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Henfield Storage’s Local Brighton Guide

The year 2020 has been hard for all of us. Quarantine. Isolation. Lockdown. These words are now synonymous to our 2020 experience. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel already. With the vaccine being prepared for mass distribution already, it’s time to start moving on from the coronavirus and look at brighter things ahead.

Henfield Storage wants to thank the city of Brighton for its unwavering support despite the lockdown. As such, we’d like to give back. Here are the top shops you can go to for some shopping and new dining experiences in Brighton!

Henfield Storage’s Restaurant Top Picks 

  • The WitchEZ

Food always has to look good. The WitchEZ is the first Photo Design Cafe Bar in the UK. This fine establishment is run by web and graphic designers with a specific flair for being in the kitchen. Overload your senses with meals that satisfy not only your tastebuds but your eyes as well. Check out their amazing website here.

  • Purezza

Purezza is the UK’s first vegan pizzeria. Enjoy a heartwarming pizza without the guilt. Purezza serves plant-based versions of classic Italian dishes that will surely get your craving for more! You can see their menu here.

  • Brighton Smokehouse

Brighton Smokehouse sells some of the BEST sandwiches in the entire world. You’ve never tasted a legit crab sandwich until you’ve tasted Brighton Smokehouse’s classic Crab Sandwich. This brick-walled shop is a hidden gem tucked away on the streets of King’s Road.

  • 64 Degrees

Great British Menu 2017 winner Michael Bremner owns 64 degrees. Since its opening, it has continuously won awards every year. Awarded a Bib Gourmand by Michelin and called the Number One spot of the Brighton Top 20 in 2016 & 2017, their menu is to die for. 64 Degrees also recently just broke into the top 10% of the best restaurants around the world according to Trip Advisor users.

  • The Blue Man Restaurant

The Blue Man is a bar-restaurant specialising in North African food, daily specials, speciality North African Mint Tea, Reserva coffee, and a beautiful selection of wines, spirits, and beers. The menu features a selection of food from nibbles to three-course meals. 

  • The Walrus

A stone’s throw from the beach, on historic Ship Street in Brighton’s famous Lanes, you’ll find the Walrus with its labyrinth of eclectically-decorated rooms and endless winding passageways. You’ll also discover a wonderful hidden two-storey roof garden.

  • Kooks Restaurant

Inspired by the cafe, brunch culture of Melbourne, Kooks-owner Rebecca wanted to create a restaurant that delivered a similar relaxed & homely vibe with a fresh ‘kooky’ menu. Kooks Restaurant is one of the go-to restaurants in Brighton.

  • Al Duomo Italian Restaurant

Al Duomo is one of the oldest genuine Italian family-run Italian Restaurants in Brighton. It is a place for all occasions — from a Romantic meal for 2 to a family gathering, or business dinner. 

  • Giraffe

No, they don’t sell giraffe meat. Giraffe prides themselves on discovering the best tastes, flavours and recipes from around the world and sharing them with you. Brighton is one of the best restaurants to go to in Brighton.

  • Five Guys

Five Guys has more than 250, 000 possible topping combinations for your burgers, hotdogs, and sandwiches. There are also 1, 000 different shake mix-in combinations and a boardwalk-style fry which they hand-cut on-site every day.

  • Buddies Restaurant

Buddies Restaurant in Brighton offers a lively yet relaxed atmosphere, alongside a large menu showcasing locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and dishes. Open 24 hours, you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views across Brighton’s iconic seafront. Buddies is a great place to gather with friends, open a bottle of wine, have a beer and enjoy good food in relaxed surroundings.

  • Pinnochio

Pinocchio is a family-run Italian restaurant in the very heart of Brighton’s bustling theatre district. Famous for our delicious, fresh food and friendly atmosphere, Pinocchio has been a firm favourite with the people of Brighton for 30 years.

Brighton’s Local Accommodations

Are you looking to stay in Brighton for the holidays? Or maybe you want to stay long-term. Here are the best accommodations in the city!

  • Young-Lee

Young-Lee offers affordable and spacious properties. Give them a call. Who knows? You might find the place you’ll call home in one of their listings. 

  • Parks Letting

Parks Letting has been helping customers find and let their homes since 1992. If you’re looking for short-term accommodations, Parks Letting is the way to go!

  • Queens Hotel

Treat your family to a luxurious stay at Queens Hotel. You can have afternoon tea at the beach, enjoy their hotel leisure club, and relax in front of Brighton’s most perfect seaside view!

Are you thinking of moving to Brighton? Why not check out Henfield Storage’s self storage options. We can help you make the moving easy and hassle-free.

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