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What is storage insurance?

Life isn’t always fair and sometimes accidents do happen! If something does go wrong while your things are in storage it’s important to know that you’re fully covered and that you’ll be properly compensated for any loss or damage.

Self storage insurance works in a similar way to how contents cover works for residents living in an apartment;  the building would normally be covered by a third party’s buildings insurance and residents pay for their own insurance to cover their contents. In the same way our buildings insurance covers our building and your storage insurance policy covers the items you keep in self storage.

We’re often asked if it’s possible to take out storage without having insurance because ‘I don’t need it’ or ‘the things are hardly worth anything’. Unfortunately that’s not possible. It is mandatory to have insurance while you store in one of our facilities. We believe this is the case for the entire UK storage industry.

Choosing insurance

You are welcome to either take our bespoke storage insurance policy or arrange your own cover. Most customers choose our policy as it’s competitively priced, comprehensive and simple to arrange. If you do want to get your own cover you must please email us a copy of it before you move in so we can check it over. Make sure your insurer adds on the policy our name and the address of the branch you’re storing at, as well as the value of cover.


When you move your things into one of our units you’ll be asked to provide us with an inventory of the things you’re storing. The inventory is there to help both you and us know what’s in the unit at any time. You’ll need to do this even if you decide to take out your own policy.

When writing your inventory you certainly don’t have to put down every single item in every box! Please mention all the largest and high value items, and then give a brief description of what’s in the bags and boxes.

If you have any questions about insurance please either check out our FAQs page or give your local branch a call.

Summary of Insurance

If you would like to read our full Summary of Insurance click here.

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