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Best Places to Visit in Chiswick

Planning on moving to Chiswick? We listed here 5 remarkable places you should check to get the best out of the area!

Chiswick House

One of the best ways to experience the district’s history and culture is by visiting the famous Chiswick House. Built during the 18th century, Chiswick House will amaze you with Italian-inspired architecture. The architect William Kent along with the third Earl of Burlington, Richard Boyle created this famous house. Made to influence the building of Georgian England, Chiswick remains to be one of the notable neo-Palladian villas in England.

You can check and view both the exterior and interior of the house. You can also visit the garden, which spans 65 acres of classical landscapes and green spaces. Considered as the first “natural” garden, the garden is known to be the birth of The English Landscape Movement. The garden complements the beauty of the Chiswick House in the best way.

You can have varying experiences in the garden depending on the season. In summer, you can keep it cool by having a picnic on the lawn. During autumn, their Kitchen Garden offers a variety of fresh produce. This includes soft fruits, gooseberries, and honey. In winter, the season provides a unique vibe to the beauty of the landscape. The cold season enhances the garden’s natural design and impressive art. You can watch the annual show in spring and admire the beautiful Camellia collection.

The Chiswick House and Garden is open from 7 am until dusk. The admission is completely free. Free guided tours are available at 12 pm on Monday and Wednesday, and at 12 pm and 2:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday. You can book a group tour in advance or hire the whole venue for big events like a wedding ceremony or a private party.


You can find the place along Burlington Lane. Note that the opening days may vary especially in these unusual times. They also have a varying programme of events, so be sure to check the Chiswick House and Garden’s website before planning a visit.

Fuller’s Brewery

Chiswick is home to several famous alcoholic attractions in London. One of the most notable spots for booze is Chiswick’s Fuller’s Brewery. Fuller’s Brewery is the largest brewery around London. It is the official home of London Pride Ale. It is also the home of Fuller’s wisteria, the oldest wisteria in Britain.

Since its founding in 1845, the Fuller’s Brewery has looked almost unchanged from the outside. Still, much has changed since 1845 and the brewery adjusted through the years. The company invested in a lot of things including a new pilot brewery. The business continued to grow as they adapt to the evolving brewery technology.

Despite the changes over the years, The Fuller’s Brewery remains to be one of the best producers of beer worldwide. Many alcohol-lovers seek this place to find out how some of London’s best-known beers are made. Its location on the banks of the River Thames also provides a one-of-a-kind experience.

Many dedicated hop-lovers go to the brewery, but even novices can enjoy visiting the place. Newcomers can explore the Griffin Brewery by joining the Brewery Tours. Joining the tours show you the behind-the-scenes of the world-renowned brewery. The guides of the tours will answer all your questions about the brewery and beer-making. There are also tasting sessions that will allow you to taste the world-class beers they make.

You can book the tours in advance. The regular tasting hours only allow a group of 15 people. Bigger and private groups can still make bookings though. The tasting tour costs only £20. This already includes the booking fee. Both tours are subject to availability. To know more details, visit the Brewery Tours section of Fuller’s Brewery’s webpage.

Chiswick High Road

Chiswick High Road is the perfect example of Chiswick’s balance of city and village vibes. Extending up to 0.21 acres, Chiswick High Road runs through the centre of the area’s residential sprawl. The site combines fancy pubs, restaurants, and shops with the leafy green spaces. On a perfect day, you can feel the European vibe with the tables and chairs running over the pavement. 


Chiswick High Road is a popular site for visitors and residents due to the variety of things it offers. From well-established stores to independent shops, Chiswick provides you with everything you need. Whatever food or drink you are looking for, you will always find something on Chiswick High Road that will please your cravings. Here are some of the notable spots you can find on the High Road:

High Road Brasserie

High Road Brasserie is a European style brasserie with a vintage bar and terrace. The setup of the brasserie is perfect for fancy brunches and intimate dinners. They serve an all-day menu with daily specials such as buttermilk pancakes, Croque monsieur and steaks straight from the grill. Visit High Road Brasserie’s website for their full menu.

