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One of the many services that we offer at Henfield Storage is a long term storage option called click+store. An easy, convenient and cost-effective long term storage option for you. You may not need frequent access to your storage unit and if that’s the case, you’ll love that we can manage your collection and storage without issue. We can pick up and store your goods for you, without you needing to leave your home. We’ll then return them, too, when you’re done needing a long term storage option. There isn’t a charge for collecting your goods from our local stores. Our long term storage units are going to be perfect for those who don’t need frequent access and don’t need to have last minute access to their storage. You can give us a couple of days’ notice and we can have your goods ready for you.

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Why Henfield Storage?

Before you go for click+store, you need to know how it works! Firstly, we’ll come to your address and collect your goods for free for storage in London or anywhere within the South East of England. We’re a team and we will work with you to load a van of all your stuff, and then you can go back to your cup of tea. We’ll take your goods to our facility and as the paperwork is done online and in advance there’s no difficulties afterwards. We’re all about making life easy for you, and it’s why we store all of your things in a high-security warehouse. It’s important to know why you’d want to use Henfield Storage in the first place, too, because you need to know exactly what we can do for you for your long term storage needs.

1. Fast Process

  • Long term storage means that you plan to keep your stuff away for a good while, and you need this to be easy.
  • Use your postcode to figure out how close we are toyou.
  • We will then give you the chance to choose your space and one of our friendly customer support staff can help you with that!
  • Booking your unit comes next, which you can do either online or over the phone. If you need long term storage, you’ll need to choose your storage unit size.
  • Then, you get to enjoy our help to move your goods into the space.

2. Goods Access

  • As a storage facility, we will be able to take your goods and store them for you without us having to come with you.
  • You can access your goods with a couple of days’ notice.
  • We do have a charge for our transportation costs, and if you want to access your stuff from one of our storage locations, it’s £25.If you’re renting a space more than 50 sq. ft., it’ll cost £50.
  • You don’t have a limit for how many times that you access your goods, but if you need to have short notice access or you need it frequently, it’s worth checking out our other storage options instead. We offer storage units that you can access as many times as you want. To make up for transport costs, we recommend looking for the facility closest to your place. If you live in the southwest part of London, check out our storage facility in Richmond!
  • To gain access, you need to give us two or more clear business days to get things ready for you. The weekends do not count as business days, so these are not notice days.

3. Storage For Business Users

  • Our units aren’t just for personal or furniture use. You can use them for business furnishings and electronics should you wish to for long term storage
  • We know we are cheaper than trade spaces, so call us today for a quote

4. Discounts

  • While we already know that we are up to 64% cheaper than other companies around, that doesn’t mean that we still can’t offer more to you.
  • We offer our free collection service for those who prepay  for 3 months ore more.
  • 5% off when you prepay for 6 months
  • 10% off when you prepay for 12 months

5. A Friendly Service

  • We know that storage in London can be difficult to come by, but we endeavour to ensure that you get access to your goods whenever you need them – within the terms above.
  • We keep your stored goods in a location not accessible by customers, so will need 2 days’ notice to get them to the local warehouse to you.
  • Our staff are happy to bring your goods to our storage locations free of charge – we’re all about making life easy for you. We can even bring them straight to your door.
  • We’ll happily bring your goods to one of our storage facilities so you can add or remove items.

6. High Class Security

  • A top priority of ours is safety and security and we take it very seriously.
  • Motion detectors, motion lighting, full staff quotas and fire points are just some of the security features that we offer.
  • Our staff man the facilities during office hours.
  • We do not hold the key to your storage unit.
  • Only you as the self-storage customer or someone that you’ve authorised is allowed to access your unit.

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find your nearest store

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We rival those local to us and we have the testimonials to prove it. It’s important to us to get feedback from those who use our service, because theirs is the opinion that counts the most. As a family-owned and run business for over 40 years, we are confident in our facilities and our service.

“Very helpful”

‘Very helpful and efficient service by Nash at the Wimbledon branch on Saturday morning’

“Friendly staff”

‘Good value for money and very friendly staff who are extremely helpful.’

“Reliable Service”

‘Very friendly and reliable service, the driver was brilliant and everything at the store efficient and manageable. I am happy and impressed with the company all round’

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