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How to Properly Store Your Furniture in A Self Storage Unit

Are you doing it right when you store your furniture inside your garage or attic? Be completely honest with yourself. Whenever we’re storing furniture, we usually do it in a rush, which means that their safety is very much compromised. When you keep stuff, you need to take extra precautions to guarantee that it will be secured.

Whether you’re storing the couch for a week to make space for the Christmas tree or keeping the crib for the next 18 years, you need to follow strict protocols. You want to protect your furniture from wear and tear and, at the same time, make sure that they stay in peak condition. They must come out of retirement in tiptop shape for them to still be useful.

Rent An Adequate Sized Storage Unit

When you’re thinking of storing furniture, the size of the storage unit is important. You need to rent a storage unit that can fit all of your furniture. Cramming everything will compromise your items. On the other hand, leasing a unit that’s too big would mean you’re spending too much money. Create a list of your items and consult with the site manager on your space requirements.

For instance, Henfield Storage has storage units in London and Brighton as 10×10 sq ft to as big as 200×200 sq ft. Whatever you need, we have the storage unit just for you.

Are you new to self storage? Here are the Top 11 Things To Know Before Renting a Storage Unit.

Clean Everything Before Storing

This tip doesn’t just cover furniture. You need to thoroughly clean all of your items before you store them inside your storage unit. This will decrease the likelihood of mould growth, musty smells, and dust buildup. Use mild soap and water to protect your furniture’s paint and finish. Don’t forget to dry everything before you load them inside the van. For instance, if your table has any metal parts, use a polishing cloth and metal cleaner to avoid rust and tarnish. If you have a tiled table, you won’t need to worry about it getting tarnished by rust, but you’d still need to clean the table and let it dry for a bit.

Cleaning your furniture will also allow you to inspect your furniture for any potential problems that might arise, i.e. wood mites or rusty parts.

Disassemble Your Furniture

Before moving your furniture to your storage unit, disassemble every part. This will make moving and storing so much easier. A disassembled desk, for example, will take less space than a built desk. Disassembly also guards your items against scratches or, worse, getting broken. This will also protect them from any damages.

Put Small Pieces In A Bag

When you take furniture apart, you’ll be left with screws, Allen wrenches, bolts, and other small items. You want to put all of them in a bag and taped alongside their respective furniture so you can assemble them quickly. Trust me. Your future self will thank you for this step.

Wrap Furniture

Go the extra mile and cover all of your furniture, including the floor. Laying down some thick plastic sheeting on the floor will decrease the moisture inside your unit. A damp storage unit is bad for your furniture. Wooden furniture will rot, and metal furniture will rust. 

Use old sheets, drop cloths, and newspaper. This will protect them from scratches. If you’re going to use plastic and bubble wrap, make sure that there’s space to breathe. If you wrap too tightly, condensation will form and cause your furniture to swell. 

Double Protect Glass Furniture

Storing glass pieces is tricky. They’re undeniably fragile, and a small bump could turn your glass tabletop into a thousand pieces. It would be best to take extra precautions like packing them in bubble wrap and stuffing the corners with a cloth or any other soft material. You also don’t want to store them upright. Gravity will not be your friend. 

Box Your Furniture

If it’s possible, store your furniture inside its original box. Cardboard boxes will offer an extra layer of protection. If you can’t find the original box, you can purchase moving boxes. NEVER use recycled boxes unless you’re assured of their quality.

Don’t Store Flammable Material

Your site manager will tell you this, but it needs to be repeated. Flammable material is prohibited inside your unit. Leaving any explosives, fireworks, or gas could not only harm your storage unit but the entire storage facility. Always follow the rules of the storage company, so you don’t get into trouble.

There are many reasons why someone would rent a storage unit — sometimes it’s for a temporary thing like moving to a new house, or it’s for the long term like downsizing to a smaller flat. The important thing is that you store your items responsibly so that everything you keep stays the same way you left them.

Henfield Storage offers clean, dry, and spacious storage units where you can store your furniture and other personal belongings until you need them again. Give us a call at 020 8015 1425 to get a quote!

Peter Worrall

By Peter Worrall

Peter's experience of the storage industry is second to none. He is an experienced branch manager and runs his site brilliantly; if you’ve got a question, Peter is the man to ask! Away from the office he's a dedicated family man; his hands are always full raising his kids, but he still finds time to follow his favourite football team.

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