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How To Secure Your Storage Unit

A storage unit is where you store items that you don’t need on a daily basis but still hold a certain level of importance that you can’t chuck them in the bin. There are many discussions about what features a storage unit must have, but everyone agrees that it must be safe and secure.

There is a level of trust involved when tenants rent a self storage unit in London. The underlying assumption is that your items are safe in the hands of the storage company. Tenants expect that all of their belongings will stay precisely the same way they left them.

Whether you’re looking for short- or long-term storage, you want to entrust your possessions with a trustworthy storage company. This article will have two important sections: choosing a safe storage company and securing your storage unit.

how to choose a safe storage company

When you’re in the market looking for a storage company, here are some factors that you need to consider.

storage units must have an alarm system

An alarm system is essential as it will alert security if others try getting into your unit. Look for a storage company that has an alarm system or will allow you to set up your own alarm system. There are several systems that you can look for, like a door alarm or a real-time alarm.

Thick, Strong Walls

The best defense a storage company can offer is thick, strong walls. This is an essential requirement for storage facilities. When you do an ocular, make sure that your storage unit is protected by concrete walls that will keep your items safe. Thick walls will also keep vermin away, so you won’t have to get rid of rats and mice because they won’t be able to chew and claw their way inside.

Fire Alarms

fire alarm

The worst thing that can happen to your belongings is to be burned to a crisp. You want a storage unit that could alert you and the site managers of any mishaps before it gets worse.

Electric Fence & Gate

A high-quality electric fence and gate is the first line of defense for your storage unit. A storage facility must be protected by it. Barbed wires are also a plus!

Patrolling Guards

You want highly-trained security guards on the clock as much as possible. This will deter any intruders from attempting to break in.

24/7 CCTV Monitoring

Even with all of these safety precautions, you still want 24/7 CCTV monitoring to ensure that your unit is protected. Some storage facilities already come with surveillance systems in the hallways, but you can take the next step further and install one inside your storage unit.

Gut Feeling

When you do a site visit, get a feel of your storage facility and its employees. Do you feel good with them? Are you comfortable handing off your items to them? Your gut feeling will tell you a lot. After all, you don’t want to have any sleepless nights thinking about your storage unit.

Henfield Storage is one of the most secure self-storage facilities in the country. You can check out our security details here.

How to Secure Your Storage Unit

Now that you’ve chosen a trustworthy storage company, here are some steps you can take to secure your storage unit further.

Document Everything

One of the most important things you need to do before storing items inside your storage unit is to document everything. Create an inventory of all the items. It would also be good to take pictures of their current status before moving them into storage. This way, you can track which items get broken during transit.

Follow Storage Regulations On What You Can And Can’t Store

Storage facilities have rules in place for a reason. Talk to the site manager before you start packing your items. They will provide you with a list of prohibited items that you can’t store in your unit under any circumstances. Some commonly banned items include:

  • People (you can’t live inside your storage unit)
  • Perishables (they spoil and will attract vermin!)
  • Living plants (the soil will also attract vermin)
  • Flammable material (kind of a given)
  • Explosives
  • Guns
  • Ammunition
  • Hazardous Waste

It also goes without saying that you are not allowed to store contraband and stolen goods.

Industrial Strength Lock

Invest in a thick, industrial-strength lock. Despite all of the security precautions your storage facility takes, your lock is your last line of defense. Buying a flimsy lock that would break with little to no effort will compromise your storage unit’s security.

Don’t Share Your Key With Anyone

Now that you’ve put a strong lock in place, you need to ensure that only you have the key. Even your storage company shouldn’t have a copy of your key. Just as you would with your house keys, you only give your storage unit’s key to people you trust. 

Storage Insurance

It is essential that you get insurance for your storage unit. Be completely honest with the total value of your items to guarantee that you’re adequately covered, just in case something tragic happens. You can read more about Storage Insurance Cover here.

Henfield Storage has been in the storage business for 40 years. Over the course of these long years, we’ve learned how to keep our storage facilities safe and secure. We make sure that we protect all of our branches with the best security measures in the market.

Are you looking for secure storage? Get a quote now to see your options.

Peter Worrall

By Peter Worrall

Peter's experience of the storage industry is second to none. He is an experienced branch manager and runs his site brilliantly; if you’ve got a question, Peter is the man to ask! Away from the office he's a dedicated family man; his hands are always full raising his kids, but he still finds time to follow his favourite football team.

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