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The Royal Pavilion

Brighton Centre

The Brighton Centre is the largest conference and exhibition centre in Southern England. It was built in the Brutalist style with simple lines and textured concrete. While the architects from Russell Diplock & Associates followed the 1900’s trend, it is also a very practical choice as it is near a body of water.

The Brighton Centre can seat up to 5,000 people. It is mostly used for political events, but it is not limited to it. It can also host concerts, theatre shows, weddings, and other major occasions.

The Brighton Centre was a venue for the English pop duo, Wham! It was also the stage for the last concert of Bing Crosby and The Jam.

The reason behind the Brighton Centre’s popularity is access. Whether you are a long-time Brighton resident or not, it isn’t difficult to find. For long-time residents, the centre is walking distance from the Brighton train station. For tourists and visitors, the venue is close to Brighton hotels like the Red Brighton Blue Hotel, Hotel Una, and Artist Residence Brighton.

Brighton Toy And Model Museum

The Brighton Toy and Model Museum was founded by Christopher Littledale, a toy restorer, in 1991. It is in Trafalgar Square, right beside the Brighton train station. To date, the institution is the 5th largest toy museum in the world. There are over 10,000 different toys in the collection, with most of them being older than the museum itself.


The main exhibit features Chris Littledale’s gauge 0 model railway with materials dating from the 1930s. It is a must-see for model and train enthusiasts alike.

Another exciting exhibit is at the museum lobby: the Glamour of Brighton. It features incredible models and scenes of old Brighton. It has the seashore electric railways by Magnus Volk, the Brighton Pavilion, and the Brighton Belle Pullman train, among many other things.

This museum has everything — from motorised toys like the Meccano Ferris wheel and the radio-controlled Spitfire model to traditional like stuffed toys and puppets.

Besides its random collection of old toys, it actively participates in different events as well. It hosts the Brighton Fringe and the Brighton Science Festival annually. It also has special exhibitions commemorating the anniversaries of the 1937 Coronation Scot steam train, the Leeds Model Company, and the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

If you want to check out what the museum has ahead of time, visit the Brighton Toy and Model Index. It has over 9,000 pages worth of information on the toys they have in their collection. If you are ready to visit the Brighton Toy and Model Museum, it is open Tuesdays to Fridays from 10 AM to 5 PM. It opens an hour later on Saturdays. Since it is a private museum, there is an entrance fee. Tickets are £4 for children and students under 20. It is £5.50 for senior citizens and disabled visitors and £6.50 for adults. There are also promotions and packages for large groups.

Brighton Palace Pier 

The Brighton Palace Pier was designed by R. St George Moore, an Irish architect. It was designed with a pleasure pier in mind, capitalising on the seaside views. In 1891, the plan was put to action, and the old Chain Pier was demolished.


Since the pier’s completion in 1899, there have been many new additions. Besides storefronts, they had restaurants, pubs, theatres, a new clock tower and an amusement arcade. The area continued to develop and change according to the taste and preference of the people.

In 1973, a 70-ton barge hit the Brighton Palace Pier during a storm making the theatre unusable for a time. Throughout the 2000s, the pier faced numerous safety challenges due to the wear and tear. The Eclectic Bar Group bought the pier to help preserve its status as a tourist spot in the city.

After major improvements, the Brighton Palace Pier still stands today. Great Britain’s official tourism board, VisitBritain, named it the most visited tourist attraction outside of London, receiving over 5 million visitors a year.

The pier is now 1,722 feet long. It has amusement arcades, restaurants, pubs, and other stores. It also has an indoor, soft play area for young children. 

Since the pier is such a population for locals and visitors alike, many venues offer event packages for weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Do you want to see Brighton’s community up close and personal? There is no better way to do that than visiting the Brighton Palace Pier.

Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion began construction in 1787 as a seaside palace for  George, Prince of Wales. The main living areas were the work of Henry Holland, but the iconic domes and minarets were additions by John Nash. The Royal Pavilion finished in 1823, and by then Prince George has been King George IV for 3 years.

