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How to find the best and cheapest storage

Whether you are moving home, decluttering or going travelling, finding storage that’s both cheap and high-quality can be a challenge.

That’s why we’re sharing our secrets on how to find the best, most affordable cheap storage near you.

Step #1: Ignore ‘2-month deals’, instead look for low ONGOING prices

Even if you think you’re only going to need storage for a few months, the fact is that the majority of people stay in storage much longer than they expect.

That’s exactly why most storage companies offer introductory discounts. They know the chances are that you’ll forget or that your circumstances will change, and they price accordingly.

So, while that first 2 month discount might look good, it’ll probably cost you more in the long-run.

  1. So…Look for the lowest ongoing price, regardless of the first 2 or 3 month discount.
  2. Double the amount of time you THINK you’re going to stay in storage.
  3. Find the cheapest OVERALL quote based on your new timeframe.

Step #2: Make sure the storage company includes free collection

Storage costs are one thing, but getting your items into storage is a whole other ball game!

Renting out a van and getting people to help you move your boxes (if you can’t rope in friends and family) is more expensive than many people realize.

Moving – even into storage – is stressful enough. You don’t need the added hassle and extra bills too. If the company you choose to go with offers free collection, you’ll save money, time and effort.

Plus – and this is really important – if they offer free collection, you may be able to go to a little further out of the way, which is often much cheaper than a storage company in the city centre.

Step #3: Find a storage company that will help you unpack

Most storage companies can tell you what size storage unit you need. But unless you are a master at Tetris you can struggle to get all these items into that space.

What do you do? You either get a bigger unit or you get a storage-packing expert.

Look for the companies that not only offer free collection but will also help you load AND unload your items. These guys will have years of experiencing packing and unpacking vans and storage containers.

They’ll be able to take one look at all your items and envision exactly how they’ll best fit.

That means less to-and-fro from home to storage and no need for a bigger unit (and heftier cost). Plus, the extra pair of helping hands will save you time too!

There you have it. The three things we look for when we’re putting our own personal belongings in storage. We hope it will help you find the most cost-effective facility for you. If you’re interested in seeing if Henfield offer any of the above services (hint: we do) get started by finding our closest store to you today!

Figure 2 –

Guangli Fordham

By Guangli Fordham

Guangli comes from a financial and accounting background, and has many years' experience in the storage industry. She prefers the quieter life and when not working or blogging enjoys taking long walks in the countryside or visiting with family. With her daughter now off at university Guangli has a bit more time to spend on her other hobbies, such as gardening and writing.

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