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We’re glad you’re thinking of using our free collection service! We’ve just got a few super simple t&c’s we have to run by you, so you know what you’re getting when you come to us. What can we guarantee? Cost-effective, efficient service and helpful staff!

a few things you should know first...

If you want to take advantage of our free collection service, we’ll send one of our uniformed staff (so you recognise them) to your home or workplace, to pick up your goods and bring them to our warehouse. We help you load and unload all under your watchful eye, as your possessions are under your responsibility.

the essentials!

Here are the basic terms and conditions that apply to our collection service. We do need you to agree in order to make your moving process as simple and pain-free as possible! 

They’re summarised for you below and you can find the detailed t&c’s here.

free van hire

Book for a month or more and we offer a free van hire service for a day (worth £49) during the week. Or you can take a larger van and we'll put that £49 towards the total. But the service is only available from our Horsham location at the moment (conditions apply).

list the items

We’re going to need you to list the items and what is being boxed. Anything exceeding £2,000, please make a note of it for us!


Your possessions should be suitably packed and easily accessible when we arrive, preferably on the ground floor please. We'll check this with you when you book.


Our collection services run from Mondays to Fridays, and we give our staff a break on Bank Holidays.


For a normal collection (under 50 sq ft), we send one man and a van. He’ll help you load the van and unload again, giving you an extra pair of hands. We think with a team effort it will be twice as fast!

If you are taking 50-90 sq ft, we’ll need another extra pair of hands, and if it’s 100 sq ft or more, two extra pairs of hands. You can get friends to be the extra pairs of hands or if they’re busy, we can provide extra help. Please call us to get a quote for this.

Yup, that’s right, you’re coming to the storage facility with us! This gives you a chance to put your own padlock on the room, and complete a few bits of paperwork and the storage contract. 

If you’re unsure or unhappy with any of the above, let us know.


Generally speaking, our free collection service is available within 30 miles of each branch. We cover anywhere inside the M25, between London and the south coast. Call us to find out if we can get to you!

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