The Royal Pavilion stayed in the royal family until Queen Victoria’s time. Due to space and privacy issues, she decided to leave the Royal Pavilion. Brighton then bought the Royal Pavilion in 1850.



Some of the stables were turned into a concert hall and is now known as the Brighton Dome. But nothing else changed. In the latter half of the 20th century, they restored the Pavilion to its former glory. The Royal Pavilion is now a museum open to the public.

Sea Life Brighton

Not very far from the Brighton Palace Pier is Sea Life Brighton. Sea Life Brighton is the oldest aquarium in the world. It began construction in 1869 and was finished within 3 years. The aquarium currently has around 5,500 sea creatures with over 100 different species.




All Sea Life aquariums follow the “Breed, Rescue, Protect” motto. Besides breeding efforts, Sea Life Brighton has a Big Fish program that educates aquarium owners about ethical purchasing and caring for sea creatures.

The aquarium also has cleaning and recycling programs such as Beach Cleans and The Loop. These are open to all age groups. With these initiatives, they help conserve the local marine life and inspire visitors to do the same.

Talks and Tours

The most recent development in the aquarium is the day and night ocean experience. It is the first of its kind in the UK. It allows visitors to watch how artificial coral reefs behave and change throughout the day. This 750,000-litre display cost around £ 2.7 million. The price is inclusive of the bioluminescent waters and artificial reefs. At night, visitors can splash around in a glow-in-the-dark beach.

Another exciting part of Sea Life Brighton is the glass bottom boat experience. 6 people can ride a transparent boat with an expert guide. As you go on your short trip, your guide will discuss the different species you come across.

If fishes are not your scene, you can stop by their Rainforest Adventure displays. It has anacondas, frogs, and terrapins. The Rainforest Adventure houses the creatures you can only find in the hot and humid tropics.

Given the upkeep of the aquarium, you have to pay for admission. Online purchases are 20% off, so buying in advance is the best way to get a deal. The standard ticket for an adult is £21.50. And a ticket for a toddler and an adult is £14.


Elm Grove

Elm Grove is a neighbourhood northeast from the centre of Brighton. Developed in the 19th century, it got its name from the elm trees along the district. There are around 17,000 elm trees in the area.

Given its proximity to the city centre, it is often treated as a major bus corridor. When you live in Elm Grove, transportation is not an issue. You can easily catch a ride to school or work.

The neighbourhood is not too far from schools in Brighton. It is only minutes away from St. Martin’s C of E School, Fairlight Primary School, and Elm Grove Primary School. Besides being a great place for the kids, it also has some of Brighton’s most affordable houses. As a resort town, rent tends to be high, but according to The Tab, it isn’t the case for Elm Grove. 

Here are some interesting facts about Elm Grove. Many of the buildings and institutions in the neighbourhood are historic. The Brighton General Hospital was one of the military hospitals in World War I. Elm Grove Primary School is a part of the “distinguished group of board schools.” The neighbourhood is also home to 2 listed churches – St Joseph’s Church and St Wilfrid’s Church. 

If you are looking for a place to keep your excess items, Elm Grove is a 35-minute drive away from the nearest Henfield Storage facility. Turn right onto Lewes Road (A270) and go forward until you can make a left turn onto Hollingdean Road. The next right turn will take you to Ditchling. You can head onto Preston Drove by making a left turn after passing Stanford Avenue. Turn right at Preston Road until the end of it. Driving straight will take you to London Road marked by the Ashdown Wedding Photography building.

Continue following A23. At the end of it, turn left towards A264 and pass the Tollgate Hill Roundabout. Head straight onto Crawley Road. At the Moorhead Roundabout, switch to B2195 to continue Crawley Road. The next roundabout will lead to Harwood Road.

Make a left turn towards North Street and drive straight until you see The Complete Barber Shop. Take the third exit, staying on North Road. Turn left on Nightingale Road, and you are at the nearest Henfield Storage facility to Brighton.


