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How To Find Storage Space in London

London is perhaps one of the most popular cities in the world. Non-UK residents dream of experiencing the life of a Londoner. Rich in culture and history, London is home to the iconic Big Ben clock tower, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye. While it may all sound grand and posh to an onlooker, many Londoners are actually thinking of leaving the capital city altogether.

According to Research from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), many residents have expressed their dissatisfaction. The most common reason cited is their living conditions. Over 47% of the residents surveyed answered that they lived in such a small space that even their furniture couldn’t fit. 57% complained that there was no storage space for their items while 28% felt that they lived in such small quarters that they couldn’t get solitude.

The shortage in space is only natural as the population of London is continually increasing. World Population Review estimates that the population of Greater London has risen from 8,787,892 in 2016 to 9,304,016 this 2020.

London currently holds the record for having the most residents in the United Kingdom. The second, Birmingham, only holds 1.1 million. In the entire European continent, London is the third-largest city, only behind Istanbul (14.8 million) and Moscow (10.3 million).

These statistics only mean one thing: London is overpopulated. In compliance with the law of supply and demand, space becoming scarcer also meant rent prices going higher. The only financially logical option left for London’s residents, if they want to stay in London, is to move to smaller houses and apartments where the rent is cheaper. This process is called downsizing.

In 2020, the average rent for a One-bedroom flat in London ranges from £750 – 1000. For the majority of residents, this is a huge burden that they can’t shoulder alone, leaving them to find for roommates which they can share their place with. This means not only the absence of privacy but also an overall lack of space for their furniture and items.

The lack of, or complete absence of, storage space is a potential problem as a crowded place can affect your overall mood and way of life. Thankfully, London residents found a solution: Self-storage. Self-storage facilities allow their users to store their items in a remote location which they have unlimited access to. In essence, it’s like having an attic or a garage to keep your old books, used clothes, and personal stuff, but the catch is it’s in a different location from your house.

Storage units are convenient for professionals who only need the bare minimum items to go through their daily lives. On the weekends, they can relax and use any of the stuff that they’ve stored in their storage facility. Excess furniture and appliances can also be kept in storage facilities for safekeeping.

If your curiosity is already piqued, then read forward to find out more about storage facilities.

One common question asked by residents is how much storage facilities in London cost. After all, the main point of renting a storage unit is to save hundreds of pounds in rent. If the savings you get from your storage facility is barely nonexistent, then it would be better not to downsize at all. 


Check this table of the average weekly storage prices across the Uk

Self Storage Prices

Size In the City In the Suburbs
20 sq ft £13 £11.5
25 sq ft £13.5 £12
35 sq ft £17 £19
50 sq ft £27 £25
100 sq ft £50 £40

*Note: The prices displayed are estimates taken in Feb 2020 from storage facility sites in London. Actual prices may differ.

our Comprehensive Guide On Storage Prices here. 

There are many benefits that you will get to enjoy once you rent out a storage facility. Below, I have listed down some of the most common advantages of renting out a storage facility Storage Prices here

Spacious Homes

You get to revel in a more spacious room. Excess furniture, stacks of books, boxes of old books can really occupy a lot of space, even a room or two. Limited space can take its toll on you. You will feel cramped and have a general sense of dissatisfaction going throughout your day. If you dread going home because of the lack of space, then you should definitely think about getting a storage unit.

Economically Logical

 Think of it like this. Say you need 65 sq ft of space to live comfortably. A 65 sq ft apartment in London can cost anywhere from £1, 200 to £3, 000 per calendar month. This can be unaffordable to the majority. 

What you can do is to get a 35 sq ft studio apartment for you to live in. On average, this costs around £850 – £1000. And then a 25 sq ft storage unit would suffice for your items. A 25 sq ft storage unit costs around £ 55-60 per calendar month. 

Increased Safety & Security For Your Items

 An overly cramped apartment filled to the brim with items is dangerous, not only for you but for your items as well. A simple misstep and something gets damaged, or worse, broken. Burglaries are also getting more and more common. These are some of the reason why it’s better to keep them off-site. 

On the other hand, storage facility sites are equipped with CCTV cameras, security guards, electric fences, etc. You are assured that your items are in safe hands.


One of the most common customers of storage units are people who are in the middle of moving. It is much more convenient to have a place to keep your items while you take care of all the things that need to be ironed out.

If you’re already sold to the idea of renting a storage unit, read on. Here is how to rent a storage unit. Instead of searching for “cheap storage near me”, “self-storage london” or “storage space london” and scouring through dozens of sites, you can just search for a storage facility near you using HenfieldStorage.

  • Check Henfield’s website and type in your location. In this case, “London.”
    • Choose the best storage unit for you
    • Storage Units vary in size. Figure out the combined dimensions of all your items to make sure that you are paying only for what you need.
    • London has dozens of storage facility sites. Look for the nearest one to you for convenience. However, if you want to save, you can opt for a unit that’s farther away from the city
    • Amenities can increase the convenience and utility of your self-storage unit. However, they can also increase the price by a few pounds
  • Get an online quote from Henfield’s site
    • Alternatively, you can call the local storage site to check for availability
  • Reserve for FREE online by filling up a form with your personal details
  • Confirm your booking
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By Ben Sutton-Jones

Ben has worked in the storage industry for over a decade. His expertise and knowledge is often called upon by colleagues and customers alike. He has a passion for writing, and so branching out into blogging was a natural move. Ben is a keen reader and also follows many sports, especially football. He is a beekeeper in his spare time and enjoys tending to his bees. If he's lucky he may even get to harvest a little honey from time to time.

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