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Isn’t it cheaper to rent a cheap lockup garage for my storage needs?

Yes, it might be a little bit cheaper, but it’s going to be expensive in other terms (van rental, removal and peace of mind). Using a self storage provider like Henfield gives you all manner of benefits that a lockup garage can’t offer.


10 reasons Henfield self storage is better than a lockup garage

1. Best Price

Is that lockup garage really cheaper? Use our quote form to see if we can’t give you more bang for your buck!

2. Free collection service.

Our FREE collection service is worth up to £250 and takes the hassle out of moving your possessions! To get this service, you only have to stay for a minimum of 3 months and live within 30 miles of the self-storage facility. Find out more.

3. Easy Access

All our facilities feature clear unloading bays, free trolleys, motion detecting lighting and are open 7 days a week (except Christmas).

4. Security

You’ll notice the security fencing when you enter the self-storage facility, the CCTV when you enter reception and the alarms throughout. Most importantly, only you hold the key to your storage unit.

5. More Safety Features

Each storage facility has smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire points equipped with regularly tested fire-control equipment.

6. Insurance

We do insist you have a valid insurance for your unit. Henfield, of course, has its own exhaustive insurance policy too.

7. Clean & Dry

Each of our storage buildings is built to the highest standards using top of the range materials.

8. Friendly Staff

During opening hours, our facilities are manned by friendly staff happy to advise and help you with all your storage questions and needs.

9. Safety Awareness

Our customers are not allowed to store any item that may cause a danger or a nuisance to other customers.

10. Business Users Benefits

Our facilities are cheaper than trade space or warehousing and a lot more flexible. You can upgrade or downsize your storage needs quickly with minimum fuss.

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