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So how much does storage cost?

There are many factors that affect the price of a storage unit, including the size, amenities, location, and even the quality of customer service provided. In addition, there will be other costs that you also have to factor in. The monthly rent you pay to the storage company is not the only thing you need to think about.

When people talk about storage facilities, it’s always worth considering just how much you’ll be saving by going for the cheapest option. If the best value storage is at the other side of town there will be additional costs related to travelling, plus your own time, and obviously, you still have to pay for the rent of the storage unit.


Is it really worth the hassle to keep your items at a distant location from you to save a few pounds in rent, when overall, you may not actually be saving anything?

Let us look closer at exactly how much it can cost to rent a storage unit.

Factors that affect self storage prices


The location of your storage facility may determine just how cheap or expensive your unit is. Just like with real estate, the value per square foot of storage unit changes depending on the location. Storage units located in the middle of the city will obviously cost more compared to storage facility sites in the suburbs.

The average prices also depend on the property prices of the location you choose. Obviously, storage units in London will cost more than storage facilities in Bournemouth, Manchester and Southampton.

Normally, when looking for self-storage facilities, most people will just search for “self-storage near me” or “storage units near me”. However, you can opt, of course, to rent a storage unit that’s far from you but is cheaper than the facility nearest to you.

Remember to take into account the money you will save compared to the time/cost involved in travelling to and from your storage unit.

Length of contract

Most storage companies set their prices based on the length of the contract, so expect your cost to increase/reduce based on the duration of the stay in a storage facility. The longer you stay, the higher the chance of storage sites giving you discounts or even some months for free.

To compare prices of the best value storage facilities located near you, click here (populate).

Take away:
  • Only choose a distant option if you’ll be storing items that you will not regularly need to access, then you can benefit from low cost and less travel.
  • Or, consider a compromise and find a middle ground where it’s not too far and yet it’s not too expensive.

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Check this table of the average weekly storage prices across the Uk

Self Storage Prices
Size In the City In the Suburbs
20 sq ft £13 £11.5
25 sq ft £13.5 £12
35 sq ft £17 £19
50 sq ft £27 £25
100 sq ft £50 £40

*Note: The prices displayed are estimates taken from storage facility sites in London. Actual prices may differ

Indoor vs Outdoor

The next decision that you have to make is whether you require an indoor or outdoor storage facility for your items. Of course, both options have pros and cons. Indoor storage facility sites have higher operating costs considering all the extra “facilities” or amenities that they offer. Obviously, this can translate to much higher rental costs.

This does not necessarily mean that you should turn to outdoor facilities immediately. Indoor storage sites provide a lot of benefits that outdoor storage just cannot offer. For example, surveillance systems and climate control are exclusive to indoor storage facilities.

On the other side of the coin, outdoor storage units, while comparably cheaper, also have their shortcomings such as an overly simplistic nature of space to store your items in.

Obviously, a car or a boat will not really require an indoor facility. On the other hand, you will find that wooden furniture and clothes fare better in a storage unit where the harsh weather will not reach them.

  • Indoor facilities protect your items from harsh weather but they can be costly. On the other hand, outdoor facilities, though cheaper, would not be able to provide many amenities that could secure your items better.

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It was wonderful service by your helpful and pleasant staff members. they answered all my questions and concerns, with professionalism and very good knowledge and advice. I was very pleased with the service I received. I would like to point out though, that Henfield's opening times and access to my storage are really not very suitable to me, because they are office hours, and not long enough at the weekends.
10th May 2024

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