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Comparing Self-Storage in London: Henfield Storage vs. Big Yellow, WhatStorage and Shurgard

With dozens of self-storage facilities in London, how do you know which one to choose from? Below, we shall discuss how Henfield compares to other major storage facility sites in London, namely WhatStorage, Big Yellow, and Shurgard.

There are plenty of factors that come into play when deciding on which storage unit to rent out, container storage, commercial storage or event just a garage for rent. Your storage unit will be the home of your material possessions. These are items that you deemed too valuable to throw out but are better off stored remotely. 

You need to be comfortable with your facility so you can use it to its fullest. If, for example, you’re not convinced about the security of the storage site, then you wouldn’t store it with all the items that need to be stored, in fear of them getting ruined. You are now left to pay for a half-filled storage unit and a cramped house.

The factors that we’ll be discussing are:

  •       Price
  •       Ease of Booking
  •       Service Collection
  •       Sizes of Storage Units
  •       Insurance Coverage
  •       24/7 Access
  •       Customer Reviews


The cost of self-storage plays a massive factor in whether an individual will rent a unit or not. If a storage facility is too expensive, then any ‘potential savings’ that they get is moot. It would be much better for them to rent a bigger place where they can have stuff within their reach. 

The price of our self-storage units are up to 64% cheaper than what other storage companies are offering. At the same time, we also offer a Price Match Guarantee, where we will match the price of any comparable local quote. Factors that affect cost include storage size, unit type, amenities, location, demand for storage, and duration of stay.

Storage Size

The size of a unit will directly affect its cost. Similar to real estate, the bigger you get, the more expensive it becomes. It is this exact reason why we recommend using every available space in your unit first before opting for a bigger storage facility.

Type Of Unit

There are different types of storage units, but the most common are either indoor or outdoor. Indoor storage facilities generally cost more and offer better accessibility and security. On the other hand, outdoor container storage units are cheaper but are more simplistic in nature 

Amenities Included

different sizes of box


You can choose a bare unit, but there are certain conveniences that you can select for a few pounds. For example, climate control will take care of your wooden furniture and artwork better.


Again, just like real estate, the closer you are to the city, the higher the price becomes. If you choose a storage facility away from the center of town, you can save a lot of money. That being said, you can assume that a storage facility in Brighton and London typically costs more than other cities.

Demand For Storage

The supply and demand for storage will affect the price. If you choose a unit in an in-demand location, there is a high chance that the price is comparably higher than other facilities.

Duration Of Stay

Storage facilities tend to give discounts and price reductions the longer you intend to stay with them. For instance, Henfield Storage offers 5% off your bill when you prepay for six months and 10% off when you prepay for 12 months

Here is a table of Henfield’s weekly prices of London storage units compared to WhatStorage. BigYellow and Shurgard need to be contacted via email for a quote.



Price (per week) in London

  10 sq ft 15 sq ft 25 sq ft 50 sq ft 75 sq ft 100 sq ft
Henfield £5.25-6.17 £6.78-7.98 £13.01-15.31 £23.62-27.78 £32.48-38.21 £41.29-48.58
WhatStorage     £15-48.96 £26.26-29.50 £39.43-100.56 £47.52-128.28
BigYellow e-mail for quotation          
Shurgard e-mail for quotation          

* Note that these prices were estimated in Feb 2020 and may differ from current rates.

Summary: Henfield Storage offers cheaper storage units than major storage facility websites. If you find a similar storage unit that has a lower price, Henfield has promised to match it with their Price Match Guarantee.

We all have stressful lives. This is why the ease of booking determines whether a storage facility is perfect for you. Storage sites must make your life more convenient by providing you with a quick and easy way of reserving your storage unit. 

Most business storage units will ask for your personal details before you can get a quote. For some, you even have to wait for them to shoot you an email, which could take from 5 minutes to a full day of waiting. Henfield Storage does not do this. You see the prices immediately, so you can make quick decisions.

Below is a summary of the required steps to rent a storage unit for Henfield, WhatStorage, BigYellow, and Shurgard.


