Moving house? In need of a garage to securely store your belongings? Looking for a clean, secure and affordable garage to rent? If you are looking for a garage to rent, you have a number of options available. Most councils offer lockups to rent, at the expense of a painstakingly long waiting list, or to go on a search for a private landlord who offers lock up garages. However, even when finally coming across an available garage that suits your needs, it will often be with metal doors and roofs in industrial or residential areas.

Henfield Storage on the other hand, offer an alternative type of storage unit in Brighton and London. Our units are clean, dry, more secure and are also available on short-term, simple contracts that are flexible to suit you and your needs. With no hidden charges and a price-match guarantee

With houses and apartments becoming smaller, available storage spaces in the home are fast disappearing. This means that there are fewer and fewer places to hide clutter, and without enough storage space, you run into several problems: a cluttered home; broken items; or just a feeling that you don’t quite have enough room. In most homes, clutter is usually relegated to three common places: the basement, attic, or the garage.

However, as more and more UK residents move into the smaller homes, the basement, attic or garage options no longer apply. With this lack of storage space becoming increasingly more common, where does a household hide their clutter? The answer is: self-storage.

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How much Is a garage for rent?

Garage-for-rent is a type of storage unit that can be rented either for parking but more commonly is used as a domestic solution to increase storage space. Equipped with steel doors and solid concrete walls, your valuables should be safe. There are several elements that go into the price, such as the size and duration of time renting it. The following are some of the most common factors that could affect your bill.



Bigger storage brands usually charge a higher rate, however, this doesn’t necessarily translate into a better service. Always check the company’s customer reviews.



The location of your garage unit may determine just how cheap or expensive your rate is. Garage units located in the middle of the city will often cost more compared to a garage for rent in the suburbs.

Length of Stay

Duration of Stay

As with many leasing contracts, the duration of stay can influence the pricing of your unit. 

storage amenities


Garage storage spaces sometimes come with the option of installing amenities, such as climate control or an internet connection.

storage security


At Henfield Storage, we make security a top priority and have some of the best security systems in place. Our stores are fitted with fire and intruder alarms, 24/7 CCTV, as well as secure perimeter fencing.

storage unit size


Garages are sometimes available in a few different sizes but often there’s little choice. If you store with Henfield Storage, we offer a wide range of units from a small locker right up to a space big enough to hold the contents of your house

Alternatives to Garage for Rent

A garage-for-rent might seem to be a convenient solution for your storage needs – whether it is for short or long-term use. Unfortunately, this service can be quite hard to find and even more difficult to arrange. However, we pride ourselves in making the process a smooth and stress-free journey.

Whether it’s to make the process of moving that bit more pain-free, or simply just to kiss the mess goodbye, our click+store service means the entire process can be arranged by one phone call. From the comfort of your home, we can collect and store your items upon request, as well as providing discounts of up to 10% when paying in advance. Talk about no-brainer.

There are alternative solutions that are more convenient and can be booked with ease, such as our self-storage facilities in London and Brighton, container storage and pickup storage. All of these options are units that can be rented for storage space. Depending on your individual needs, it can be as small as a locker or as large as a warehouse. For more information about storage facilities offered by Henfield Storage click here.

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