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The Full Guide to Crate Storage


It’s no secret that there is a storage problem in the country. Houses are being built smaller and smaller as mortgage prices and rent shoot up. Many are forced to downsize or co-share houses to afford it. Owning a house or a flat for yourself is a luxury. Unfortunately, this leaves a big problem — where does stuff go?

Storage space is a quintessential part of any house. You need to have space for all of your items or else, everything will be in the way. You want a designated area where you can carefully store stuff without them getting damaged.

This is where Henfield Storage comes in. Crate storage is a viable storage solution that can help keep your clutter at bay. We provide high-security, low-cost, crate storage services in London and across the South East of England. 

Benefits of Crate Storage

  • Cheaper than self-storage facilities
  • More savings if you prepay for a long-term contract
  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance
  • All items can be protected by choosing our comprehensive Insurance Policy
  • We take care of all the logistics
  • Unlike self-storage facilities which are basically DIY, at Henfield we’ll collect, store, and when you need them, deliver the items straight to your doorstep. 
  • No need to drive to the storage facility site to collect your items. Henfield will deliver it to you upon request (for a small charge)
  • Because of the breathability of container storage units, there’s no need to worry about humidity and/or moisture
  • Great alternative to garage for rent.
  • Customer-friendly and experienced movers
  • FREE collection Service
  • LOWEST Price Guarantee

What to Store in Crate Storage

Crate storage is the perfect storage solution if you’re storing items for a long, long time, and I’m talking years here. If you’re going to take items out every week, then a storage facility may be a better option for you. Crate storage is more suited for items that you won’t look for in years. Here is a list of items you can store in crate storage. Note that this is just an initial list. Your site manager will still have the last say.

  • Tools & Equipment
  • Photo Albums
  • Baby Clothes
  • Baby Toys
  • Books
  • Documents
  • Spare furniture

How to Rent Crate Storage

Search for container storage using Henfield’s website

    • Browse through the search results

Get A Quote from Henfield 

    • We offer the lowest price guarantee. We will match any comparable local quote.
    • We’ll show you a weekly rental price for your chosen container size. The longer you prepay, the cheaper the rent becomes

Call The Storage Site To Check Availability

    • Or you can give us your number, and we’ll call you!

Reserve for FREE by booking online

    • Fill in the details, i.e., expected date of collection, duration of stay, etc.

Confirm your booking details

How much does it cost?

Contact us to get a FREE quote! We assure you that you’ll get only the best deals from Henfield.

Peter Worrall

By Peter Worrall

Peter's experience of the storage industry is second to none. He is an experienced branch manager and runs his site brilliantly; if you’ve got a question, Peter is the man to ask! Away from the office he's a dedicated family man; his hands are always full raising his kids, but he still finds time to follow his favourite football team.

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