Kemptown is a small neighbourhood east of Brighton. It derived its name from the property developer, Thomas Read Kemp, who had a residential estate called “Kemp Town.” Today’s Kemptown covers a much wider area. Its houses show a mix of Regency, Victorian, and modern architecture.


Although smaller than other suburbs, Kemptown is filled with many great restaurants, bars, and shops. Being right beside the bus stops in Old Steine, there are plenty of transportation links. Even if the buses are packed, it should be fine. Kemptown is within walking distance for most of your daily needs. 


Kemptown is one of the most diverse neighbourhoods in the city. Brighton may be the UK’s unofficial gay capital, but Kemptown is the hub of the LGBTQ+ community in the city. With its excellent support group, it is one of the safest places for LGBTQ+ residents in Brighton.


One of the listed buildings in Kemptown is the St George’s Church, built at the request of Thomas Kemp himself. The church offers a wide range of services for the residents. It has a community centre, cafe, and crypt. Besides holding mass, they also host folk and alternative concerts. It is very much a part of the fabric of the community. 

Another notable institution is the Royal Sussex County Hospital. It is a teaching hospital under the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. They offer emergency services along with other essential healthcare services for babies and adults.

If you need a place to keep your excess items, our nearest self-storage facility to Kemptown is a 40-minute drive away. Take the Eastern Road towards Old Steine and turn right to the Victoria Gardens. After passing St. Peter’s Church, make a left turn and pass straight through London Road and Preston Road. It’s a straight path across A23. At the end of it, turn left towards A264 and pass the Tollgate Hill Roundabout. Head straight onto Crawley Road.

At the Moorhead Roundabout, switch to B2195 to continue Crawley Road. The next roundabout will lead to Harwood Road. Make a left turn towards North Street and drive straight until you see The Complete Barber Shop. Take the third exit, staying on North Road. Turn left to Nightingale Road, and there you are! You made your way to the nearest Henfield Storage office in Brighton.

national gallery




Montpelier is a Brighton suburb developed in the mid-19th century. Being one of the 34 conservation areas in Brighton and Hove, it has hundreds of listed buildings. It has had minimal redevelopment ever since. 

If you are looking for a place to settle down, Montpelier is one of the best options. The neighbourhood is more of a residential area than a tourist-y one. Get away from the hustle and bustle, Montpelier is a quiet, no-fuss option. In fact, only 20% of the buildings are for commercial purposes. Even then, most of the businesses are independent shops and small restaurants. 

Since it is a sought after location, Montpelier is an expensive place to live. Here are some of the more notable houses in the area:

The Montpelier Crescent is a series of 38 houses. Designed by architect Amon Henry Wilds, it became the neighbourhood’s showpiece. With its late regency architecture, many of these houses are listed. 

Besides the Montpelier Crescent, there is also the Vernon Terrace. It is a series of 37 houses that stand opposite the Crescent. They are also in the same late regency style and are listed as well. 

If the listed building is not a house, it is probably a church. There are 3 listed churches in Montpelier: St. Michael and All Angels Church, St. Mary Magdalen’s Church, and the former St. Stephen’s Church. All 3 buildings are in the same gothic revival style.

Beautiful buildings and a quiet neighbourhood – what more could you want? If you are downsizing your belongings, a self-storage unit is the best way to keep your things.

Montpelier is a 42-minute drive from the nearest Henfield Storage office. Pass through the Vernon Gardens and take the second exit at the roundabout towards Dyke Road. After passing the Hilltop Cafe, take the third exit at the roundabout onto Devil’s Dyke Road. 

There is another roundabout straight ahead. Take the second exit onto the A27 ramp that leads to A23. At the end of it, turn left towards A264 and pass the Tollgate Hill Roundabout. Head straight onto Crawley Road.

At the Moorhead Roundabout, switch to B2195 to continue Crawley Road. The next roundabout will lead to Harwood Road. Make a left turn towards North Street and drive straight until you see The Complete Barber Shop. Take the third exit, staying on North Road. After you turn left to Nightingale, you are at our Henfield Storage facility in Brighton! There we have a wide range of self-storage units to help you keep any unnecessary items. 

