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Self-Storage Vs Garage For Rent: Which One Should I Choose?

There will always come a point when we run out of storage space. With the rise of Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce stores, shopping has never been easier. This over consumerist behaviour has led to a drastic rise in the number of items that we possess. According to Regina Lark, a professional home organizer, an average household has over 300,000 items.

Look at your small flat or house. Can it hold 300, 000 items? If your answer is no, you came to the right place. Henfield Storage offers affordable storage solutions allowing homeowners to move with ease and even declutter. Read up on what self-storage is here

UK residents have two options: storage units or lock-up storage. Choosing between these two is not as easy. You need to consider a lot of things before deciding which would be best for your storage needs.

The self storage vs garage for rent discussion will be based on several factors. These factors include costs, availability, security, versatility, accessibility, size, and storage conditions

Factors To Consider When Choosing Between A Storage Unit and A Garage


Whether you go for a garage or a self-storage unit, you will end up paying for monthly fees. Since most homeowners rent storage solutions to save money, it’s counterintuitive to lease a unit with exorbitant rental fees.

A garage does not offer much in terms of convenience or amenities. This is why a rental garage will generally cost you less than a self-storage unit if you are renting from a city council-run garage facility or residential garages.

A storage unit may be equipped with several features such as stackable shelves, 24/7 CCTV camera, and even climate control. Although it’s more expensive, the cost of a unit at a storage facility comes with the promise of security and cleanliness. Most of the time, these fees will include the following among many others:


Most self-storage facilities have units available all-year-round. Finding one is much easier, especially when you’re looking to use the space long-term. You won’t have to worry about long waitlists and fickle landlords. 

Security Of The Storage Space

Make sure that the storage space you choose is as safe and secure as possible. After all, you are looking to store valuable and possibly expensive items.

Employing the necessary security measures will offer protection for your belongings, either way. You may, however, still find self-storage as the more ideal choice when it comes to safety and security. Here are some key security advantages to using a self-storage instead of a garage:

  • Security fencing
  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance
  • Intruder alarms
  • Security personnel
  • Controlled access to your unit

Note that these features are not limited to self-storage facilities. But, while these features are also available in some garages, they are more commonly found in storage locations.


Ask yourself, “What do I need the space for?

Asking yourself this question will make easy the task of determining how versatile you want your storage space to be. What you want is a space that can accommodate all the items you wish to store.

Are you planning on storing clothing, small appliances, furniture, power tools, and souvenirs? Then a 10×10 storage unit may do the trick. However, if you’re planning to store bigger furniture or a car, then a garage for rent is the more likely choice.

Size and Space Management

Keep in mind that storage units come in various sizes. You want to rent a storage unit which can accommodate all of your items. When choosing a storage unit, leave some allowance for the future. However, don’t get something that’s too huge as you’ll be paying to store air. 

Here are some Tips On How To Maximise Your Storage Space.

Storage Conditions

Would a garage be appropriate for the items you plan to store? Or would they fare better inside a storage unit? Your items may get exposed to extreme temperatures, dampness, dirt, and other elements. A storage unit presents better living conditions for your items (for an extra cost).

Ready To Make The Choice?

Now that you are aware of the things you should take into consideration while choosing between storage units and garages, it will be much easier for you to decide where to store your belongings. Check this out for options on cheap storage units.

If you are still unsure between your choices, call Henfield Storage. One of our dedicated customer representatives will help you decided which storage option would be best for your storage needs.

Are you renting a storage unit for the first time? Here’s a guide for storage newbies! You may also check out this article for tips on How To Choose A Reliable Self-Storage Company.

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