW or call us on 01403 241010.

Henfield Storage is a ‘data controller’ for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998.  This means we are responsible for, and control the processing of, your personal information.

Information we collect

We provide a self storage service to our customers and in doing so we may collect information about you. We need this information to provide you with services such as: a quote for storage; to allow you to book a unit online; or to complete a storage licence agreement when you rent a storage unit from us.

When you visit our website we ask you to accept and agree to our Terms. When you accept we store information that we collect using Cookies and other technologies. This helps us to understand which information we provide is useful to you and improve your website experience.

The specific activity information Henfield collects depends on whether or not you choose to accept our Terms and use of Cookies and how you want us to manage your privacy controls. The information is used by us to provide a better user experience. The activity information we collect may include your location, your browser, your IP  and what pages you visit.

We gather information directly from you and also via our website. If you visit a storage facility, some personal data may be collected from monitoring devices and systems such as closed circuit TV (CCTV) and door entry systems at the site.

We may monitor and record communications with you (such as telephone conversations and emails).  We may do this for a number of reasons, such as to check the quality of our customer service, for training purposes, to prevent fraud or to make sure we are complying with legal requirements.

Information you provide to us

When you request information, make a reservation, request a quotation,  or sign up to use our services you provide us with personal information.  We also receive personal information when you contact us, send us feedback, complete customer surveys and participate in any competitions. The information we collect includes name, postal address, email address, phone numbers, date of birth or payment details.

Information about others

If you give us information about or on behalf of someone else you confirm that the other person has appointed you to act on his/her behalf they have agreed that you can:

  • Give consent on his/her behalf to the processing of his/her personal data,
  • Receive on his/her behalf any data protection notices,
  • Give consent to the transfer of his/her personal data abroad,
  • Give consent to the processing of his/her sensitive personal detail.

You agree that the indemnity you give is shall apply to all information about other persons provided to us by you or them.

Sensitive personal information

We only ask you to provide sensitive personal information if we really need to. If we request such information, we will ask for your explicit consent and explain why we are requesting it and how we intend to use it.

How we use data

We use information that we collect for the following purposes:

Provide our services : such as identifying you to managing your contract, access to your goods in our storage facilities and billing processing

Maintain & improve our services: such as collecting information to learn and understand how our services are being used which allows us to improve our services and develop new  service offerings.

Communicate with you: We use information that we collect, such as your email address , address and telephone number, to interact with you directly. We may notify you about any changes and improvements to our service offering or information that may be of interest or important to you. If you contact us we will use your information to help you resolve any issues you might be facing.

Through a proxy: When you have assigned someone on your behalf we may contact that person and discuss and share the details of your account with that person and deal with that person in relation to your account as if that person was you.

Sharing your personal data

If you have given us permission, we may share your personal information with organisations who are our business partners and we or they may contact you, unless you have asked not to be contacted.

We may disclose your personal information, or the personal data of any person connected to you provided to us through or by you. Examples of where we may do this are with companies that are under common control with us, our agents and service providers, and business partners. We may also disclose your personal information to law enforcement or other emergency services where legitimately requested by them.


We try to make all of our services simple, useful and reliable. When you use our website and services it can be small traces of information about you visiting us are stored on your device. This information is stored into a small file named “Cookie”.

A Cookie does not contain a lot of information but the information it contains is used during your visit and the next time you visit us and when you use any of our software services. It allows us to recognise you and keep track of important settings you have made in the past. For example, it remembers its you that is visiting so we can remember your password and to not show information you indicated was not of interest.

Cookies can be used for:

  • Remembering a login name or settings,
  • Collecting information about how you use the product,
  • Storing temporary data (session Cookie).

We use our own Cookies that we manage and are only used by us to transfer information about the use of our website and services. As part of our service we might include third party Cookies such as Google Analytics. However we do not have control over how those Cookies behave. We only use trusted partners who we know respect your privacy and apply similar standards to our own.

You may refuse to accept cookies by activating this setting in your browser settings. However, when you do this certain parts of the Henfield  website and its services may not work correctly. We show you a Cookies acceptance notification before using our services, by clicking agree you agree we can use your information we get via the use of cookies.

I do not consent to the Henfield Storage cookies policy.

Children and their privacy

We do not knowingly collect personal information from children. If you are a parent or guardian of a child and think that we may hold information relating to that child, please contact us at

Your Privacy Controls

We offer you transparency and control over your own privacy and the information we collect. You can ask us to stop communicating with you for direct marketing purposes. If you would like to do this, please email, call or write to us. Let us know what method of contact you are not happy with. You can also click on the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of any email newsletter we have sent you. It may take up to 30 days for this to take effect.

