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Complete Moving Guide To Brighton

Are you thinking of moving to Brighton? Who wouldn’t? With a breathtaking coastline, this paradise on the South East coast of England has become one of the best places to live in the UK. Just an hour’s travel away from London, Brighton offers its residents with the city lifestyle without much of the chaos that London is quite known for.

According to a 2017 survey by 9NINE Super Seed, Brighton was hailed as the happiest city in the UK. Over a third of its population considered their lives in Brighton as happy. These survey results are further proven correct by London residents choosing to move to Brighton.

What exactly makes Brighton the “happiest city in the UK”? Well, you’re about to find out! In this article, we write a complete moving guide to Brighton and essential facts that you need to know before moving to Brighton. 

Should I Move To Brighton?

Sights & Attractions

Brighton is the largest and most well-known seaside resort along the English Channel. Its history dates back to the early 5th century. Its rich historical roots have been properly maintained since the 18th century when it blossomed from a small fishing village to one of England’s best vacation spots. Currently, Brighton is a hotspot for England’s elite and the millions of tourists that come into the country. 

Spend your free time strolling around South Downs, Stanmer Park, Preston Park, Brighton Palace Pier, the Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museum. Once you’re a resident in Brighton, you get to visit Brighton’s top attractions and sights any day of the week! You will definitely have some of your best times here.


Brighton’s numerous pebble-lined beaches are so breathtaking that it needs an entire item for it. You can visit the Brighton Beach, Rottingdean Beach, Ovingdean Beach, and the Beach Flint Grotto, to name a few. Besides the beaches, it has seafront attractions and watersports that brings in millions of visitors each year. There’s no better way of getting a tan than spending a day at one of Brighton’s amazing sandy beaches. The Brighton Palace Pier is also filled with family-fun rides for you to create beautiful memories your children will surely treasure forever.


Brighton is also home to a large number of students. According to Global rankings, Brighton currently holds the 83rd place in the Best Student Cities Index. Additionally, Brighton is hailed as the top 10 best cities to study in the UK, and it manages to attract both local and international students alike. Besides the university-ranking, students tend to be attracted to the vibrant community and seaside life. With excellent school-life balance, living in Brighton is a pleasant experience for most students.

The student population is estimated to hold over 40, 000 students, divided between its two universities: the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex. If you’re looking for a great city for quality education, then Brighton is a shoo-in!

For the quality of its teaching, The University of Sussex received a silver Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) award for its outstanding employment strategy and excellent student success rate, with a very high percentage of Sussex students from all backgrounds completing their course and going on to highly skilled employment or further study. Meanwhile, The University of Brighton comprises four campuses in Brighton and Eastbourne on the southeast coast of England, near the ocean and the countryside, and less than 30 minutes from Gatwick International Airport by train. Career-oriented, the University of Brighton has outstanding facilities and strong corporate linkages. A vibrant university on England’s south coast, the University of Brighton is home to more than 3,800 postgraduate students from more than 100 different countries.

Brighton, Worthing, and Shoreham-by-the-Sea in Sussex, England, are also home to Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, a large post-secondary institution. City College Brighton and Northbrook College Sussex merged to form Greater Brighton Metropolitan College (MET). For more than 150 years, it has been the college of choice for the city and the surrounding area.

Job Market in Brighton

When you are living in Brighton, there are a lot of things you have to sort out. One of them is finding a place to work. However, don’t fret! There’s a job waiting for you in Brighton. Aside from its student population, many of Brighton’s new people are young hopefuls, fresh grads, and professionals looking for a change of pace. The creative and digital media industry in Brighton is thriving. So if you are looking to work with companies in those fields, you are sure to find something. Additionally, Domestic and General, American Express, and Lloyds Bank have also set up shop in Brighton and are some of its most prominent companies and employers in the area. Whether you are looking for part-time work or a full-blown career, there are plenty of opportunities available when you know where to look.

Close Proximity to London

Speaking of jobs, you don’t have to quit your job in London to live in Brighton. Brighton is the nearest coastal city to London and is the easiest to commute to and from. Having said this, you can live in Brighton where there’s not much pollution, lower rental fees, cheaper cost of living, and more importantly, there’s not much chaos, but still keep your job in London. If you are the type who cannot completely let go of the city life, but you want a bit of calm, then splitting your time between the two could be the solution for you.

