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From Spare Room to Nursery: Easy Steps for Transformation

Having a baby is a joyous and exciting time in your life (just ask the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), but it does call for you to make some important changes, especially around your home. This doesn’t mean that you should run out and buy a larger home- the trick is to maximise the space that you have. With a little creativity, you can easily transform your spare bedroom into a lovely nursery for your little one.

Below is a list of tops for changing that extra space into a room fit for your own little prince or princess!

Organise the Room

The first step is getting organised. Clear the room of its current contents, sort through them, and decide which items you want to discard, donate, or put into storage. You’ll find this task much easier if you create three individual piles. Donations can be given to friends and family or dropped off at your local charity shop while the things you want to keep can be tucked away in a closet or, if it includes larger items, put into storage at your closest self-storage facility.

Decorate the Room

If the walls and fixtures are too dark or garish, decide on a soothing and neutral colour. Spare rooms are often overlooked when homes are being redecorated, so bright new wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint can brighten yours up and make it more baby-friendly.

What colour should you go with? If you know the gender of your baby in advance, pink and blue are the traditional choices, but you don’t need to limit yourself. Browse some nursery decor websites, visit the infant department of your favourite shopping centre, or ask friends for ideas. Potential layouts include:

  • Neutral colours like grey or beige, with a pop of bright red or yellow
  • Sky blue and cloud grey to create a dreamy, ‘heavenly’ look

Create More Storage Space

Babies are tiny, but the amount of stuff they can accumulate is surprising. In addition to clothes that they seem to outgrow too quickly, there are blankets, quilts, wraps, toys, books and much more. To create needed storage space, put together some shelving units to display stuffed toys, favourite baby books, and photos. Bookshelves serve the dual purpose of decorating the room and making the most of available surface storage. Boxes are also useful for storing clothes that the baby has outgrown until you have the chance to re-gift them or donate them to charity.

Once the nursery is ready, the countdown begins. We hope you have found these tips useful and wish your growing family all the best.

About Henfield Storage

When creating a new room in your house you may find you need some extra storage space. One option is to use a handy self-storage facility like those on offer from Henfield. Our convenient locations mean it’s easy to access our self-storage facilities from a number of areas, and we can provide excellent rates compared to our competitors in prime retail areas.

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