Villa di Geggiano

A standout on the Chiswick High Road, Villa di Geggiano is an Italian villa that serves exceptional food. The villa offers Italian specials such as a fresh burrata with a vibrant pesto and semi-dried potatoes. You can also have a squid ink spaghetti and a traditional tiramisu. On top of their first-rate cooking, the restaurant has the best staff who will assist you with pretty much everything.

La Luna Cinema

You can have a unique film-viewing experience at La Luna Cinema. La Luna Cinema is a big screen in the basement of the Brew Cafe. The site allows you to have an intimate cinema experience.Your ticket also comes along with a freshly-baked pizza and wine. You can order from your seat as you watch. Sit back and enjoy the movie as your favourite beer or dessert is delivered straight to you.

For drinks, you can have some fresh juice from the smoothie bar Wild Bunch or a gin and tonic in The Roebuck’s garden. If you are a bookworm, the Foster Books is a must-visit for you. There are plenty more shops you can visit on the road, so make sure to explore the area!

Chiswick Eyot

If you want to go to a spot where you can appreciate the district’s natural sights, visit Chiswick Eyot. Chiswick Eyot is an uninhabited, ship-shaped island just off Chiswick Mall. The island is on the stretch of the Thames known as Corney Reach. Chiswick Eyot is around three acres in size. In 1993, The London Borough of Hounslow declared it a local nature preserve. The Thames 21 and the Old Chiswick Preservation Society are now taking care of this hidden gem.

Chiswick Eyot is a different sight compared to the usual man-made spots in London. This eyot is natural as it gets formed from sediment in the water which accumulates over time. The small river island is home to green spaces like willow trees and different kinds of wildlife including swans.

The island has a fragile ecosystem due to erosion.  Thus, the community exerts constant effort in preserving this natural beauty. To reduce erosion and preserve the eyot, people use branches as defences.  They pollard trees to promote the growth of a dense head of foliage. The branches are then cut and gathered to create the fences. These measures combined with the willow’s branches give a unique look to the area. 

Chiswick Eyot is a perfect place to explore during the summer. The island is accessible only during low tide. Note that the preservation society encourages people to go across only during working days. This is to help protect the eyot’s weak ecosystem.

Some trivia: The Chiswick Eyot is a key point on The Championship Course during the annual Boat Race. It is a race between Oxford and Cambridge which is from Putney to Mortlake.  

Chiswick Pier Trust

Down by the River Thames, you can find one of Chiswick’s best-kept secrets: The Chiswick Pier Trust. The Pier Trust commenced in 1993 to protect and improve the community’s access to the River Thames. The Trust also plays a vital role in educating the public about the ecology and history of the River Thames. Today, it provides recreation to the residents and visitors thanks to its leisure activities and programme of events.

Chiswick Pier Trust’s aims to engage people with the River Thames. They make this possible by organising and hosting different events. The events include regular small events and some major river events. There are also various facilities and trails around the pier you can visit with your family.

Talks by the Thames

If you want to know more about the history of the River Thames, take note of this annual event. Every year, the Chiswick Pier Trust hosts a new season of the Talks by the Thames. In this event, they highlight the history, wildlife, and ecology of the Thames. Some examples of the previous ‘Talks by the Thames’ are the talk about the Capability Brown’s Gardens and London’s Sporting Heritage.

The Boat Race Party

The annual boat race between Oxford and Cambridge is one of the biggest events in the River Thames. The Chiswick Pier is one of the best points in watching this event. They host a party that includes live music, BBQ, Fullers Bar, and a big screen.

Chiswick Pier Nature Walk

Explore the nature part of the river with Zoologist Brenna Boyle from WildCapital. The 6K guided nature walk will allow you to discover fascinating wildlife along the way.

Chiswick Pier Heritage Trail

Explore the area around the river by following the heritage trail. The River Trail starts at The Pier House and ends at William Morris’s House. The trail consists of a set of written clues about the things you can find following the trail.


