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Looking for storage in Clapham?

Living in Clapham and looking for storage?

There are two options when it comes to storage in Clapham. You can either get local storage or you can get someone who can take away your goods for safe-keeping until you need them again. Both, Henfield can accommodate for!

Self storage or pick up in Clapham?

While there are a fair few storage units in Clapham, given the location you can expect to pay a fair chunk to the big storage brands no matter what introductory offer they give you.

With Henfield, we can pick up your items for you and take them off down the road to our nearest storage facility with our man-in-a-van service. That way you get the cheapest possible local storage, free removal and a helping hand getting your goods into storage.

Or if you just want to make some space and want as little hassle as possible, Henfield can come and pick up your goods, box them up and take them for you. The choice is yours!

You can find your Henfield service here.

Why choose Henfield storage in Clapham?

Storage in Clapham can be expensive, but with Henfield you get local storage that is affordable and we can help you shift your goods too. Whether you just want us to take it away or help you move your goods into storage — we can help.

To find the closest Henfield store, take a look here.

What to do in Clapham when visiting your storage unit

Whether you’ve picked storage inside or near enough to Clapham, the place makes for a great day out!

  • You could go celebrity hunting to find where a number of famous people have lived in Clapham including, Vivienne Westwood, JK Rowling and Piers Morgan.
  • You could also go on a scavenger hunt for the deep level air raid shelters used in WWII, given Clapham’s history with the war.
  • Clapham also loves their cinemas! Clapham Picture House remains the most popular cinema over the years. If you’re a movie buff we recommend going to check it out!

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