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Horsham Park

Horsham Park is an eco-friendly space located in Horsham RH12 2DW, United Kingdom. You can visit this park day or night as the park is open 24 hours. Located near the park is The Capitol which is a movie theatre known to house blockbuster films and live stage productions.

The Park House Garden

Just a few steps within the park, you can find The Park House Garden. This peaceful, landscaped garden is a great location to stimulate the primary senses. You can leave your child or dog to play here as this part of the park is pretty spacious. This location is a popular venue for local events and parties. 

Horsham Park Gym

The park is also perfect for people who want to exercise in a fresh and clean environment. The park has two outdoor gym areas that host a wide range of physical activities. The first gym can be found near the maze. It is a gym that mostly caters for beginners. Here, you can find a cardio range cross trainer, recumbent bikes, and spinning bikes, and many more.

The second site is located at the Pavilions in the Park Leisure Centre. This gym caters to more advanced users and features Calisthenics tools like sit-up benches and monkey bars. Both are commonly used for improving upper body strength.

Aside from the newly installed workout equipment, the park is also offering a free 5K park run at 3:00 pm, every Saturday. For more details about the courses offered, click here.

Horsham Park Tennis Court

You can also find tennis courts located on the grounds of Horsham Park. Whether you are looking for a friendly game or a competitive match, you can play at these tennis courts by renting one for £6.25 per hour. Alternatively, you may become a member by paying the membership fee of £47.50 a year. 

Horsham Park’s tennis court also regularly offers friendly and competitive single tournaments. If you would like to play more single matches or are looking for new people to play with, you may want to join the Horsham Tennis League.

Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens

Leonardslee is an English country house with a landscaped garden in Lower Beeding in Horsham. Known as “The Finest Woodland Gardens in England”, this place is known for its outstanding scenery of beautiful flowers and peaceful atmosphere.

The Grade I listed park is home to a wide range of distinguished flowers such as azaleas and bluebells. It is considered best to visit the park in May—the peak of the flowers’ blooming season. Aside from its beautiful flowers, it has a 19th-century Italianate style house and lodge which adds a distinct beauty to the place.

Leonardslee’s natural beauty makes it a perfect backdrop to many events. Thus, several annual events are held here. Standing over 240 acres of land, the place is home to many species like wallaby and deer. Visitors can do a variety of activities in this place. Eating in this place can be a special experience as you can do it via picnic-style or through exquisite fine dining.

If you are into wine, Leonardslee has a vineyard where you can enjoy an exquisite wine tasting experience. You may even opt for the Ultimate Leonardslee Experience, a comprehensive and stimulating activity priced at £140. The full-day package includes a full, informative tour of the estate, afternoon tea prepared by Michelin star Chef Jean Delport and his team, and a tasting of Leonardslee’s five estate wines, among many other things.

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Horsham Museum & Art Gallery

Another tourist spot worth visiting in Horsham within West Sussex is the Horsham Museum. The museum was founded in August 1893. It was run by volunteers of the Free Christian Church or the Horsham Unitarian Church until 1974 when the responsibility was thrust upon the Horsham District Council.

This accredited museum, which serves both the town of Horsham and its district, now runs with the help of the Friends of Horsham Museum together with an active volunteer base. It was previously located in the basement of Park House on North Street until it was transferred to Causeway House in 1941.

The museum now occupies the entirety of the Causeway House site. It is currently home to several collections and an archive which holds the Albery collection and other documents from the town’s manuscript collections. 

It also houses The Curator’s Library and a renowned museum garden which started as a restoration project run by the Horsham Museum Society or the  Friends of Horsham Museum. In addition to the efforts of the people behind it, the garden became renowned due to the Bloom Floral Display competition.

Bowling Clubs in Horsham

Bowling is a popular activity in the town of Horsham. The two most popular bowling clubs here are Horsham Bowling Club and Horsham Park Bowls Club. The Horsham Bowling Club is located near the town centre at Pondtail Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 5EZ. The Horsham Park Bowls Club, on the other hand, is situated in the previously mentioned Horsham Park.

The Horsham Bowling Club has been in the town for more than a hundred years. Since its establishment in 1906, the Horsham Bowling club has been known as a place that is friendly to bowlers of all standards.

Its modern clubhouse boasts its private bar that serves drinks and delicious food to its members at club prices. The club also has spacious private parking and state-of-the-art bowling lanes. The club is always keen to meet prospective new members and is open to bowlers of different skill levels. 

On the other hand, Horsham Park Bowls Club was established in May 1968. It is currently home to a tight-knit network of 35 playing members and over 20 associates. The club now holds friendly matches against 40 different clubs. They also take part in league matches, including The Border League, the Mid-Sussex League, and the Nellie Mercer League.


