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Best Places to Visit in Wimbledon

Are you planning on moving to Wimbledon? Here are four notable places you should check to get the best out of the area!

The All England Lawn Tennis Club

Wimbledon is most popular for its culture, facilities, and events all about tennis. In fact, Wimbledon is so synonymous with tennis already that The Wimbledon Tennis Championships is usually referred to as “Wimbledon.” The Wimbledon Tennis Championships is the oldest and most famous tennis tournament in the world. The tournament originated in 1877, and the prize money has gone up to as big as £34 million. The tournament usually starts at the end of June and is held on The All England Lawn Tennis Club Ltd along Church Road.


Aside from the tournaments and major events, The All England Lawn Tennis Club also hosts the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. The museum features various exhibits and interactive displays about tennis. The interactive display will allow you to virtually experience the feeling of being involved in the Wimbledon spirit. The museum also houses the trophies for the competitions, tennis fashion and clothes, and equipment from famous players. You can also look behind the scenes of the Championships themselves, so this museum is perfect for tennis enthusiasts.

If the museum is not enough, you can also join the All England Lawn Tennis Club tours. There is a variety of tours available that will take you behind the scenes as well as the most important parts of the grounds. The tour will show you the Centre Court and No. 1 Court, the Aorangi Terrace, the Players’ Entrance, and the different facilities for the stars and the press.

The tour lasts for 90 minutes and is led by designated Blue Badge guides. The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum & Tour is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm. Plan your schedule ahead and pre-book your tour by going to the Wimbledon Museum & Tour website. The ticket price is £25 for adults and £15 for kids. Concession tickets cost £21.

Museum of Wimbledon

If you want to discover more about Wimbledon’s history and culture aside from tennis, The Museum of Wimbledon is the place to go. The museum was established in 1916, while the building itself dates back to 1858. The museum is run by The Wimbledon Society and is staffed by volunteers.

The Museum of Wimbledon is only open on Saturdays and Sundays. Still, visiting the museum is worth it as it will allow you to discover Wimbledon’s colorful past. The museum houses treasured collections that reflect the culture and life in Wimbledon from about 500,000 years ago up to the present. The museum’s collections include everything from art, photographs, books, maps, manuscripts, and many more. 

The displays in the museum include watercolor paintings by local artists, numerous photos, historical prints and maps, and a fairly large library that manifests the district’s history. You can also buy some books about Wimbledon’s history by going to the shop section of The Wimbledon Society’s website.  Aside from books, the museum also showcases Wimbledon’s history through its archaeological and natural history artifacts, which date back up to 3,000 years ago.


The Museum of Wimbledon is free for anyone to visit. Just make sure to check their website as there are times when they are closed for refurbishment. You can find the museum at 22 Ridgway, Wimbledon. Adjacent the museum is the Village Hall Trust Gallery, which is also run by The Wimbledon Society. When you visit the museum, you can drop by the gallery to experience its exhibitions.


Wimbledon and Putney Commons

Wimbledon is also very popular for its green spaces. The village vibe of Wimbledon makes it in demand for people who want a quick escape from the urban setting. The best way to experience the district’s green spaces is to visit Wimbledon and Putney Commons. Wimbledon and Putney Commons is a large open space in Wimbledon, which comprises three main areas: Wimbledon Common, Putney Heath, and Putney Lower Common. All three areas amount to a total of 460 hectares.

Wimbledon and Putney Commons itself has a rich history dating back to as early as the Paleolithic Period. The place was originally known as Caesar’s Camp due to its Roman past. Eventually, it got its name “commons” due to the fact that the land was owned by the Lord of Manor. The tenants of the land were known as commoners. The commoners were then given rights to harvest timber and raise their animals.

Today, the Wimbledon and Putney Commons is popular for people who want to relax and unwind. Designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Area of Conservation, the open space is a haven for wildlife. Visitors will have a variety of activities to do here. The green space is a perfect place for your family to have a picnic or a stroll. If you wanna get active, running, cycling, sports, and even horse riding are some of the things you can do here.

The Wimbledon and Putney Commons also have several facilities. It has The Wimbledon Common Golf Course, which is the second oldest continuously played golf course in England and Wales. While you’re at Wimbledon Common, don’t forget to visit its most iconic feature: The Windmill. was built in 1817. Although the windmill is already old, people give consistent effort and funding aimed to preserve this cultural heritage. 

The Windmill is being run and preserved by Wimbledon volunteers. These volunteers also run the Windmill Museum. You can go to the Windmill Museum to discover models of different types of windmills, machinery, and the history of the windmill itself. The museum also features a display about Scouting history and a demonstration of how flour is sifted and measured using the museum’s measuring machine.

For more information about The Windmill, visit its own website. On the other hand, you can find Wimbledon Common itself along Windmill Rd.


