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how to store movables when selling a furnished house

Do you need to clear the house and sell it fast, but along with all the stress and worries from moving out of home, taking care of furniture in it is problematic? 

Don’t worry. This is a situation we often face at Henfield Storage at our Brighton and London stores, and thus we have prepared the following guide to help.

why sell your home with the furniture?

What if you pack up only your necessary belongings and leave large furniture pieces like tables, chairs, sofa, and bed behind? 

To leave furniture in a house you have to sell on short notice sure does save time, extra costs, and unnecessary hassle, but does it favour the deal? Not necessarily. 

Put yourself in the shoes of prospect buyers. 

They should imagine starting with interior design in a freshly bought property. Looks should encourage an atmosphere that allows fresh ideas, lifestyle, and taste. That’s why the furniture better go.

Naturally, relocating furniture is a time-consuming part of any moving process, so it could delay an entire sale. Leaving furniture behind makes transitioning to a new place much easier and quicker but might worsen the image of the property you want to sell.

dismantle furniture for easier storing

No matter how, where, and why you end up storing or changing ownership, you might want to take it apart, save on space, and have it ready for transport or storage. Just make sure you document the process so you don’t struggle with what goes where. 

stash furniture in a storage facility

When you have to sell a house full of furnishing, or you need to stash unwanted furniture for safe-keeping, your best bet is to rent a storage unit or store it in a garage.

This way, you can take your time to make the best choice, be it selling or donating the furnitures.

choose between full-service collection storage or self-storage

Hire a full-service storage business to do the work. Storage experts come to your house and pick up the furnitures you no longer want. After they’ve collected your furniture, they store it in a secure storage unit in their storage facility. Some storage facilities will give you an inventory of all your stuff so that you can keep track of what you stored away. And as far as traditional self-storage, it’s cheaper, but you’ll have to take care of everything, including finding the space, transport, etc., all by yourself. 

We have storage facilities across London and Brighton.

Of course, if you opt-in for 3+ months of storage, Henfield Storage offers a free collection for our regular self-storage, click & store services, and lock-in storage, so we make it easier for you. Check which of our storage facilities is near you.

Helpful reads:

research on costs

Whether you are looking for collection storage or a traditional self-storage service, the pricing will depend on the area and how much there is to store. 

Also, compare the average costs of a couple of storage units and types of contracts. This way, there is a better chance of finding a place with a minimum monthly fee. Make sure to check what happens if you skip several payments so you don’t end up losing your furnitures to an auction. 

Are there any hidden costs? Take your time and get to know our storage terms & conditions to make sure that we’re most recommended for a reason.

storage facility’s security, accessibility, climate control, and lighting

Is there a reliable locking system and video monitoring? At Henfield Storage, we have 24/7 CCTV surveillance

Are the lighting and climate suitable, so they don’t harm your belongings, especially technology and appliances? Yes.

And what about easy access to the storage place? Only during open hours.

Can other people access your storage unit? Only upon your written permission.

Would you be able to take your stuff anytime you need to? Yes.

Still hesitant on renting a storage facility? You can always ask family or friends if they have some spare space to share with you.

Read: 11 Things To Know Before Renting a Storage

furniture arrangement & condition

You already have scheduled house viewings? 

Well, then it’s time to take care of details to elevate the look of your place and make it attractive to potential buyers.

Clean and tidy every part of the property. Tidy the garage, basement, and attic. House viewers will likely check every corner possible. Keep this in mind and avoid hiding and stacking stuff you intend to keep because it’s simply unappealing and might hinder an imminent sale.

While you’re clearing furnishings meant for sale, try arranging a setup to display how customisable the room and furnishings can be. When viewing a well-furnished home, prospective buyers are more likely to envision their future life in it, which improves your chances of selling it sooner than you think.

Of course, you have to make sure that the furniture pieces are in good condition.

  • Repair any damage.
  • Replace what is worn out.
  • Throw away what’s broken.

take quality and accurate photos of furniture for sale

Nowadays, more and more buyers browse the Internet to find a new home or shop for furniture. That’s why posting high quality and realistic photos of your furnished home on different buy/sell platforms is crucial to its successful sale.

But before you start taking photos, think of the cleaning! Tackle clutter, dust, stains, and personal items off your furniture. Images of clean and organised rooms make a positive impact on buyers and grab their attention. Otherwise, you risk prospects skipping your listing. What’s the stake? To eventually end up with zero booked house showings.

Advice on flattering and appealing furniture photos:

  • Think about staging. Prepare the house in a way to highlight its best assets and thus impress buyers. If you lack inspiration, look for creative ideas and help on the web.
  • Use proper lighting. Take your photos just after sunrise or before sunset because that’s when light is considered most complimentary.
  • Photograph furniture arrangements from different angles. Remember to take both close-ups and wide shots to show maximum textures and reveal the property’s layout. If you find it challenging to take attractive photographs, just hire a professional.
  • Edit the photos. Finally, why not try different editing apps to enhance your images further? Just be careful not to overdo it so you won’t mislead buyers.

Put effort when taking the photos of the property to provide buyers with a thorough feel of the place and thus guarantee more house showings.

give the furnitures detailed descriptions

People interested in the sale expect additional information about furniture in the property whether it will be present or missing and then move forward. 

So, from a buyer’s point of view, think about what is important for people to know prior to purchasing a furnished home and do your best to explain it. 

Provide a brief description of furniture materials, how old each piece is, its condition, and so on. Mention the function and added usefulness of all furniture pieces. This helps your post pop up when listed online.

how to price furniture when selling a house

House owners usually think that selling a house furnished allows a significant increase in the price. But that’s not always the case, and the added or detracted value depends on the condition and quality of what you have. 

how to include furniture in the sale of a home?

It’s okay to list a slightly higher price but know your limits and don’t ask for too much. Often, British buyers are reluctant to acquire furniture along with the property and thus do you a favour by taking it off your hands. So, to avoid awkward situations, do your own research:

  • Compare your furniture with similar units online and in stores. 
  • Examine the furniture for scratches, stains, holes, or other damage.
  • Define its style and uniqueness.

With all this in mind, you could set a realistic and accurate price for everything you want to sell along with the property.

And if for some reason, you are in a hurry to sell and move out, you may have to start with a lower asking price so that you can sell it quicker.

pair furniture units to bargain on deals

If selling furnishing is your last option, pair chairs with tables, wardrobes, and shelving, etc. People always love a combo deal. 

donate what you can’t sell

What about all the stuff you don’t plan to bring to your new home but also can’t sell? Do a good deed and donate.

But don’t just drop them off in your local charity shop. Put some thought into it, and depending on what exactly you donate, choose a nonprofit that will actually benefit from it. Some charities even come to your address to collect the furniture themselves, so you don’t have to worry about transporting it.

take what you want, leave the rest

Some things you just can’t sell, nor do you want to dump it. Well, take your belongings that truly matter and just leave the rest or join the zero waste movement and choose a rubbish company that will collect and recycle.

how do you store furniture when moving home?

We believe that you now have all your questions regarding storing furniture when moving home answered. If you’re located in the London area, store your furnitures in one of our storage facilities.

Peter Worrall

By Peter Worrall

Peter's experience of the storage industry is second to none. He is an experienced branch manager and runs his site brilliantly; if you’ve got a question, Peter is the man to ask! Away from the office he's a dedicated family man; his hands are always full raising his kids, but he still finds time to follow his favourite football team.

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