  Ease of Booking
  No. of Steps
Henfield 4 Easy Steps

1. Find the Nearest Store To Your Location

2. Choose Your Space

3. Book Online Or The Phone

4. Free Collection Service

WhatStorage 6 Steps

1. Search Storage Location/Use My Location

2. Browse through the listings

3. Compare storage units

4. Pick a move-in date and reserve your storage unit

5. Wait for a representative to confirm your booking through a call

6. Move Your Stuff To Your Unit

BigYellow 6 Steps

1. Choose a storage facility

2. Choose your storage space

3. Reserve your self-storage unit through e-mail

4. Pack Up

5. Check-In

6. Move into your storage unit

Shurgard 4 Steps

1. Choose A Storage Unit

2. Reserve Your Storage Unit With A Call

3. Pack Your things

4. Move-In

Summary: Henfield has fewer steps required to book a storage unit than other major storage facility sites. Users also see the prices immediately instead of waiting for an email or a call from a representative


Collection Service

There are two options available to an individual on how to transfer their material possessions inside their storage facility. 1) Hire a Man and Van Collection service and 2) Use your own personal car to move your items.

Hiring a man and van collection service can be expensive and could cost hundreds of pounds. On the other hand, using your own car can be inefficient as you have to take multiple trips. At the same time, there is also the added risk of getting your items damaged.

What most people do not know is that there is a third option offered by Henfield Storage: a FREE collection service. If you sign a contract for 3 months or longer with Henfield Storage, they will send uniformed staff to help transfer your items from your home to the storage unit for FREE!

This feature is quite convenient, especially in London, where it can be hectic to make multiple trips.

Summary: Out of all the storage facility websites, only Henfield Storage offers free collection service.


Sizes Of London Self-Storage Units Available

Henfield offers flexibility when it comes to dimensions, giving you many choices to get the perfect amount of storage space that you need, no more, no less. There must be a lot of options for you to choose from to ensure that you are renting out a right-sized unit for your needs.

Here is a list of the available sizes of London storage units in Henfield Storage:

  • 10 sq. ft.
  • 15 sq. ft.
  • 25 sq. ft.
  • 35 sq. ft.
  • 50 sq. ft.
  • 75 sq. ft.
  • 100 sq. ft.
  • 150 sq. ft.
  • 175 sq. ft.
  • 200 sq. ft.

Summary: Henfield Storage offers a wide array of sizes for you to choose from. They also allow for flexibility where you can upgrade or downgrade anytime within your contract

Insurance Provided

Getting your items insured is a wise decision that many often fail to remember. Insurance Coverage is necessary when you are storing your items in storage units. While they are generally safe, it is better to take precautions just in case.

The fact that you’re storing your items instead of throwing them away means that it holds high sentimental or monetary value to you. Unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather, burglaries and natural disasters can wreak havoc on your material possessions. It is this exact reason why it’s better to get insurance so you can get compensated.

Here is a table as to whether each storage site offers insurance.

Henfield Yes
WhatStorage No
BigYellow Yes
Shurgard Yes


Do they make it easy to see what their customers say about them?

We don’t mind admitting it. Whatever businesses say about themselves, their customers are always going to take the claims they make with a pinch of salt. We understand that consumers find more value in customer reviews where real people just like them have shared their thoughts, opinions, and perspectives on the storage company.

We have nothing to hide from our customers. In fact, we’re proud of the reviews we’ve garnered from our customers which is why we’ve put them right here where they’re easy to see. Be wary of companies who do otherwise.

At Henfield Storage, we work tirelessly to assure our customers that we can tick all of the above boxes to provide the peace of mind our customers deserve. If you’re looking for a higher standard of self storage in Southwark, Chiswick, Cricklewood, Wimbledon or Horsham click here to get to know our self storage options a little better!


When doing business with Henfield Storage, London residents get these benefits:

  • Lower prices
  • Easy Booking Experience
  • FREE Collection Service
  • Has a wide variety of sizes to choose from
  • Has insurance coverage

From these factors, we can safely conclude that Henfield Storage is one of the best providers of storage units in London. Don’t believe it? Contact Us and try out for yourself!

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