Wat Buddhapadipa

Wanna visit something unique in Wimbledon? Go to Calonne Road and visit Wat Buddhapadipa! This place is a unique local attraction in Wimbledon as it is the first Buddhist temple to be built in the United Kingdom. In fact, many visitors are surprised that there is a Buddhist temple in Wimbledon.

Wat Buddhapadipa, also known as the Buddhapadipa temple, is a Thai-inspired temple home to an authentic Buddhist monastery. The temple serves as a Buddhist training centre in Europe. It is one of the most important centres training prospective Buddhists as far as the Netherlands. The temple is affiliated with the Royal Thai Embassy in London. It has been in Wimbledon since 1976 with the aim to disseminate the teaching of Buddha.

The temple is home to monks and nuns. Still, visitors of any faith are welcome to visit and view the temple as long as they show respect to the temple. The temple looks elegant with its white walls and beautiful red roof decorated with gold detailing. Outside the temple, you can take a stroll around the beautiful grounds. Be mesmerized by its beautiful flower garden, peaceful ornamental lake, and picturesque orchard. You can also see various sculptures and scattered messages of Buddhist wisdom.

Inside the temple, you can see the temple’s extravagant decorations and beautiful murals that reflect Buddhist teachings. The most popular area for photos is the Shrine Hall. Also known as the Uposatha, the Shrine Hall is a sacred site used for important ceremonies.


You can find the Buddhapadipa temple on 14 Calonne Rd, London. The area is a 20-minute walk from Wimbledon Train and Underground Station. The temple is open every day from 10 am to 5:30 pm. However, the main temple is open to the public only on the weekends.

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Different Neighbourhoods in Wimbledon

London is one of the busiest cities in the world, so it is only natural that many people prefer to live in Wimbledon due to its peaceful setting. Deciding where to live in Wimbledon can be difficult as all residential areas of the district can give you the calm atmosphere you are seeking for. Still, every corner of the town has its own character. Check these four areas in Wimbledon to get a clearer picture of where you want to settle in Wimbledon.


If you want to make the most out of the village feel of Wimbledon, try checking Cambium. You can find Cambium in a leafy neighbourhood walking distance from the Wimbledon Common and Putney Station. On Google Maps, you can find Cambium somewhere along Victoria Dr on Wimbledon’s northern fridge. Cambium is in Southfields and is also walking distance from the All-England Tennis Club.


Cambium is a collection of around 60 townhouses and 60 apartments. Its location was a former school site, and it is near Wimbledon High School. Aside from the peaceful leafy setting, the area is a great place to live in due to the availability of various amenities. There are several groceries and shopping centres walking distance from the area. Along Queen’s Rd, you can find the Centre Court Shopping Centre which includes the supermarket Tesco Metro. If you want somewhere nearer, you can also go to Sainsbury’s along Worple Rd.

If you have kids, schools for different ages are abundant in the area. Along Worple Rd, there is the Wimbledon School of English which is very close to Cambium. There is also the Dee’s Day Nursery along Mansel Rd and the Playdays Nursery on Wimbledon Hill Rd. Security is also good in Cambium; the Wimbledon Police Station is just minutes away from the area.

If you want to move in this area, don’t forget to rent a self-storage facility. Self-storage solutions will allow you to have a convenient move when you relocate to Cambium. The Henfield storage in Wimbledon is just 9 minutes away from the area! Along Wimbledon Hill Rd/A219, keep driving straight and continue on The Broadway/A219. Slight right to go to Gladstone Rd then keep moving forward to follow A219. Turn left onto Hartfield Rd/B285 where you can find the Wimbledon Piazza. Keep driving straight.

When you pass the Therapy Beauty Wimbledon Massage, you should reach the Kingston Rd/A238. Turn right, then turn left onto Dorset Rd/B285. Stay on B285 for around 1 km, then turn left onto Morden Rd. Turn right onto Jubilee Way. You should go through a roundabout where you should take the 1st exit onto Windsor Ave. Drive straight until you reach the Lyndon – Printer & Coper Repairs. Turn right then go straight for 142 meters until you reach the Henfield storage facility.

Wimbledon Hill Park

On the other side of Wimbledon, you can choose to live in the extravagant Wimbledon Hill Park. Wimbledon Hill Park is one of the most affluent and beautifully crafted locations in South West London. Specifically, you can find the place in the conservation area along Corpse Hill. The location of Wimbledon is convenient if you want to travel into Central London. For public transport, the area is very close to the A3 which offers access to London Heathrow and other nearby destinations.

Wimbledon Hill Park is perfect if you want to live in an exclusive and superior setting that offers elegant living. The development of apartments in Wimbledon Hill Park has been a long ongoing project by Berkeley. The project involves the redevelopment of Atkinson Morley, which was a former hospital in Wimbledon. The hospital was closed in 2003, and the vacant site was acquired by Berkeley Homes in 2010. The Mansions is the final phase of homes for this big project.

