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14 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Self Storage

Not everyone is clued up regarding self storage units, so asking questions can sometimes be daunting. What if they come across as stupid? We don’t think there are any silly questions, which is why we’ve outlined 14 of the ones we think you might want answers to below.

How Much Is It?

People don’t want to look cheap, and you’re the same. The good news is you don’t have to with a “get a quote” system. Type in your details and the online calculator will do the rest. Then, all you need to do is compare the quotes to find the cheapest one. *Ahem, that’s us, ahem.

Are There Any Deals?

It depends on the company. We have things such as a “Free Collection” service as well as a 3-month special offer discount, but that’s just because we’re incredible. Other self storage companies will do it differently so you need to check first. If you live 30 miles away from our any of our storage facilities in London, we won’t charge you for the collection.

Why Do I Need It?

Yes, it’s not uncommon for storage specialists to pick up the phone and explain why their services are worth the investment. And, it isn’t a daft question because we are best positioned to explain. You might not understand the cost benefits to keeping your belongings in a unit or the cleanliness advantages. Even the hassle-free nature of a house move might not hit you until you speak with an expert.

What Is It?

Again, there are too many options on the market to get to grips with it by using Google. The short answer is a place to store your valuables if you’re moving house, moving a child to uni, or need office storage. Alternatively, it’s an excellent place for sentimental stuff which is a little impractical. For example, a piece of furniture which you’ve had for years and can’t bear to take to the skip.

How’s The Security?

The security of your possessions is paramount so you shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask specific details such as: do you need a code to enter?; are there CCTV cameras to record activity? For us, the answers are a resounding yes. Plus, we also encourage our customers to fit a sturdy padlock for extra protection.

Is There Insurance?

And if there is, is it included in the price? There is nothing as boring as dealing with this topic, yet it’s important because things do go wrong from time to time. If you pick a bespoke option or go it alone, please make sure you don’t undervalue your goods. The last thing you want to do is to find out the policy doesn’t cover the replacements. Check out our summary.

Can I Speak To Someone In The UK?

Businesses are constantly outsourcing their customer service needs to cut costs. For you, this means having to deal with people who might not speak great English or understand your questions. It’s a delicate balance to get right, but there is nothing wrong with asking for the UK or head office contact details. Ours, for instance, are 020 3613 4530 and

Are The Photos Legit?

You don’t have to go on Tinder to get catfished because some self storage companies do it too. The only way to tell if they are truthful or not is to head down to one of their locations and take a look for yourself. That’s why we have a “find a store” option. Never trust a storage supplier that lies to you. If they bend the truth about their photos, their prices will be next.

Can I See Your Reviews?

There’s a reason we are proud of our 4.9/5 Feefo rating – it’s a sign we’re trusted. Customers should rely on recommendations by fellow shoppers because they have no reason to lie. They tell it how they see it 99% of the time. If you need to, be sure to ask about their ratings and reviews. Where are they? Can you see them, please?

What Can’t I Store?

People think this is obvious, which is why they’re scared to ask, but it’s not self-evident. Typically, you can store anything in Brighton self storage as long as it doesn’t impact the terms of use. Prime examples are food and drink. As it goes off, it will attract rodents, which is why companies tend to have a strict no food policy.

How Do I Deal With Mice?

As well as not storing food in your storage unit, you can pack thoroughly. Mice are small and will worm their way into boxes to nest in the cold weather. Taping them shut should help keep them at bay. Also, avoid cardboard as it’s easy for them to bite through. Other than that, you might want to set traps if you’re certain they’re in your unit. See our mice guide for more.

What About Other Customers?

Sometimes, self storage neighbours can make life difficult if they don’t follow the rules. In general, the employees should do their job and check for warning signs, but people are sneaky and some get through the cracks. If you think somebody is storing food or an item that’s a flood risk, speak to an employee and ask them to be discreet.

Can You Help Me Pack?

Granted, storage specialists aren’t your parents, but they are professionals with years of experience and knowledge. To get the most out of your unit, it’s essential to pack properly to squeeze the last ounces of space out of the room. If there isn’t a guide on the website like ours, the workers should be happy to offer a few tips.

Any General Advice?

As well as packing hacks, there should be advice such as “label everything” and “wrap valuables in cling film.” These might seem like small tips yet they can make all the difference in the long-term, especially if you need to find something or keep it clean.

Here at Henfield Storage, we know that you want to ask us stuff, which is why we encourage one-to-one communication.

Guangli Fordham

By Guangli Fordham

Guangli comes from a financial and accounting background, and has many years' experience in the storage industry. She prefers the quieter life and when not working or blogging enjoys taking long walks in the countryside or visiting with family. With her daughter now off at university Guangli has a bit more time to spend on her other hobbies, such as gardening and writing.

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