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Best Places to Visit in Staples Corner

Staples Corner has several attractions that are unique and definitely worth visiting. If you are planning to move to Staples Corner, be sure to check the three areas we listed below!

Royal Air Force Museum

There are numerous museums in London reflecting the city’s rich culture. If you want something new and unique, go visit the Royal Air Force Museum. Royal Air Force Museum is a national museum that shows the influence and impact of the Royal Air Force in the country. The museum includes five buildings and over six hangars with different focuses.

You can find the Royal Air Force Museum on Hendon along Grahame Park Way. The site opened in Hendon in 1972 as a legacy of the RAF’s fiftieth anniversary. Seven years after its opening, the Museum started managing the Cosford Aerospace Museum for the MOD. The collections inside the museum will show you everything about the Royal Air Force, including some history of aviation. By 2018, the museum has amassed a total of about 2 million objects and displays.


The Royal Air Force Museum’s main goal is to share the story of the Royal Air Force using its collections and the stories of its people. Aside from sharing, the museum is committed to engage, inspire, and encourage learning about their stories and collections. They prove their commitment to this vision by being an educational charity that provides opportunities for learning. Whether you want to engage with their displays, take part in discussions, have fun in their playground, or even just rest in their cafe, there will always be an opportunity for you to learn in this museum.

The Royal Air Force Museum is a registered charity displayed over six hangars. Hangar 1 includes two exhibitions: RAF stories and First to the Future. RAF stories exhibition shows the RAF’s first 100 years. Hangar 2 includes the Grahame-White Factory. It shows the earliest days of flight on the site of The London Aerodrome. Hangars 3 and 4 include The Historic Hangars, which focus on the aircraft of the Second World War and the Cold War. Hangar 5 is the Bomber Hall, which focuses on the Battle of Britain. Finally, Hangar 6 is RAF in an Age of Uncertainty. It shows the days of RAF from 1980 to the 21st century.

Stephens House & Gardens

There are several houses & gardens in London that are a magnet to tourists. Stephens House & Gardens near Staples Corner is definitely one that is worth visiting. Stephens House & Gardens includes a Grade II listed building and a garden that provides a mixed landscape of unique arboretum, a rockery, a bog garden, a large park, and wooded areas. You can find it along E End Rd, Finchley.


The house, also known as the Avenue House, is a mid-Victorian mansion surrounded by a beautiful garden. The person who landscaped the area was Robert Marnock. The land where the Avenue House stands was known as Temple Croft Fields in 1243. The Bishop of London originally owned the land itself. After a long history which involves the building being ravaged by fire in 1989, the Avenue House Estate Trust took over the management of the Estate in 2002. The estate then became Stephens House & Gardens in 2014 to better interpret the history of the facility.

The mansion is a perfect location for various events including conferences, exhibitions, weddings, and charity fundraising events. The house also has an attractive backdrop thanks to the beautiful garden and the collection of trees outside. The garden and grounds include the most unique trees in London such as the Common Medlar Mespilus Germanica and Blue Atlas Cedar

The garden, on the other hand, is a green oasis that includes the bog garden and pond. Water Harvesting and Irrigation System was reintroduced in the area to revive the Bog Garden. When you visit the area, you will see beautiful plants as well as a variety of wildlife. Depending on the season and time of the day, you can see specific species in the area such as woodpeckers, tawny owls, stag beetles, and butterflies. The area also has The Bothy Gardens which is a haven of tranquility popular for visitors.

Gladstone Park

London has several amazing parks perfect for recreational activities. One of the best parks near Staples Corner is Gladstone Park. This park is one of the best parks in London as it holds the Green Flag Award, which is the benchmark national standard for parks in the UK. Thanks to its peaceful atmosphere, beautiful trees, and great cafe at the top of the hill, Gladstone Park is a favourite for people who want to spend some time with their families.

Gladstone Park is in the Dollis Hill area of North-West London. You can reach the park by going to the Mulgrave Rd near Cricklewood. The park stands on a hill, allowing great views of the local area and a big portion of London. Gladstone park includes meadows, tree-lined avenues, a walled garden, tennis courts, playgrounds, and even an outdoor gym. You can also relax and unwind by going to Karmarama Cafe at the top of the hill. The cafe serves amazing breakfasts, coffee, baked treats, and cakes that will give you the kind of relaxation you need.

Evolving from the Doll Hills Estate, the area became a public park in 1901. The park became a relaxation area and underwent a refurbishment programme back in 2003 until 2004. The area includes several facilities. If you want to play sports, you can book a pitch for facilities such as football, rugby, and tennis courts. The park also has a walled garden area but keep in mind that the area has dog controls. 

You can also find the Dollis Hill House in Gladstone Park. The house was an early 19th-century farmhouse. Today, the Dollis Hill House is being restored by the Dollis House Trust with the aim of creating a vibrant community, arts, and heritage centre. 

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Different Neighbourhoods in Wimbledon

Staples Corner is surely a busy spot, but many people prefer living around the area because of the convenience it offers. The area is surrounded by different neighbourhoods. You can check these three areas to get an idea of where you want to settle in Staples Corner.


Just 5 minutes from Staples Corner, you can find Cricklewood. Cricklewood is a suburb in North West London. It spans the boundaries of Barnet, Brent, and Cardem and lies in a valley between five hills. Being a developing area with lots of new homes, many people are starting to move and invest in Cricklewood. The neighbourhood has several new properties and a revamped town centre. 