Wimbledon Hill Park’s convenient location provides a perfect balance of everything. If you want to go to another park for recreation, Morley Park is only steps away from the area. You can also do sports and join clubs such as the Wimbledon Rugby Football Club and the Westside Tennis Club. Minutes away from the area, you can reach a hot spot of restaurants along B281 and A238. Some of the notable restaurants there are the Hatay Restaurant and the Kapak Turkish Restaurant. There is also a supermarket nearby in Sainsbury’s Local along Worple Rd.

Finding self-storage solutions in the area is also not a problem. Wimbledon Hill Park is only 15 minutes away from the nearest Henfield storage in Wimbledon. From the Wimbledon Hill Park, turn right onto Corpse Hill. Continue straight onto Corpse Hill then onto Ridgway as pass through two roundabouts. Drive straight onto Ridgway for 1.20 km until you reach the roundabout marked by the Tesco Express.

Take the 3rd exit onto Wimbledon Hill Rd/A219 then continue to follow A219. Keep right to continue on The Broadway/A219 then drive straight onto A219 for about 1.6 km. When you pass by the Polka Theatre, merge onto Morden Rd/A24 then drive straight. Turn left onto Jubilee Way then take the 1st exit at the roundabout. Continue onto Windsor Ave until you reach the Lyndon – Printer & Coper Repairs. Turn right then go straight for 142 meters until you find the Henfield storage facility.

Wimbledon Chase

Wimbledon is a quiet area already, but if you still want to live somewhere far from the busy areas of Wimbledon, consider checking Wimbledon Chase. Although farther from the town centre, Wimbledon Chase still has everything you need to live a convenient life. From parks, grocery stores, local schools, and public transport, Wimbledon Chase still has it all so it is still definitely worth it to settle in this area.

If you have children who needs to go to school, Wimbledon Chase gives you a wide range of schools to choose from. Just choose from Wimbledon Chase Primary School, Joseph Hood Primary School, Rutlish School, or Wimbledon College of Arts if your child is already in college. Shopping is also not a problem as there is a local Tesco Express in the area. Another option is to go to Sainsbury’s Local along Martin Way. For recreation, you can go to Joseph Hood Recreation Ground with your family or join clubs such as the Southey Bowling Club.

Wimbledon Chase is also close to different facilities such as health centres and self-storage facilities. The nearest health centre is the Nelson Health Centre which is along Kingston Rd. On the other hand, the nearest Henfield storage in Wimbledon is just 10 minutes away from the area. Just head northeast on Kingston Rd/A238 toward Sandringham Ave. Turn right when you reach Moston Rd, turn left onto Sheridan Rd. Turn right onto Dorset Rd/B285, then keep driving straight for around 800 m.

When you see Park Community School, turn left onto Morsen Rd/A24. Drive straight until you reach the Jubilee Way. Turn left onto Jubilee Way then take the 1st exit at the roundabout. Continue onto Windsor Ave until you reach the Lyndon – Printer & Coper Repairs. Turn right then go straight for 142 meters until you find the Henfield storage facility.

South Wimbledon


South Wimbledon is another option you can check if you want to find the cheapest accommodations in the district. However, the properties are not as modern and fashionable as the mansions and penthouses in the Cambium and other residential areas. The area also slightly feels rougher than the Wimbledon town centre. Still, there is no need to worry as the borough of Merton has one of the lowest crime rates in London. Public transport is also easily accessible in South Wimbledon, so the town centre is still within convenient range from the area.


One good thing about Wimbledon is that every corner of the town has a good balance of stores, schools, restaurants, and other local amenities. This characteristic also holds true for South Wimbledon. There are several shops and grocery stores in the area such as the Tesco Esso Express along Merton Rd and the Sainsbury’s Local on Haydon’s Rd. For recreation, you can go with your family to Haydons Road Recreation Ground. You can also watch some amazing shows in the Polka Theatre and the New Wimbledon Theatre.


South Wimbledon also has its fair share of great local schools. You have a wide range of schools to choose from such as the Harris Academy Wimbledon and the Merton Abbey Primary School along High Path, the Pelham Primary School along Southey Rd, and the Eveline Day Nursery along the Old Church. The area is also close to several amenities useful for emergencies such as the Wimbledon Fire Station, Wimbledon Medical Practice, and the Wimbledon Police Station.


One of the best things about South Wimbledon is its proximity to the best self-storage in town. The nearest Henfield storage in Wimbledon is just within a kilometer from the area! If you are coming from the intersection of Meron Rd/A219 and Kingston Rd/A238, head south and follow A219 where you should pass by the Nelson Gardens. Merge onto Morden Rd/A24. Turn left onto Jubilee Way then take the 1st exit at the roundabout. Continue onto Windsor Ave until you reach the Lyndon – Printer & Coper Repairs. Turn right then go straight for 142 meters until you find the Henfield storage facility.

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