You can find the Chiswick Pier along with The Pier House in Corney Reach Way. The Pier House entrance is right in front of the riverside piazza. The venue is open from 11 am to 3 pm on weekdays. The opening times may vary, so check the website of Chiswick Pier Trust before planning your visit.


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Different Neighbourhoods in Chiswick

Chiswick is one of the best places to settle in. The whole district provides a relaxing vibe while also giving you the London lifestyle. Here, we listed some of the areas in Chiswick that can be convenient location-wise. We considered different factors including the availability of shops, supermarkets, and other leisure facilities.

Turnham Green

One of the most popular areas residents choose to live in Chiswick is Turnham Green. You can find Turnham Green at the heart of Chiswick. It is not surprising that many want to settle here because of its proximity to the Chiswick High Road. Aside from easy access to famous retailers, living here will allow you to discover interesting independent shops.

Aside from the Chiswick High Road, Turnham Green also includes a good chunk of Bedford Park and Emlyn Gardens. Despite being in a busy area, Turnham Green doesn’t fail to provide a relaxing atmosphere with its cosy green spaces. Right now, the area is popular for young professionals and families who want to be in a safe location.

If you have kids, you do not have to worry about education as schools in this area are good. Chiswick & Bedford Park Preparatory School aims to develop each child’s potential in a safe and secure environment. Other notable schools are the Arts Educational Schools London and Turnham Academy

Aside from education, the transport links are also great. Turnham Green Underground Station provides good access in the area. There are also several London bus services and cabs everywhere. For recreation, you can find plenty of things to do in the area. 

We listed a few below:

Tabard Theatre

Tabard Theatre is a theatre venue that shows various performances all year-round. The theatre is famous for developing and showcasing fresh talent.

W4 Loves Books

If you are a bit of a bookworm, you should go to the W4 Loves Books shop. The shop is an independent bookseller that hosts a diverse range of books and events. You’ll definitely find the perfect book here.

Windfall Natural

If you are looking for a shop for your healthy lifestyle, Windfall Natural is a must-visit. The shop is full of organic foods, remedies and supplements for your goals. You can find the shop at the end of Turnham Green towards Chiswick High Road.

Planning to move to Turnham Green? Rent a self-storage facility to maximize space in your new home! The nearest Henfield Storage facility is only 9 minutes away from the Turnham Green park. First head south on Town Hall Ave then turn right on Heathfield Terrace. Turn left on Sutton Ct Rd. Keep driving straight until you reach the Cedars Rd right ahead of the Chiswick Methodist Church. Turn right onto Cedars Rd/A4.

Continue to follow A4 by keeping right. Remember to follow signs for Heathrow Airport/Staines/Hounslow. When you reach junction 2, exit onto Great West Road/A4 toward Staines/Hounslow. At the next roundabout, take the 2nd exit. 

Keep driving straight on Great West Rd until you reach Berry Chiswick BMW & MINI on the left side of the road. Turn right on Shield Dr then turn left. Stay on Shield Dr until you reach the roundabout. Take the 1st exit. Keep driving straight on Shield Dr until you find the nearest Henfield Storage facility in Chiswick

Thames Village

If you want to settle in a peaceful area in Chiswick, Thames Village is a great choice. You can locate Thames Village near the Huntington Road by the riverside. The street of Thames Village is approximately 378 metres long. The average elevation of the area is around 5.67 metres. You don’t have to worry about ambiguity of names as the name Thames Village is unique in Great Britain.

Next to the River Thames itself, Thames Village provides you with a relaxing atmosphere and beautiful scenery. The area itself is peaceful as it is far from the busy roads of London. Still, some of the major roads such as the Huntington Road and Great Chertsey Road are only within 5 minutes walk.

There are several relevant facilities near the village that are only within 5 to 10 minutes walk. If you want to get active, there are many gyms, clubs, and sports facilities nearby. The nearest one from Thames Village is the Roko Health Club. You can achieve your fitness goals in this club by going to their gym. The club also offers a pool, spa, classes, and salon at an affordable price.

