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Why Rent A Storage Unit in Cricklewood?

Cricklewood continues to be one of the most sought-after places to live in London. The district has superb properties, excellent transport links, and a great sense of community. The area also has several amenities that make life easy and convenient. Amenities such as self-storage facilities are also popping off in the district. With space getting more limited, not just in Cricklewood, but also in the whole city of London itself, the demand for self-storage facilities increases every year.

There is a reason why many people seek to rent self-storage solutions in Cricklewood. If you are looking for a reason why you should rent a storage unit in the area, the reasons we listed below may convince you.

Increasing Property Prices

It is no secret that the costs of properties in London are getting higher every year. In Cricklewood, however, the demand for houses and properties may even go higher. The district is currently undergoing a major regeneration programme. The regeneration, which includes the construction of thousands of homes and the Brent Cross Shopping Centre’s expansion, has attracted several homeowners and investors.

With Cricklewood getting more popular than ever, the properties’ values are likely to increase as a direct result. As demand for properties gets higher, the need for self-storage facilities also increases. Renting a self-storage facility, therefore, is a good alternative to buying or renting a bigger property.

Space is Getting More Limited

In a busy city like London, having a lot of space inside your home is a luxury. As large properties become too expensive, many homeowners in Cricklewood choose to downsize. Many people also have the problem of items overcrowding their homes. Both scenarios require homeowners to get rid of their belongings and keep only the essential ones. 

Throwing away your valuable items may not be a good decision as it can be a huge waste of money. The obvious solution to this is to rent a self-storage unit in Cricklewood. Storage units will allow you to increase your storage space significantly. Having more storage space makes decluttering your home easier. You no longer have to throw away your valuable items. You can store your items in storage facilities in London. They’re perfect for storing things while on the move, and they’ll be there when you need them again!

Facilitating a Home Renovation

Another plausible reason that may make storage facilities extra valuable is if you are planning a home renovation. Home renovation is a big project, and it may take months to finish. Whether you are renovating the whole house or just fixing a part of it, you may need to transfer your home belongings elsewhere. Keeping your items inside your house during a renovation may damage them. To ensure that your items are safe and secure, rent a self-storage unit near you.

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Ensuring Protection and Security For Your Items

Sometimes, the most secure place you can keep your items is not your house. Storing them inside a self-storage facility may even be more secure. Self-storage facilities have different levels of security. They have security fences, security alarms, guards, and surveillance cameras that ensure protection for your items. 

Other people, such as family members, can get a hold of your belongings. If you have essential documents or items that you need to keep away from your kids, the wise choice is to store them in a safe or a storage unit. By doing so, you can be confident that you are the only one who can access them. 

If you have unused furniture or appliances inside your house, it is also better to keep them inside a storage facility. Keeping them inside your home may wear them out, especially if the area is humid or damp. Storage units can have temperature control, so storing your furniture and appliances inside the facility may be the better choice.

Providing Storage For Your Car

A lot of properties in Cricklewood include a garage. However, due to limited space, many people convert their garage to a storage place. Consequently, they end up sacrificing their parking space for additional storage. Some people still make it work by using their garage as both a parking area and a storage space. If you have limited space inside your garage, this method may not be advisable as it could cause damage to your car. The best thing to do is to free up space by renting a self-storage facility. By storing your items inside the storage unit, you can give your car or other vehicles the space it deserves.

Other storage facilities also allow car storage. In addition to renting a self-storage facility for your furniture and belongings, you can rent a unit where you can keep your vehicle. This method is especially helpful during the winter, where parking your car in an open area can cause damage to your car. If you are looking for temporary storage for the season, consider renting a storage unit.

The demand for self-storage facilities in Cricklewood gets higher every single day. Most storage facilities are at near full capacity. Henfield Storage in Cricklewood and Staples Corner has storage space available to rent today.

Peter Worrall

By Peter Worrall

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