Huxleys Birds Of Prey Centre And Gardens

The centre was founded in 1993 by Julian Ford. It is located at Hilliers Garden Centre, Brighton Rd, Horsham RH13 6QA, United Kingdom.

Founded by a renowned breeder of birds of prey who has a strong background in estate management, Huxleys Birds Of Prey Centre And Gardens has been posed to become a leader in the bird sight-seeing world from the get-go. Therefore, it is not a surprise that decades later, the centre is thriving and still at its peak. 

Currently, the centre is a lovely home to more than 80 birds of prey. It is worth pointing out that other bird breeds, including the kookaburra and the raven, are available on display. You can also check out more than 20 falcons, 30 owls, a bateleur eagle, a Verreaux eagle owl, a spectacled owl, and Russian steppe eagles at the Huxley.

The Huxley is open five days a week for most of the year. According to the bird centre’s official site, this is the mandated schedule from the start of easter. It then closes around mid-October. 

On Wednesdays to Saturdays and bank holidays, the centre is open from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm, while it is open from 11:00 am until 4:30 pm on Sundays. During the winter season, the centre is only open on Sundays from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The price of General Admission is as follows. Adults need to pay a fee of £6.00. The fee for kids on the other hand is £4.50. Meanwhile, seniors will have to pay £5.00. The bird centre also offers a family ticket package, which should be consumed by two adults and two children. The general admission fee for such is £18.00.

To get to the Huxleys Birds of Prey and Centre from the Horsham town centre, you will need to head northeast on Copnall Way toward Albion Way/A281. Then, turn right onto Park Way/A281. Continue to follow A281. The destination will be on the right.

With all the sites and landmarks, visitors have a lot to explore. When you are ready to settle down, figure out which neighbourhood best suits you. Here are five ideal places to live in Horsham


This area is located within the Horsham District in West Sussex, which is in the South East of England region of the UK. It is the home to Littlehaven Lane, a street that stretches to about 312 metres. This street is also the only street throughout the UK with its given name, making it unique and one-of-a-kind.

Its distance from the centre of London is 30.59 miles South, 16.1 miles South East from the centre of Guildford, 18.85 miles North West from the centre of Brighton, and 19.72 miles North West from the centre of Lewes.

While walking down from Littlehaven, you will notice that it looks like a small village swallowed up by Horsham. Arriving at Roffey, you can go down Lambs Farm Road, Willow, Brambles, Copper, Orchard, and many more.

The Local List

Horsham District Council honours historic buildings and considers it an essential part of their heritage. It also helps improve their quality of life. These buildings illustrate both the history and architecture of the town. It reinforces local distinctiveness and promotes a sense of community.

One of the places in the Littlehaven community made it to the local list. It was built in 1700. Located at 72 Littlehaven Lane, Horsham. The features include a weather-boarded timber-framed house. With plain clay tile roof on top and timber casement windows.

Littlehaven is only 4 minutes away from Henfield Storage in Horsham which is located on Nightingale Road. Head west on Littlehaven Lane towards Millthorpe Road. After driving straight for a mile, you will turn left on Rusper Road, where you will see Francis Chappell & Sons Funeral Directors. 

After going straight, you will spot the roundabout and Tesco Esso Express. Take the 3rd exit that takes you to Kings Road. After navigating, turn right at Harwood Road. Turn left to North Street. You will arrive at Nightingale Road where the Henfield Storage in Horsham is located.




According to a local in Holbrook, all the roads’ names in their part of Horsham are named after flowers, birds, and butterflies. It is also believed that before the construction of the infrastructure in the area, the land belonged to a woman who made it a point to keep as many trees in the neighbourhood as possible. It is believed that the roads here were named in memory of her estate.

Holbrook is one of the cleanest, least polluted areas in Horsham, thanks to the majestic old trees that line its streets. This, in effect, has also led to Holbrook’s reputation as one of Horsham’s cleanest neighbourhoods. Aside from trees, the streets of Holbrook are also lined with beautiful gardens and elegant homes.

Holbrook is home to Max’s Diner, the only restaurant on Old Holbrook Lane. It serves popular American food that you would usually find in an old-school diner. It is only open from Saturday & Sunday as of now, from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm. They also offer drive-thru services.

The nearest bar & pub establishment in Holbrook is The Owl, which was established 115 years ago. In its early days, the pub was known as The Wheatsheaf, as confirmed by the old photos of the village.

Holdbrook is only 9 minutes away from Henfield Storage in Horsham, which is located on Nightingale Road. The fastest route to the storage facility is via Rusper Road, as it is only 3.1 miles away.

