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Do I Need To Rent A Storage Unit?

If you’ve got a lot of clutter taking up space in your home or business, then you’ve no doubt asked yourself whether you need to rent a storage unit. Storage units could provide the space that you need to get clutter out of your environment, freeing you up to enjoy your home more.

But do you need to rent a storage unit? What are the advantages of doing so? Is using a storage unit better than using your garage? Let’s take a look.

Why Do I Need A Storage Unit?

There are all kinds of reasons why you might need a storage unit.

  • You’re Planning On Renovating Your Home. Renovating your home is a major reason why people choose to use self-storage in the UK. Rather than storing stuff outside under shelters in the garden or piling it all into adjacent rooms, self-storage provides a great way to get everything that’s in the way of a renovation out of the house and into safe storage. The same works for businesses: storing office furniture in a container or self-storage unit makes an office refit much more straightforward.
  • You’re Going Through Relationship Change. Changes in your relationship status often mean that you have to move location. Sometimes, your new place is temporary or doesn’t have enough space to keep all your possessions, making the case for self-storage much stronger. Self-storage can be a great option if you want to move out of your existing accommodation in a hurry while at the same time keeping all your possessions safe.
  • You Need To Keep A Valuable Item Safe. Some people like all of the extra security that come with storage units. For instance, most units will be alarmed and there will also be CCTV around to deter any potential burglars and thieves. As a result, most storage units are much more secure than the average family home. Because of this, some people like to rent out storage units to keep their valuables in. Things like antiques, classic cars, and other valuable items that could be seen as investments are usually better off stored in secure units. When you do take a look at some storage units, it’s always worth asking about any extra security that can be used. Most companies are willing to increase the security of a unit for an extra cost.
  • You’re About To Move Home. The property market is complicated. Each transaction depends on the formation of a “chain” of buyers and sellers. Each person in the chain must stay in the process until completion for others to be able to move into their new property. However, the chain can sometimes break apart, leaving you stranded. Self-storage provides you with a backup option. With self-storage, you can store your possessions and relax, knowing that they’re ready to go once the transaction is complete.
  • You Need Space For Seasonal Items. Seasonal items can take up a lot of space in your garage or loft, preventing you from using them for other purposes. Many people, therefore, store seasonal items (like seasonal promotional material, decorations, gardening equipment, and machinery) in self-storage, getting it out of the way until they need it.
  • You’ve Run Out Of Space. Finally, you may want to use self-storage if you’ve run out of space. The average size of a house in the UK is only 81 square metres (compared to 150-plus in other parts of the developed world), so running out of space is more common than you might think.
  • You’re A Business In Need Of Extra Storage. Of course, you don’t have to just use your storage unit for your own personal needs. A few people rent out a unit for work or business purposes. One of the best things about doing this is that the rent will count as a business expense, so you can deduct it from your annual tax bill. There are lots of different types of businesses that will benefit from owning a unit, including those that use lots of large pieces of machinery and equipment. In these kinds of cases, renting out a storage unit will usually work out far cheaper than renting out a whole warehouse.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Storage Unit?

Save Space In Your Home Or Business

Clutter isn’t just stressful; it also represents an opportunity cost. It takes up valuable space which could be used for something else. Self-storage gives you the space you need to clear out your loft, allowing you to convert it into something more usable, like an extra bedroom. It also can be used to free up space in your garage, providing you with an area to keep your vehicle or workshop tools.

You Only Pay For What You Need

Self-storage has an additional benefit: you only pay for the space you need. You can rent a unit in increasing increments and stop using it whenever you like.

It’s More Secure

Storing your stuff in a garage might seem like a good idea, but garages are prone to breaking and entering by burglars. Self-storage companies, however, often have excellent security in place, making it much harder for thieves to gain access to your possessions.

Climate Control Options

If you have temperature- or humidity-sensitive items that require storage, self-storage may be a better option than a garage. Unlike a garage or loft, many self-storage companies offer customers climate control options to calibrate the environment of their stored goods. Paintings, antiques and other delicate items can be kept in optimal conditions, keeping them in good condition.

Better Packing

Self-storage companies want to make their services as convenient as possible. Many, therefore, offer customers packing options and facilities that help them to prevent damage to their possessions and make itemisation easier.

Store Anything You Like

Finally, self-storage companies allow you to store almost anything you want, including items that you may not want in the home. For instance, you might not want to store valuable possessions in your garage because of security concerns. With self-storage, you no longer have to worry about security issues.

Things To Consider When Renting A Storage Unit

If you have never rented out a self-storage unit before, you might be a bit confused as to where to even begin. There are so many different types of storage out there, and they all come in different shapes and sizes. Not too sure what you need for the items that you want to be stored? Well, you don’t have to worry any longer – we’ll go through everything you need to think about before you rent one out

Your Budget

You should also think carefully about how much you can afford to spend on the storage unit. As there are different types of units, you can expect to see a range of prices for them, so be sure to get a few different quotes to see what the average prices are. It’s also wise to get quotes from a couple of different companies to see who can offer you a better deal. It might also be worth taking a look at a comparison site as a few of them compare self-storage companies. If you are a student then it is always worth asking for discounts. Most firms, especially those that have a high student customer base, will likely have some kinds of deals available for you!


Don’t choose some self-storage units without first considering where they are based either. After all, you won’t want to travel for miles and miles just to drop off the things that you want to store. It will be much more convenient for you if you choose some units that are close to you. That will also be a lot easier for you once you come to the end of your lease and need to clear out the whole of the unit, especially if you will need to do this in multiple trips! If you do need regular access to your items in storage, then you will also find that it’s much less of a hassle to keep going back and forth between a self-storage unit that is close to your home.

Will You Need Regular Access?

Do you think that you will need regular access to the items in storage? This will likely be the case if you are storing anything for your business, a car, or any important paperwork. You won’t be able to access some storage facilities that often, so you should check when exactly you will be able to gain entry to check or use anything that you’ve stored. If you want to be able to access whenever you like, then it’s best to go with a firm that offers 24-hour access. If you are just planning on storing your items and leaving them for a while, then you should be OK to go with a storage firm that will require you to make an appointment to access your belongings.

If you are new to self-storage, then get in touch with our team and we will guide you every step of the way.

Ben Sutton-Jones

By Ben Sutton-Jones

Ben has worked in the storage industry for over a decade. His expertise and knowledge is often called upon by colleagues and customers alike. He has a passion for writing, and so branching out into blogging was a natural move. Ben is a keen reader and also follows many sports, especially football. He is a beekeeper in his spare time and enjoys tending to his bees. If he's lucky he may even get to harvest a little honey from time to time.

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