Book our self storage units in Horsham! Whether you’re looking to store items temporarily or permanently, we offer hundreds of secure self storage units and a range of sizes for business and personal use. Get in touch with us today to rent our storage units in Horsham.

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10 sq ft locker
£4.20 / wk
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20 sq ft room
£10.48 / wk
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25 sq ft room
£12.24 / wk
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30 sq ft room
£11.84 / wk
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35 sq ft room
£12.66 / wk
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40 sq ft room
£15.11 / wk
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50 sq ft room
£16.46 / wk
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60 sq ft room
£20.18 / wk
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70 sq ft room
£23.42 / wk
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75 sq ft room
£24.46 / wk
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85 sq ft room
£23.90 / wk
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90 sq ft room
£28.83 / wk
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100 sq ft room
£26.32 / wk
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125 sq ft room
£42.04 / wk
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150 sq ft room
£50.49 / wk
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*based on 12 months’ prepayment

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free collection to storage facility

free collection

free collection worth up to £250 when you prepay for a minimum of 3 months’

*rooms only, not lockers

Up to 10% off self storage

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when you prepay
for 6–12 months

About Our Horsham Storage Units

Store Location

store features

Location & accessibility

  • The Horsham storage facility is located near the railway station in a prime location along North Street. This placement ensures easy accessibility for customers seeking convenient access to their storage units.


Range of storage units

  • Our storage facility in Horsham offers a range of storage options. This provides a versatile selection of unit sizes to accommodate diverse storage needs. From compact lockers ideal for smaller items to spacious 150 sq. ft. units suitable for larger belongings or bulk storage. We also offer external shipping container storage with 24/7 access, which is a perfect storage solution for our business customers.


Pricing and discounts

  • We offer clear and upfront pricing. This ensures customers are aware of the costs involved, without hidden fees or surprise charges. Additionally, we provide great discounts for customers opting for prepayment plans, enabling them to save considerably on their storage expenses.


Store Details

Where to find us

Nightingale Road Industrial Estate, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 2NW

Contact us

May Bank Holidays

Mon 6th May: 9:00am – 12:30pm
Mon 27th May: 9:00am – 12:30pm

opening times

Mon-Fri: 8:30am-5pm
Sat: 9am-1:30pm
Sun: 9am-11:30am

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Secure Storage Units in Horsham

  • The facility is within a fully-fortified building, with storage units featuring steel walls and doors for enhanced security against unauthorised access.
  • Each storage unit is padlocked and sealed, ensuring that customers have exclusive access to their units.
  • The entire facility is equipped with fire and intruder alarms connected to a monitoring station for rapid response in case of emergencies or breaches.
  • Comprehensive CCTV coverage offers continuous monitoring, providing a complete view of activities within the premises.
  • Strategically placed security lighting maintains a well-lit environment during darker periods
  • Further information on how we provide secure storage

Henfield’s Horsham Self Storage Facilities: The Benefits

  • Our self-storage in Horsham offers savings of up to 64% compared to other providers in the area.
  • We believe in upfront pricing without hidden fees or extra charges, ensuring transparency in all rental fees.
  • Customers can choose between monthly payments or upfront prepayment, which gives additional discounts of up to 10% on the storage rental costs.

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About Our Storage Services

3 easy steps

Easy, affordable storage

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  • How do I book a self storage unit?
    Booking one of our self-storage units in Horsham or any other of our storage facilities in London is easy. It can all be done through our website, and you even have the option to reserve a unit as well. Just search our site, pick the unit you want, receive a quote, and book it!
  • Is it cheaper if I prepay?
    We have a special offer for customers who choose to pay in advance, rather than monthly. You can get up to 10% in addition to a free collection by prepaying. Talk to our Horsham team about this, and they’ll tell you the finer details and help set everything up.
  • Are your security alarms monitored?
    Yes, all of our alarms are monitored 24 hours a day at a monitoring station.
  • Can someone else enter my storage unit on my behalf?
    You are in control of who has access to your unit. Our policy is unless you instruct us otherwise you are the only person that’s allowed to enter your unit. However, if you inform us that you want someone else to have access without you being there and authorise that in writing then we will be more than happy to add their name to the account and allow them access as well. You can always remove anyone from your list of authorised people at any time by writing to us.
  • Do I have to buy a padlock?
    We sell padlocks at our Horsham storage facility, but you can bring your own. Just make sure it’s a really secure padlock that can’t be broken easily.
  • What happens if I lose my key to my self storage unit?
    If you misplace your key or lose it somewhere, then we can cut the lock for you, in exchange for a small fee.
  • Does your quote include insurance?
    The initial online self-storage quote doesn’t include insurance, as its cost depends on your stored items’ value. Insurance pricing varies according to your storage unit’s contents. Since we don’t have the specific item details during booking, the insurance cost isn’t part of the initial quote.
  • Do you provide insurance?
    Contact our customer service team to discuss the details about your stored items. We’ll assist in calculating the insurance cost tailored to your storage requirements. If you have insurance covering stored belongings, feel free to use your existing policy. Explore our full insurance information.

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Customer reviews

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Why Henfield Storage in Horsham?

At our Horsham storage facility, we offer a range of diverse unit sizes, unlike competitors offering limited sizes! Benefit from free collection services, transporting your items to your unit by our Horsham team. We operate daily with restricted weekend hours, granting full access during opening hours for your convenience. Enjoy flexible access within our operational hours, offering hassle-free storage solutions at Horsham!

If you still need to decide on renting a storage unit with us, check out our reviews or find out more about Henfield Storage!

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