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Prestonville is a neighbourhood northwest of Brighton. It is home to many listed buildings and caters to a wide range of residents. The Brighton and Hove City Council calls it a well-preserved “pre-1914 residential inner suburb.”


Like many of the other neighbourhoods listed here, transportation is convenient. Both the Brighton and Preston Park railway stations serve the area, so it is easy to travel around the city. Buses at Dyke Road are also within walking distance. With the bus, Brighton’s city centre is only 10 mins away.

Listed Buildings

Prestonville has two Anglican churches, St. Luke’s Church and The Church of the Good Shepherd. Their architects, John Hill and Edward Prioleau, followed gothic revival construction. Because of its architectural significance, both churches are listed. 

Other listed buildings in Prestonville is the Stanford Road Board School. It is a Grade II institution that managed to maintain its original features despite the wear and tear. 

Interesting Sites

Prestonville is largely a residential area. However, there are 2 places you can visit: the Booth Museum of Natural History and the Army Reserve Centre. 

The Booth Museum of Natural History houses a collection of 500,000 British birds and insects. If you have an interest in biology and the sciences, it is a must-see.

The second point of interest is the Army Reserve Centre. The centre was a World War II drill hall that is still being used today.

Prestonville is a 32-minute drive from the nearest Henfield Storage office. Pass through Dyke Road and turn right onto A27. After passing Coney Wood, switch to A23. At the end of it, turn left towards A264 and pass the Tollgate Hill Roundabout. Head straight onto Crawley Road. At the Moorhead Roundabout, switch to B2195 to continue Crawley Road. The next roundabout will lead to Harwood Road.

Make a left turn towards North Street and drive straight until you see The Complete Barber Shop. Take the third exit, staying on North Road. Your next left will lead you to Nightingale and our nearest Henfield Storage facility to Brighton. Here you can rent a self-storage unit and keep all your excess belongings. 


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Round Hill

Round Hill is a neighbourhood in Brighton famous for views overlooking the city. It became a residential area after developing in the late 19th century on highland. Part of its centre is one of Brighton and Hove conservation areas.

The Roundhill Crescent is the centrepiece of the conservation area. Because it’s houses are over a slanted hillside, their heights change from top to bottom. This side of Round Hill is visible from most of north and east Brighton. Because of this, its first five sets of houses were listed for their rich history and architecture. In contrast, Park Crescent is unique for its horseshoe-shaped arrangement of houses. Three parts of it were also listed for similar reasons.

Despite being a residential area, Round Hill has some of the most important landmarks in Brighton. Near the Park Crescent is Brighton’s biggest place of worship, St. Martin’s Church. The Duke of York’s Picture House, famous for being the oldest functioning cinema in Britain, is a 7-minute walk from the centre. The Lewes Road Hospital and Dispensary for Women and Children was the first hospital for treating mental illnesses in England. It was founded in a house in the Roundhill Crescent.

The nearest Henfield Storage office is 37 minutes away from Round Hill. From the centre, turn left towards Springfield Road. Make a right turn to Preston Road (A23). Continue following A23. At the end of it, turn left towards A264 and pass the Tollgate Hill Roundabout. Head straight onto Crawley Road. At the Moorhead Roundabout, switch to B2195 to continue Crawley Road.

The next roundabout will lead to Harwood Road. Make a left turn towards North Street and drive straight.. Take the third exit, staying on North Road. When you reach Nightingale, you’ll find the nearest Henfield Storage facility near Brighton.

With a Henfield Storage facility nearby, you can take care of all your excess items. Instead of throwing away all the pieces that don’t fit in your home, simply move them to your unit. You can keep items like bulky furniture, extra equipment, tools and other nonessential items. For a comfortable and spacious home in Brighton, there is no better partner than Henfield Storage.

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Stratford is a district located in the East End of London. From this district, it only takes 15 minutes to reach London City Airport on the DLR.  