Copy of the Information we hold

You have the right to request an electronic copy of all the personal information that we hold about you. You can also request to receive a printed copy but this is subject to the payment of a small fee because we have printing and postage expenses. To request your copy you have to put your request in writing, including proof of your identity and address (e.g. a copy of your driving licence or passport, and a recent utility or credit card bill).

When you request a printed copy send us a cheque in the amount of £25 made payable to Henfield Storage. You will receive your requested copy within 30 days of the request.

Correcting or changing your information

You can always ask us to correct any inaccuracies in your data free of charge. If you wish us to change something, please put your request in writing, specifying the information that is incorrect and what it should be replaced with. Make sure you provide us with the following information to help us identify you:

  • Contract number
  • Unit number
  • Name
  • Address

Deleting your information

If you are no longer interested in using Henfield services, you can request to have the data we hold about you to be deleted. You can do this if it is no longer necessary for us to hold the data for the purpose it was collected, for example if you are no longer a customer. You can also do this if you originally gave your consent to us using your information and you want to change your mind. If you would like to do this, please email, call or write to us and  make sure you include proof of your identity and address (a copy of your driving licence or passport and a recent utility or credit card bill).

We will take reasonable steps to make sure the information is deleted from our systems and by any companies or people who are processing your information for us, unless we have to carry on using the information for legal reasons.

Information retained for extended time periods

We will hold your personal information on our system for as long as is necessary for the service you have requested or for the length of time set out in any contract between us, unless you have told us you want us to remove us from the system (see section “Right to be forgotten” below).

Some information needs to be retained by us for a certain period of time for legal purposes or legitimate business requirements. For example, when you make a payment to Henfield, we’ll retain this data for longer periods of time as it may be required for tax or accounting purposes.

We use technologies and tools to develop and deliver our services, and some of these have automated secure backups that do not provide us with the option to delete individual data from these encrypted backups. However, in the rare event we need to restore a backup we will make reasonable efforts to ensure your data will be deleted as part of restoring the backup if you have so requested.

Securing your information

We will use technical and organisational measures to safeguard your personal data. For example, access to your account data is controlled by a password and username. We store your personal data on secure servers, and all payment details are encrypted on the secure server.

We have strict security and confidentiality procedures covering the storage and disclosure of your information in order to keep it safe and to prevent unauthorised access.

Transfers of data

Data protection laws vary among countries, with some providing more protection than others. Regardless of where your information is processed, we apply the same protections described in this policy.

By submitting your data and using our website and services you are deemed to have agreed to this Privacy Policy and our Storage Terms and Conditions.

When you sign up to receive any of our services we will not transfer your personal data to countries outside the European Union for storage or processing, unless it is a recognised ‘safe harbour’ or we have in place suitable and adequate contractual terms to protect and safeguard your data in such other territory.

European requirements

When the European Union data protection law GDPR applies to the processing of your information, we provide controls and processes as described in this policy to exercise your right to request access to, update, delete, restrict, export and object to the processing of your information.

We process your information for the purposes described in this policy, based on the following legal grounds:

With your consent

For some specific parts of our service we ask for your agreement to process your information. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. For example, we ask for your consent to provide you with personalised services such as quotations.

Pursuing your legitimate interests

In general we process your information for our legitimate interests. While doing this we protect your privacy. We process your information for things such as, but limited to:

  • Providing, maintaining and improving our services to meet the needs of our users
  • Developing new products and features that are useful for our users
  • Understanding how people use our services to ensure and improve the performance of our services
  • Customising our services to provide you with a better user experience
  • Marketing to inform users about our services
  • Providing advertising to make parts of our services freely available for users
  • Detecting, preventing or otherwise addressing fraud, abuse, security or technical issues with our services
  • Performing research that improves our services for our users
  • Fulfilling obligations to our partners like developers and rights holders
  • Enforcing legal claims, including investigation of potential violations of applicable Terms of Service

Providing our services

By using our services you have agreed to enter into a contract. We process your information as part of this contract. For example, we process your payment information when you use our services.

Complying with legal obligations

We have legal obligations to process some parts of your information, for example, when we have to comply with an enforceable governmental request.


We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time, however we will not reduce your rights under this privacy policy without your explicit consent. We will always notify you when we have updated our policy and will do so in clear language. We will also ask for your consent before using your information for a purpose that isn’t covered in this Privacy Policy.

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