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Factors that Affect Self Storage Prices in London — Why Is My Self Storage Unit So Expensive?

A storage unit is meant to be an affordable storage solution. The main reason why London residents rent a storage unit is that they want to save up on rent. Accommodation in London is expensive. The solution? Downsize to a micro-flat or co-share and rent a storage unit in London for your items.

When you’re in the market and looking for the best storage unit, one of the most significant factors you need to consider is the price. You shouldn’t just go for the cheapest unit and expect quality. Join us, and let’s do a deep dive into what factors affect London’s self-storage prices.

We have dissected the multiple factors that affect self-storage prices to decide for yourself if your storage unit is worth it.


Like real estate, the price of a storage unit is heavily reliant on the location of the storage facility. The closer you get to the centre of London, the steeper the price becomes.

London is already a pricey area so it would be best to choose a storage unit away from the city centre. However, before you get a storage facility outside of The Big Smoke, determine which items you’re going to store. If you don’t need them often, then you can even get a facility outside of London. You may also check out storage options in Brighton which is just close enough to London. However, if you’ll need constant access, then you want somewhere close and convenient for you. 

Area Population

Be wise about where you want to get your storage facility in London. Basic economics states that the price increases when demand increases. Self storage facilities in an in-demand location, specifically the city centre or near residential areas, will be pricier.

Amenities and Features

Storage units come with multiple amenities and features that can enhance both the storage experience and the safety of your items. Some amenities include climate control, shelves, improved lighting, CCTV surveillance, Wi-Fi and collection service

Storage facilities offer additional features to enhance your storage experience and ensure that your items are safe and secure. Customizing your storage units will come at a price, so select a storage facility with the amenities you need.

24/7 access

Residents in London can store even their daily essentials inside a storage unit. This means that they rent storage units close by, even for their clothes and equipment. For this reason, 24/7 access is essential. However, you should know that this will cost you a wee bit more money.

Storage Unit Size

Storage units come in different sizes. You can rent a storage locker to store small items that can’t fit inside your flat, or you can choose to get a warehouse as large as 200 x 200 square feet. 

When deciding on the size of a storage unit, you need to list down all of the items that you want to store. Try to measure the large furnishings as well so you can get a more accurate number. Don’t forget to disassemble furniture. It will save you space and protect your furniture from getting damaged. The size of your storage unit will determine the price. You want to get something that is just the right size — not too big that you’re paying too much money to store air and not too small that it compromises the safety of your items.

Here is a money-saving tip: rent a big storage unit and split the cost with a trusted family member or friend. Renting two 20×20 sq feet storage units is more expensive than a 40×40 sq feet storage unit.

Read how you can get the most out of your storage unit here.


As you’ll be storing your items inside the storage facility, you want to choose a storage company that is safe and secure. Henfield Storage, for instance, has extensive security measures such as intruder alarms, 24/7 CCTV, motion sensors, and thick steel walls.

Moving Costs

man and van

If you need assistance storing your items inside your storage unit, you need to include this in your budget. Many storage companies don’t involve moving costs into the lease, so you need to put aside some money for it. Henfield Storage offers a free collection service, so you don’t have to worry about additional costs.

Length of Stay

The longer your lease, the lower your rent becomes. If you choose to rent a storage unit for six months, the price you have to pay is lower than if you sign a contract for just four weeks. Plan ahead of time and determine just how long you’ll need your storage unit. If you think you’re going to be using it for a long time, talk to the site manager for a long lease. They’ll be more than happy to give you a considerable discount.

Are you looking for affordable yet clean and secure storage units? Look no further! Henfield Storage offers the cheapest storage units in London. In fact, we have a price match guarantee to back up our claim. If you find a comparable local quote that’s lower than ours, then we will match it!

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