All you have to do is head south on Old Holbrook, where you can spot T Giles Caravans, a retro van dealer. Take Rusper Road and Kings Road to Nightingale Road. Turn left onto A264, where you can spot Trish’s school of motoring. At Rusper Road Roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Rusper Road. Take the 2nd exit and stay on Rusper Road. At the last part of the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Kings Road. Turn right at Harwood Rd/B2195, where you will see The Complete Barbershop. Turn left onto North St/B2195. While navigating the roundabout, take the 3rd exit and stay on North St/B2195 Drive to Nightingale Road 9. Turn left onto Nightingale Rd. Turn left to stay on Nightingale Road.

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Trafalgar is another neighbourhood in Horsham where many locals reside. Most of the street names in the area are connected with the Battle of Trafalgar. These streets include Victory Road, Trafalgar Road, and Nelson’s Mews. 

There are many establishments around Trafalgar, including The Rec, several local restaurants and shops, a Chinese takeaway, and of course, the Holy Trinity Church. These establishments, however, are not as busy as one would expect. However, according to a local, this is due to the distance of the neighbourhood from the town centre and central business district.

The Local List

There are two houses in the neighbourhood of Trafalgar that have made the local list. One of them is at 98 Trafalgar Road. It is a two-storey double-fronted house pitched roof with end chimneys. The home also features timber casement windows and a central porch. It was built around 1900. Historically, it shared a group value with 100 and 102 Trafalgar Road.

The second house that made it to the local list has two detached homes that have two storeys each. Both units have central doorways, pitched roofs, and original chimneys. One is rendered with a projecting porch, while the other is generated with first-floor tile hanging. It was also built around 1900. These are some of the only buildings from this period in west Horsham to exist still.

Trafalgar is only 9 minutes away from Henfield Storage in Horsham, which is located on Nightingale Road. The fastest route to arrive at the storage facility is via Hurst Road.

Head south on Trafalgar Rd. Head toward Swindon Rd where you will see T Cuts, a hairdresser salon. Turn left onto Rushams Rd, where you will spot The Holy Trinity Church. Turn left onto N Parade/B2237. Turn right onto Hurst Rd/B2180. Turn left onto Gladstone Rd. You will find Henfield Storage in Horsham on the corner of Gladstone and Nightingale.


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The Forest Neighbourhood

This community is a group of homeowners that live within or near St. Leonard’s Forest. The area is a dormitory suburb which has few facilities, including a railway station within walking distance. A couple of Tesco Express convenience stores are also present around this area.

The biggest asset is that they have within 200 yards of St Leonard’s Forest is a massive forest tract, covering a surprising amount of the Sussex Weald. Sussex is dubbed as one of the most wooded counties in England, despite the amount of wood that has been cut here for shipbuilding and ironwork.

St. Leonard’s Forest stretches from Horsham all the way to Crawley and is the location of villages such as Colgate and Lower Beeding. The Horsham side of St. Leonard’s Forest is only 13 minutes away from Henfield Storage in Horsham

Take Woodlands Lane and Blackhouse Rd to Forest Rd. Follow Forest Rd and B2195. When you arrive at the roundabout, take the 3rd exit and stay on North St turn left onto Nightingale Rd. You will find your destination at the corner of Nightingale and Gladstone.

North Heath

The North Heath Lane area consists predominantly of semi-detached housing, which is often considered to be an indicator of a specific neighbourhood’s affluence. This part of Horsham is often considered less diverse than the UK average. As a whole, the UK population is approximately 86% white. In contrast, residents of this area are 95% so.

The employment rate in North Heath is in good shape, with a majority of its residents working in retail, and in education as a close second. There is a high employment percentage in the area.

This area has similarities with Trafalgar in such a way that it has a house that is included on the Local List. This consists of the property on Flagstones, North Heath. The property has one and a half storeys. Meanwhile, its best feature is considered to be the brick with decorative tile hanging and tile roof. It also has timber casement windows and a central brick porch. Flagstones are on the 1863 Ordnance Survey map. Despite this, though, signs indicate that the property may be older and even may have been built well before 1863. 

North Heath Lane is only about 4 minutes away from Henfield Storage’s Facility in Horsham. The facility is located on Nightingale Road, making the route through North Heath Lane and Hurst Road the fastest way there.

Head south on North Heath Lane. There, you will spot Shelley’s Budgens & Sub Post Office. Head toward Heath Way. Go through the roundabout and continue straight onto Wimblehurst Road. Turn left onto Richmond Road, turn right to stay on Richmond Road., and then turn left onto Hurst Rd/B2180. Make a left on Gladstone Road and go straight ahead until you find Henfield Storage at the corner of Gladstone and Nightingale.

If you need additional space – Henfield Storage is the way to go. You can get a self-storage unit to accommodate all your extra items! Declutter your house and store anything ranging from bulky furniture, seasonal clothing and even power tools. Henfield Storage’s Horsham facility is in a prime location that is never too far away from your home or your place of business.


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