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storage 101 – sizing up my unit

When it comes to deciding on the size of your self-storage unit, you certainly have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you just want to store some important paperwork or need to leave all of the furniture in your home somewhere while you renovate, you will be able to find a unit that is just the right size.

Here are some of the most common sizes of storage units. See which one will be the best fit for your needs.

  • 15 sq. ft.

    If you one have a few small items to store, then the 15 sq. ft. unit would probably be best for you. This is about the same size as a public telephone box. It’s a common size for students who just want to store a suitcase or some extra books and boxes. As these units are so small and compact, they are usually the cheapest option.

  • 25 sq. ft.

    For something a little bigger, you might want to choose a unit that comes in at 25 sq. ft. This is about the same size as a small garden shed, so it could be a great place to store the various tools and equipment you might need for an allotment. There are also lots of people who use this size of a self-storage unit to store their festive decorations. If you take a look in most units that are 25 sq. ft. I’m sure you’ll find a few Christmas trees!

  • 35 sq. ft.

    For something with a little more room, go for a unit that measures up to 35 sq. ft. This is the ideal size if you want to store a small van load of stuff. It will also provide you with just enough room to store all of the furniture and belongings that could fit into a one-bedroom flat. This is also a common size used by professionals, as it provides companies just enough room to fit in some large machinery and heavy equipment.

  • 50 sq. ft.

    50 sq. ft. is ever so slightly bigger than the average garage, so this is a great size if you have half a garage load of stuff to store. It will also be spacious enough for a transit van full of goods as well. If you need some storage while you are moving between small apartments, then this will be the perfect size for you. Not only that, though, but it’s usually the size that most small businesses choose when they are looking for somewhere to store some of their stock.

  • 75 sq. ft.

    Another popular self-storage unit size, 75 sq. ft. is what people who are moving between two-bedroom houses tend to use. As you can no doubt tell, that means that you will have ample room in storage units that are this size. You should find that you have more than enough size to store large furniture items, such as beds and sofas, as well as large appliances too. For a better idea of just how much stuff you can fit in 75 sq. ft., you should be able to fit 150 regular sized moving boxes in. That also equates to the loads of two transit vans.

  • 100 sq. ft.

    If you think a 75 sq. ft. unit might not quite be big enough, consider getting one that is around 100 sq. ft. This is one of our most requested unit sizes. The space is roughly equivalent to the size of a single garage. They are also popular with people who are moving between two-bedroom houses and need to store some of their belongings during the moving process.

  • 150 sq. ft.

    Need more room than the equivalent of the average garage? If so, then you might want to go for a unit that is 150 sq. ft. as it will be the size of one and a half garages. On average, most people find that they can fit in around 250 regular sized boxes. So, it will certainly provide you with a lot of storage space! It’s also a great size for belongings and furniture from a three-bedroom house too.

  • 175 sq. ft.

    Still need a bit more space? No worries; you can always increase the size of your unit by looking at one that measures 175 sq. ft. This should be enough space for 280 boxes. There should be more than enough space to store the contents of a four-bedroom home in this size of the unit. It’s also a really popular option for business owners who need to store a few different pieces of machinery or large equipment.

  • 200 sq. ft.

    Need something even bigger? Well, if so, you’ve got one size left – you could always rent out a huge 200 sq. ft., which is the equivalent to a large double garage. There will be very few storage facilities that offer units bigger than this size. You will be able to get a lot of furniture in here, so it’s great if you are moving or renovating a house that is quite large. When it comes to using a storage unit for business purposes, you will certainly be able to use a 200 sq. ft. unit as quite a sizeable warehouse for your whole inventory.

These are the most common sizes of self-storage units, but they should give you a good idea of the kind of size you require for your storage needs. If you still find it hard to decide, you can always give us a call on the number at the top of the website, and one of our helpful team will be eager to chat to you to give you plenty of advice. We have a vast range of storage unit types at numerous locations, so we will certainly do our very best to try and find the best fit for your storage needs. Why not give us a call right now?

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