It is considered East London’s retail, cultural, and leisure centre. Next to Canary Wharf, Stratford is the second most significant business location in East London. This district contains buildings and acres of parkland which make it a lively leisure spot.

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the main venue of the 2012 Summer Olympics, is the star of this district. There are so many activities to do in this historic spot. It offers boat tours to learn about the park while exploring some of the waterways that run through it. Keep an eye also on some wildlife species that live in 560-acres of the park. 

Get that hair-raising experience in The ArcelorMittal Orbit, the world’s longest tunnel slide! Measuring 178 m, the ArcelorMittal Orbit is ready to let you glide at about 15mph in just 40 seconds. At the top of ArcelorMittal Orbit, you can also see a stunning view of London from the east. 

Other than these, Stratford has more to offer. Westfield Stratford City, a shopping centre next to the London Olympic Park, is occupied with the best UK retailers and restaurants. It also has cinemas, bowling alleys, and the largest casino in the country

Stratford also has its very own cinema on top of a multi-storey car park. Roof East lets you enjoy movies against the city skyline. Save a deckchair and snacks as they offer regular film screenings from May to September. They also give an umbrella and poncho in case the rain pours. 

Need a safe space for your equipment? You can be assured that your equipment is safe and sound in our nearby self-storage units in London. Just head to Montfichet Road to the A118. Drive through the A11, A1205, and A200 to Surrey Canal Road. From Surrey Canal Road, drive to Record Street to see our Henfield Storage facilities.

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How to Find the Best Self Storage Unit in Brighton

Self storage units have a wide range of uses. Whether you’re a student in Brighton, a family moving in Brighton, a young professional living in a micro-flat, or you own a business, and in need of extra storage space, you will probably want a self storage unit to solve your storage needs. If you’re new to the idea of self storage units, check out our Newbie’s Guide to Storage Units here. 

Since you’re already looking for the best storage unit in Brighton, I’m guessing you’re already familiar with the concept of self storage. However, let’s just do a quick review, just in case. Self storage is a remote storage space that you can rent out on a short- or long-term basis. 

Storage units come in different sizes and allow you to declutter your life. Henfield Storage, for instance, has storage facilities that rent out storage lockers as small as 10 sq ft locker (approximately 3 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft high) or a storage room that’s as big as 200 sq ft (approximately 20 ft x 10 ft x 7 ft high). With such a huge floor space, think of how many items you can fit in.

Brighton is the closest coastal town to London. With breathtaking, pebbled beaches, Brighton, or more commonly known as London on the Sea, has become a hotspot for residents who want to get away from the city of London. This city offers a more relaxed and peaceful way of life that you just cannot get when you’re living in London. With walks in Preston Park, shopping around Brighton, Hove, and East Sussex, and a spectacular view of the South Downs – Brighton is the place to be.

If you have not been to Brighton yet, then you are seriously missing out. Brighton is an excellent place to discover and experience the best of modern British culture. Because of the steadily increasing overall quality of life in Brighton, thousands of residents are pouring in. I mean, who wouldn’t? 

Breathtaking beaches, abundant employment opportunities, historical sights, low cost of living, less pollution, cheaper rent, and all of this, just an hour’s away from London. Many of Brighton’s residents don’t even resign from their job in London. They just simply take the train to work. This way, they get to enjoy a relaxed life in Brighton while still keeping their dream job in London.

Of course, with the influx of residents come the problem of overpopulation. While Brighton is far from being overpopulated yet, rental fees are already increasing. It’s just basic economics that as demand goes up, the price also goes up. Residents have to pay inflated rental fees or move to a smaller place.

Downsizing is often the choice taken. Because of this, the self storage industry in Brighton has become a hit. With self storage units, homeowners can stay at a smaller house without having a cluttered living space. All non-essentials such as winter clothes, power tools, personal memorabilia can be shipped to storage.