Your kids can join you in Roko as long as they have supervision. If you want them to join classes that host fun physical activities, check The Little Gym. The Little Gym is on the same Sports Ground as Roko. The gym focuses on helping children get active. It offers classes, parties, and camps that can also serve as a bonding experience for you and your kids.

Aside from going to the gym, you can also join different clubs such as the Quintin Boat Club, the Chiswick Rugby Club, or the Richmond Hockey Club. The Thames Village is also close to several useful shops and services. You can find many bars and restaurants near the River Thames and at the famous Grove Park. The nearest station from Thames Village is the Chiswick Overland. The A4/M4 also provides quick and easy routes in and out of London.


If you are planning to settle in Thames Village, it is important to check for near storage facilities. These facilities will help you manage your items once you settle in the area. Luckily the nearest Henfield Storage is only around 10 minutes away! From Thames Village, head toward the Hartington Rd then turn left. Go through 1 roundabout. At the next roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Grove Park Rd. Turn left onto Grove Park Bridge then keep driving straight.

Turn left onto Sutton Ct Rd. Keep moving forward until you reach the Cedars Rd/A4. Turn left and keep following A4 by keeping right. When you drive past the Harvard Hill Recreation Ground, you should arrive at junction 2. Exit onto Great West Road/A4 toward Staines/Hounslow. Once you reach the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Great West Road/A4. 

Once you reach the Berry Chiswick BMW & MINI on the left side of Great West Rd, turn right onto Shield Dr. Turn left then take the 1st exit at the roundabout. Keep driving straight until you find the nearest Henfield Storage facility in Chiswick.

Chiswick Gate

If you want to settle somewhere close to restaurants and famous shops, consider Chiswick Gate. You can find Chiswick Gate on the other side of Burlington Lane right next to Chiswick House. The area comprises 78 luxury apartments and 43 townhouses. There are 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments and also 3-5 bedroom townhouses. The developer of the property is Berkeley Homes.

Chiswick Gate’s location is ideal for people who want to be near fancy shops and restaurants. The residents of the area also enjoy the other amenities of West London such as boutique shops, delicatessens, and coffee bars. 

One famous restaurant within walking distance is The George & Devonshire. The restaurant specializes in good old-fashioned home cooking perfect for intimate dinners. You can also enjoy coffee by the Chiswick House by going to their cafe. The Chiswick House Cafe combines its award-winning architecture with the natural beauty of the garden. This perfect combination gives its customers a one-of-a-kind coffee experience.

If you want to do some extensive retail therapy, you can go to Hammersmith, which is only 1.5 miles away. Here, you can find famous shopping centres such as the Kings Mall Shopping Centre and the Broadway Shopping Centre. If you have the time, Kensington High Street is also easy to access from the Chiswick Gate. Some of the popular shops there are the Kensington Arcade and the Urban Outfitters.

Entertainment is within walking distance from Chiswick Gate. If you love music and theatre, the Grade I Listed Chiswick House is perfect for you. They host various events and concerts that you can enjoy throughout the summer. You can also visit The Tabard which is an independent theatre home to a lively fringe arts scene.

Renting a storage facility for your storage needs is not a problem either. Chiswick Gate is roughly 10 minutes away from the nearest Henfield Storage facility. From the Chiswick Gate, exit toward the Hogarth Ln/A4. Turn left onto Hogarth Ln where will drive past Hogarth’s House. Keep moving forward and keep right to continue on M4. Follow signs for Heathrow Airport/Staines/Hounslow.

When you reach junction 2, exit onto Great West Rd/A4 toward Staines/Hounslow. At the next roundabout, take the 2nd exit. Keep driving straight on Great West Rd until you reach Berry Chiswick BMW & MINI on the left side of the road. Turn right on Shield Dr then turn left. Stay on Shield Dr until you reach the roundabout. Take the 1st exit. Keep driving straight on Shield Dr until you find the nearest Henfield Storage facility in Chiswick.

