Best Museums and Art Galleries to Visit in London

London, England’s and the United Kingdom’s capital city, is a global powerhouse of commerce and culture. And throughout its 2,000-year history, London has evolved into a really remarkable city, offering something for everyone, be it art, architecture, food, or football. If you’ve ever wanted to see some of the most beautiful buildings in the world or eat the most delicious food, you’ve come to the right place.

Museum and gallery aficionados will have a blast in London, and they’re among the city’s most popular attractions. From the British Museum to the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum, there are a plethora of options for visitors to explore. Nonetheless, even non-museum lovers will be fascinated by the beauty and culture these museums could offer.

Why not start your tour with this list of most-visited museums in London?

British Museum

Are you fascinated by rare and historical artefacts? Interested in exploring and finding artefacts ranging from the Rosetta Stone to the sculptures of the Parthenon? If so, you would regret skipping this museum.

Founded in 1753 and inaugurated in 1759, the British Museum is the oldest museum in the world. In addition to being the first national museum to include all aspects of human knowledge, it was open to tourists from throughout the world.

V&A Museum (Victoria and Albert Museum)

The Victoria & Albert Museum has a wide variety of art and design on display. You may find everything from pottery and clothes to wallpaper and jewellery in its 5,000-year-old huge collection. An iconic museum that is this big can make you spend a day wandering around it and appreciating the beauty of art without you knowing.

The purpose of the Victoria and Albert Museum is to educate designers, manufacturers, and members of the general public about art and design. When the Great Exhibition of 1851 opened, it was the world’s first worldwide exhibition of design and manufacture. It had been known as the South Kensington Museum for more than 40 years until being renamed in honour of Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, who played a key role in its founding.

Natural History Museum

With animatronic dinosaurs, a man-sized foetal model, a dodo, a big sequoia tree with an earthquake simulator and glow-in-the-dark crystals. Aside from that, it’s a top-tier research centre–you wouldn’t want to miss your chance!

The Natural History Museum in London houses an extensive collection of artefacts from many areas of natural history, including dinosaur bones and fossils. Dinosaurs and beautiful architecture are two of the museum’s most prominent features. The Diplodocus cast that once dominated the vaulted central hall before it was replaced in 2017 with a blue whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling illustrates this.

Tate Modern

With a collection of modern and contemporary art from throughout the world, Tate Modern is a must-see in London.

Tate Modern is a contemporary art gallery that opened its doors to people in May 2000. Tate Modern’s expansion began in earnest in 2009. The Tate Modern’s new design incorporates the power station’s outstanding redundant oil tanks, boosting gallery space and enhancing visitor facilities. Herzog & de Meuron collaborated again on the project.

London Transport Museum

Visiting the London Transport Museum will help you learn more about how public transportation shaped London’s history. The London Transport Museum’s permanent exhibits now take visitors through the city’s history, its transport system, and the lives of those who have lived and worked there for two centuries. Interactive temporary displays on topics including London Transport’s most iconic poster designs, Crossrail, and the future of public transportation are regularly updated.

The London Transport Museum, located in Covent Garden, displays transportation symbols and groundbreaking designs, such as the red London bus and the first-ever Tube map design.

Museum of London

Are you interested in historical artefacts and exhibitions that tell the story of London’s past? Then, the Museum of London, the world’s largest urban museum, is for you to visit! Discover ancient London, Roman London, and the splendour of medieval London. Don’t miss the permanent galleries, which span from before London was built to today’s world city.

From prehistoric ages to the present day, the museum is dedicated to recording and representing the history of the London region. The Museum of London was founded in 1965 by an act of Parliament that combined the collections of two well-known museums, the Guildhall Museum and the London Museum.

The Design Museum

From furniture to graphics and architecture to industrial design, the Design Museum is the world’s foremost museum of modern design. The museum’s permanent collection, Designer Maker User, includes artefacts from the fields of fashion, architecture, engineering, and digital technology. Nearly a thousand objects are on display, illustrating the evolution of modern design from the viewpoints of the designer, the producer, and the end-user.

Sir Terence Conran founded it in 1989 as a venue for design, education, and public engagement to come together to improve people’s perceptions of themselves and their futures.

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