The first factor that you have to consider is the price of your storage unit. If renting a storage unit in Brighton is going to cost you more than actually renting a bigger place, then it is not worth the effort. Find a storage business that offers cheap but spacious storage units. The main reason that you are renting a storage unit is so that you can save money. If it costs you more, then it might be better looking for a different storage facility. 

Henfield Storage, for instance, has a price match guarantee. If you happen to find a storage unit with a lower local comparable quote than ours, then we’re ready to match it. Additionally, we also give up to a 10% discount off of your total bill when you prepay 12 months of your storage unit.

You also have to factor in the transit costs. How will you move your items to your storage unit? With Henfield Storage, you don’t have to worry about the moving costs. We offer a FREE collection service to get the hassle of transporting your items out of the way!


The second factor you have to consider is the size options available. You might think that the bigger the unit, the better. And that may be true for some people, but not everyone needs units that are 200 sq ft. 

When you are looking for storage companies in Brighton, keep an eye out for facilities that have a wide variety of sizes. Having a decent selection is one of the most considerate things they can do for you. Not only do you have more choices, but you can save on money as well. 

See, if you are a student at the University of Brighton looking for a place to keep a couple of books, and spare clothes, a unit around the size of a locker should be good enough for student storage. However, if you recently moved from a large office to a smaller, you might want a unit that can store bulkier items. Here you might need something more substantial for business storage. It wouldn’t make sense for both people to settle on the same unit size and pay the same price.

Henfield Storage understands this issue. That’s why you can find storage space that ranges from 15 sq ft, 25 sq ft, 35 sq feet, and more! We have cheap storage units near you with flexible spaces for your belongings so they never end up costing too much or taking more than what is needed of them.


The third factor you need to consider is the location of your storage facility. It is best to find Brighton storage near you so that you can have quick and easy access at all times. Some people think that the size of the units and the rates are good enough, but ask yourself – would you really drive more than an hour away from your home to pick up something from your unit? The long drive and the traffic will always make you second-guess. You might not even try to get your belongings back. When your storage unit is nearby, it can be an extension of your personal storage. When it is nearby, it never feels like a troublesome chore, and you are more likely to use it. 


Since storage units are supposed to keep your belongings safe and secure, a regular padlock won’t do the trick. Your storage in Brighton should have a proper system in place to ensure that your items stay in good condition. 

At Henfield Storage, we have a mix of house rules and security measures. People are required to provide their own padlock so that no one, not even the staff, has a copy of your key. There is also a strict schedule so that no one can access your unit during off-hours. 

Now for security measures, we have burglary and fire alarms fitted for every unit. We also have an extensive network of 24-hour CCTV cameras and security lights to ensure that we have eyes and ears on the situation at all times. 


Besides security, you should make sure your storage facility is accessible. Who wants to carry heavy boxes and bins up flights of stairs? What would you do if you have bulky furniture pieces? Look for a place that has ramps and elevators along with trolleys to help you move your belongings. 

You should also look for facilities that are climate controlled. Extreme temperatures can ruin the condition of your items. With climate control, you can preserve family heirlooms, vintage finds, and high maintenance furniture. It is the ultimate storage solution when you compare it to a musty attic or damp basement.

Duration of Stay

Last but not least, consider the duration of stay. Storage facilities have their own policies for how short and how long each contract can be. When you are looking for your unit either work with one that has flexible contracts or find one that provides the length of time you need. Since storage is long-term for most UK residents, it might be tricky to find one that rents units month at a time. 

Henfield Storage has a flexible policy, where you can rent your unit one month at a time. However, when you pay for your unit in advance, you can enjoy benefits like free collection and a 5% discount when you prepay for 6-11 months and 10% discount for 12 months. Simply approach our customer service team to learn more.

Looking for the best storage units in Brighton can be a challenge at the beginning. The options may overwhelm you. When you know what qualities you are looking for, you can easily narrow it down to a select few. If you are looking for excellent storage facilities in Brighton, you can opt for Henfield Storage. Not only do we provide competitive rates and benefits, but we also aim to provide the same premium service. Contact us now to learn more about our storage services and solutions!

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