Staveley Gardens

Another great choice if you want to be near local amenities is the area including but now limited to Staveley Garden. Staveley Gardens lies to the northwest. The area is close to several clubs and leisure facilities. It is also near the Great Chertsey Road which provides easy access to the other parts of Chiswick. The road also provides good road access into central London.

There are a variety of clubs that are within walking distance from Staveley Gardens. The area borders the King’s House Sports Ground which houses the Chiswick Cricket Club. You can find the Virgin Active on the southern end of Staveley Gardens. The facility provides different facilities from a gym to a tennis court and a pool. A few steps will take you to the Masonian Sport Ground. On the other side of the street, you can find the Chiswick Rugby Football Club.

The area is also close to a part of the River Thames open for various recreational activities. Along The Promenade by the riverside, you can go on a picnic with your family. You can also go to Duke Meadows Park. The park contains a beautiful water play area and adventure playground. Here, you can do various activities like flying a kite, walking your dog, or even playing sports like football.

If you are planning to settle in this place, avoid any storage space problem by renting a self-storage facility. Staveley Gardens is only around 10 minutes away from the nearest Henfield Storage facility. From Staveley Gardens, turn left onto Riverside Dr. Continue onto Staveley Rd then turn left on Burlington Ln. Turn right onto Staveley Rd. Keep moving forward then turn right when you reach the Sutton Ct Rd.

A few meters after you pass the Elegant Gardens, turn left onto Cedars Rd/A4. Continue to follow A4 by keeping right. Remember to follow signs for Heathrow Airport/Staines/Hounslow. When you reach junction 2, exit onto Great West Road/A4 toward Staines/Hounslow. At the next roundabout, take the 2nd exit. 

Keep driving straight on Great West Rd until you reach Berry Chiswick BMW & MINI on the left side of the road. Turn right on Shield Dr then turn left. Stay on Shield Dr until you reach the roundabout. Take the 1st exit. Keep driving straight on Shield Dr until you find the nearest Henfield Storage facility in Chiswick.

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Chiswick Village

Chiswick Village is another popular residential area close to several local amenities. The area has everything you need from popular hubs, shops, cafes, schools, and green spaces. Chiswick Village is within 0.3 miles from Gunnersbury Station, 0.5 miles from Kew Bridge Station, and 0.6 miles from Chiswick Station. Going in and out of the town from Chiswick Village is also easy due to its proximity to M4/A4. Thus, the area is perfect for the daily commuter.

A short stroll around Chiswick Village will take you to a variety of local amenities. If you want to buy groceries, you can go to the Thames Road which is only 0.1 miles away from the village. You can find the grocery stores ST Food and Wine and Harding in the area. You can also go to the Chiswick High Road and look for Dr Hugo Strange or Lunch Box.

For recreation, some notable restaurants near the area are the Annie’s Restaurant and The Coffee Traveller. You can find both restaurants on the Thames Road. If you want some booze, you can go to The Pilot which is on the Wellesley Road or The Bell and Crown on the Thames Road. Of course, you can always go to the Chiswick Road which has everything you need.

[Map Embed]

If you are moving to Chiswick Village, do not forget to rent a storage facility for your storage needs. In roughly 10 minutes, you can already access the nearest Henfield Storage facility from the village. From the street of Chiswick Village, turn right onto Brooks Rd. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Wellesley Road/A3000. On the first intersection right after Chiswick Antiques Vintage Etc, turn left. Stay on Oxford Rd then turn left onto Chiswick High Rd/A315.

At the roundabout, take the 4th exit then stay on Great West Road/A4. Keep driving straight until you reach the next roundabout. Take the 2nd exit and stay on great West Road/A4. Keep driving straight on Great West Rd until you reach Berry Chiswick BMW & MINI on the left side of the road. Turn right on Shield Dr then turn left. Stay on Shield Dr until you reach the roundabout. Take the 1st exit. Keep driving straight on Shield Dr until you find the nearest Henfield Storage facility in Chiswick.


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