A significant factor for Cricklewood’s progress is its strong community spirit. The community has dedicated itself to improving the neighbourhood. Improving the station, doubling the size of the shopping centre, creation of 7,500 new homes, and improvement of parks are some of the plans and efforts that have taken place for the past few years.

Every corner of Cricklewood has the facilities you need. Cricklewood Broadway has several stores and restaurants that will satisfy your cravings. You can find fast-food chains such as Burger King and McDonald’s, Cafes such as Cafe Margoum and Costa Coffee, and restaurants such as the Elementree Bar & Restaurant. If you want to buy some groceries, you can go to the Acc Polski Supermarket or the Co-op Food Cricklewood along Cricklewood Ln. You can also go to Marks Limited on Manstone Rd or the Wing Yip Superstore on Edgware Rd.


If you want an easy move to Cricklewood, be sure to rent a self-storage facility. There is no need to worry about finding one as the nearest Henfield storage is just 4 minutes away from the area. If you are coming from Cricklewood Ln, head toward Cricklewood Broadway, then turn right. Continue to follow Cricklewood Broadway/A5 for about 1.3 km. You should pass by Dominic Seifert’s Seafood on Kara Way and the European Supermarket London. Turn left when you see the Humber Rd. Turn right after 15 meters. Turning right again should lead you to the nearest Henfield storage in Staples Corner.


Another neighbourhood that is only 5 minutes away from Staples Corner is Neasden. Neasden is a suburb in North West London around the centre of the London Borough of Brent. Neasden is surrounded by Kingsbury, Dollishill, and Willesden. Neasden is close to local attractions such as Wembley Stadium, Gladstone Park, and Welsh Harp.

Neasden’s great stores, restaurants, and facilities make it a great area to settle in. If your priority is safety and health, Neasden is a great choice thanks to its health facilities. You can find the Neasden Medical Centre along Tanfield Ave and the Gladstone Medical Centre along Dollis Hill Ln. The Brent Ambulance Station on Falcon Park Industrial Estate is also close to the area. If you want to go to a park for family recreation, you have two great choices: Gladstone Park and Neasden Park. Both parks include a large recreation ground and a wide children’s playground. Although Gladstone is larger in size,  Neasden Park is also a great park to visit as it is beside the Brent Reservoir.

If you need to go to a grocery store, you have plenty of choices you can choose from in Neasden. Around the Neasden Town Centre, you can choose from the Tesco Express, Bacovia Supermarket, Delight Wedlinka, and Iceland Foods. There is also a variety of restaurants you can choose from such as the Yumchi Neasden, Subway, and Sam’s Chicken.


Make sure to rent a self-storage facility if you are moving to Neasden. The nearest Henfield storage in Staples Corner is just four minutes away from Neasden. If you are coming from the Neasden town centre, head toward Neasden Ln then turn right. Take the 3rd exit onto Dudden Hill Ln/A4088 at the first roundabout, then turn left onto Dollis Hill Ln. 

Drive straight through Dollis Hill Ln and go through two roundabouts. A few meters after the first roundabout, you should pass by the Dollis Hill Lane gate. The second roundabout is a few meters after you pass by Hillhouse Gate. After around 1.4 km, you should reach the last roundabout. Take the 1st exit onto Coles Green Rd, then turn right onto Humber Rd. Take the first left turn, then turn right to reach the Henfield storage on Staples Corner.


If you want to live somewhere a bit far from Staples Corner, consider checking Hendon. Despite being farther compared to Neasden and Cricklewood, access to Staples Corner is still easy and convenient. Hendon is an urban area in the Borough of Barnet. It is a residential district with a lively community situated northwest of Charing Cross and Hampstead. The area became a town after the 1860s and then became a municipal borough in 1932.

Hendon is a large urban area. Consequently, it is a haven of the most popular stores, restaurants, and universities. One hot spot of restaurants and stores in Hendon is the Hendon Central Station. The area is surrounded by popular and unique restaurants such as The Arena Club & Sports Bar, Global Kebab House, and Mama Calabar Nigerian. If you want to go to a supermarket, you can choose from Damian Romanian Supermarket, Tesco Express, and Supersave Food & Wine.

There are also popular pubs and bars all over Hendon such as The Bodhran, The Greyhound Pub, and The Claddagh Ring. You can also go to Hendon Park or Brent Park for recreation. There are also several great schools in Hendon. The biggest and most popular one is Middlesex University. There are also other independent schools such as the Bell Lane Primary School, Hendon Preparatory & Pre-school, and St Mary’s and St John’s CE school.

Renting a self-storage facility is not a problem if you move to Hendon. The nearest Henfield storage in Staples Corner is only about 10 minutes away from Hendon. If you are coming from Hendon Town Hall near Middlesex University, head toward The Burroughs/A504. Drive straight to A504 for 1.40 km. When you reach the Co-Op Food West Hendon, turn left onto W Hendon Broadway/A5.

Drive straight to follow A5 for about 1.85 km. Turn right onto Dollis Hill Ln then drive straight until you reach the roundabout. Take the 3rd exit onto Coles Green Rd. Turn right onto Humber Rd, then turn left. The next turn right should take you to the Henfield storage in Staples Corner.



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