In fact, many professionals who have gotten tired of London move to Brighton to experience a taste of the coastal city. With a more relaxed pace of life, Brighton residents have said that they are content with this lifestyle. However, some people make the complete move and abandon London altogether. 

Are you moving to London? Check out Henfield Storage’s storage facilities in London here. 

Culinary Treat

Do you come from a foreign country? Don’t worry. You won’t feel too homesick when you move to Brighton. With such a culturally diverse population, Brighton has become a hodgepodge for international cuisines. Some restaurants in Brighton even take a cultural dish and give it their own local twist! The culinary experience in Brighton is so delectable, it has been called the  Food Lover’s Paradise by the Sea!

Whether you’re craving for Indian Chicken Biryani, Vietnamese Pho, Thailand’s famous Pad Thai, Greek Souvlaki, or even just your classic fish and chips, you’ll surely find a restaurant in Brighton that serves just exactly what you want. Feeling adventurous? Why not check out this Foodie Bucketlist for residents in Brighton!

Storage Facility in Brighton

Pro-tip: when you move to this city, rent storage units in Brighton. This will make your relocation easier as it gives you some time to get used to the area and settled in before you have to unpack. Additionally, the majority of Brighton residents also choose to rent a storage unit to keep clutter away from their homes. You can store just about anything inside your self storage unit: from winter clothes to personal memorabilia. As long as it has worth, but you don’t have space for it inside your home, we recommend you send it off to storage! You may also need to hire a removals company in Brighton.

New to renting self storage units? Check out this article!

Living Costs in Brighton

According to studies, the cost of living in Brighton is almost 20% lower as compared to the cost of living in London. Your lifestyle in London that usually costs £4,700 will only cost you £3,800 when you are a resident in Brighton. This drastic decrease in expenses is often one the main selling point of Brighton that persuades Londoners to move.

Thinking of moving to Brighton already? Here, we have listed down some of the most basic living expenses that you have to spend for in Brighton. 


Rent is the biggest threats to your monthly wage. For some residents in London, almost 50% of their income goes straight to their landlord. You read that right. Property prices in London have gotten so high that residents have to give up almost half of their monthly income to keep a roof over your heads. You can rest easy though. Paying for a place to live in Brighton won’t be as cutthroat.

The average monthly rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Brighton will cost about £900 or less. If it’s just you who’s moving to Brighton, then you will have a lot of space with a 1-bedroom apartment already.

However, if you’re going to bring your family, then you’d most likely want a bigger house. According to this site, the median rent for a five-bedroom property in Brighton costs about £2,275. Not bad considering how high the rental costs in London or Manchester are.

You can cut costs down further by choosing the right part of town. Being close to the city centre will be more expensive, but as you go up North, prices tend to go down.


Once you move to Brighton, there’s no need for you to wonder how you’ll go about. Brighton is filled with public transportation links going in, out, and around the city. In fact, you can hop on a train and be in London in less than an hour. This makes it easy for professionals working in London to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle in Brighton and the Hove while still working in the capital.

Rides come fairly cheap too at £2.20 for inside the city travel and £2.70 for around the Brighton and Hove. Compared to London’s expensive rates, Brighton is very affordable. If you’re going to travel often, you can also get a day-pass for a cheaper commute.  Check out how you can get around the city of Brighton here.

Eating Out 

When you’re in Brighton, you have to check out its popular restaurants and pubs. Brighton offers a wide variety of cuisines, and you’d be missing out on a lot if you don’t try them out. A meal for 2 at a restaurant in Brighton will cost you an average of £40 – 60, not a bad price if you’re celebrating something special. But if you want a 5-star dining experience, then there are more expensive options that can go upwards of that. Here are some restaurants you will want to check out in the area:

Shopping In Brighton

There are plenty of great shopping areas in Brighton and Hove. You can hit the North Laine, Churchill Square, and Marina Square. There you can find all sorts of shops from international brands to nation-wide chains. But don’t count out the independent selection just yet. Given the city’s thriving creative scene, there plenty of independent shops in the Laines that showcases Brighton’s style and community.

Your relocation to Brighton might be filled with stress and uncertainty as you get ready to move. However, when you get here, you are sure to feel right at home, anyone would really. If you are looking for an excellent work-life balance, then Brighton and Hove is the best place to live for you.


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